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Software Proposal Portal is the only organization exclusively focused on creating software project proposals and customer relationships management needs of software development companies and freelancers.

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Software Proposal Portal Inc.

  1. 1. Software ProposalPortal Inc.Established in: 2012Key functionalities:Software Project Creator, CRM, Scheduler
  2. 2. Software Proposal Portal Inc.(SPPI)is the only organization exclusively focusedon creating software project proposalsand customer relationships managementneeds of software developmentcompanies and freelancers.
  3. 3. Functionalities
  4. 4. Our clients
  5. 5. Pricing & PlansFeaturesIndividualBasicIndividualStandardIndividualAdvancedSmallBusinessLargeBusinessCreation ofsoftwaredevelopmentproposalsAvailable forcreation in PDFformat with SWProposal labelAvailable forcreation in PDFformat onlyAvailable forcreation in PDFand Doc formatAvailable forcreation in PDFand Doc formatAvailable forcreation in PDFand Doc formatCRM functionalityAvailableAvailable Available Available AvailablePersonalschedulerAvailable Available Available Available AvailableNumber of usersSingle user withadmin roleSingle user withadmin roleSingle user withadmin roleMultiple userswith 3 mainroles available:admin, techanalyst, salesagent (maximumof 5 active users)Multiple userswith 3 mainroles available:admin, techanalyst, salesagent (unlimitednumber of users)Three types ofusers with differentaccess rights- - - Available AvailableDisk space foraccount50 Mb 500 Mb 2 Gb 2 Gb 5 GbFree 30 days trialperiodAvailable Available Available Available Available30 dayssubscription priceFREE 5 USD 10 USD 25 USD 50 USD
  6. 6. Software ProjectProposal
  7. 7. Project Card• Project Name• Status• Client Name• Tech Analyst• Sales Agent• Project Requirements
  8. 8. General Information• Project DetailsGeneral Project DescriptionYour informationList of Important RequirementsYour informationPossible RisksYour information
  9. 9. Technical Section• System Architecture– Architecture Design– Technical Architecture– Architecture Description– Technologies
  10. 10. Technical Section• Additional detailsDocumentation Contract Commented source code Mockups, etc.Your informationTesting methods Functional testing Performance testing Destructive testing, etc.Your informationCommunicationType CommunicationDay to day Client will be able to communicate with a project manager via adesired instant messenger, Skype, e-mailWeekly Weekly status report document, etc.Your information
  11. 11. Technical Section• Breakdown of Work Scope# Stages-Tasks Man-Hours Labor CategoryStage I Analysis and Design Your information Your information1.2.Stage II Implementation Your information Your information1.2.YourinformationYour information Your information Your information
  12. 12. Technical Section• Breakdown of Work ScopeRole Man-HoursProject Manager Your informationSenior software engineer Your informationSoftware engineer Your informationWeb designer Your informationSoftware test engineer Your informationGraphic designer Your informationJunior software engineer Your information
  13. 13. Technical Section• Deliver SchedulerStage 1•Stage Title•Tasks•Estimate (work days)•DeliverablesStage 2•Stage Title•Tasks•Estimate (work days)•Deliverables, etc.
  14. 14. Financial Section• Budget• Prices, Time and Cost Estimation• Additional Services• Total cost includesDevelopment and testing efforts to create the entire projectFinal deliverables in accordance with project work scope listed inproposal3 months of free bug fixing, etc.• Conditions
  15. 15. Financial Section• TermsStage % PricePre-payment Your Information Your informationAfter completion of Stage 1 Your Information Your InformationAfter completion of Stage 2 Your Information Your InformationAfter completion of Stage 3 Your Information Your informationAfter completion of Stage 4 Your Information Your InformationTotal Your Information Your Information
  16. 16. Financial Section• Terms• Payment Technique• Wire Transfer• PayPal• Guru, etc.• Notes• Warranty Terms• Maintenance Terms
  17. 17. General Information• Portfolio and References• Portfolio Samples• ReferencesImage DescriptionDescription
  18. 18. Types of proposalsavailable
  19. 19. Teamwork
  20. 20. Customer RelationshipManagement
  21. 21. CRMClient Country CityPerson’sNameSalesAgentNegotiationStatusAppointmentStatusDueDateStatusElearningSolutionsGmbhGermanyFrankfurtMarkusVögtlinYourInformationPotentiallyinterested, but notnowNo AppointmentsNoDateActiveYour info Your info YourinfoYour info Your info Your info Your info YourinfoYour info• Create new client• Activate• Hide• Delete• Export• E-mail to clients
  22. 22. Online Scheduler
  23. 23. Online SchedulerMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday27 28 29 30 31 1 23 4 5 6 7 8 910 11 12 13 14 15 1617 18 19 20 21 22 2324 25 26 27 28 29 30June 2013 Month• Create new event• Schedule your work
  24. 24. + FREE BONUSBLOGwith Articles on:– Business development– Proposal Creation– Sales strategies and approaches, etc.
  25. 25. Conclusion
  26. 26. Why the Software ProposalPortal? Offers 3 in 1: Software Proposal Creator + CRM + Scheduler Focus on the IT industry Time savings – just fill in fields required Teamwork available – divide responsibilities basing on the expertise Customization ability PDF and MS Word formats