Zigzag Marketing Product Management Framework


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Zigzag Marketing Product Management Framework

  1. 1. Product Management: A Framework for Growing Revenue & Market Share Solutions Marketing Design/Development/QA Solutions Marketing Product Management Assess Create a Plan Product Design & Develop Rollout & Launch Markets Strategy Releases Products Products Align Create Deliver Segment & Size Design & Validate Objectives with Vision Target Customer Sales & Marketing Markets The User Experience Snapshot Materials Create Deliver Quantify Prioritize Define Functional / Technical Training, Service & Revenue Potential Target Markets Business Requirements Requirements Support Materials Ideas Analyze Create Train Market Trends Product & Solution Validate, Prioritize Develop Sales, Service, Support & Set Scope Product or Service Emerging and Drivers Roadmap & Channel Technologies Requirements Value Chain Verify Assess Identify Create Test & Assure Market Drivers Competition Strategic Partners Product Release Plan Quality Infrastructure Readiness Customer Needs Map Core Align Approve & Validate Execute Competencies to Operational Initiatives Communicate Commercial Readiness Marketing Plan Market Segments The Plan Determine Identify OUTPUTS Release to OUTPUTS Most Viable Markets Risks Marketing / Production Target Customer Snapshot Approve & Communi- Business OUTPUTS OUTPUTS Certified cate the Strategy Requirements Document User Stories Product Market Assessment & Functional Product Release Requirements OUTPUTS Plan Strategic Plan Technical Requirements Organizational Product / Solution www.zigzagmarketing.com Roadmap Test Plans Readiness ©2009 ZIGZAG Marketing, Inc.
  2. 2. The Requirements Value Chain: Improving the Performance of Product Companies Requirements Requirements Business Market Organization User Product Phase Phase Function Define Define Create Define & Validate Create Market Trends & Target Customer Target Customer User Stories & Technical Design Business Drivers Strategic Objectives Snapshot Product Requirements Define & Validate Define & Validate Create Define Business Requirements What-If Scenarios & Technical Activities Activities Products & Solutions & Product Capabilities Product Requirements Specifications Design & Validate User Interactions Target Product & Business User Stories Technical Market Solution Requirements & “What-If” Specs Snapshot Roadmap Document Scenarios Outputs Outputs Functional & Product Functional Technical Release Plan Requirements Test Plans Marketing & Sales Outputs Positioning, Press-Analyst-Investor Briefings, Website, Literature, Sales Training Materials, Demos, etc. Launch Launch Value Value Service & Support Outputs Release Notes, Training Materials, Knowledge Base Articles, Installation/Implementation Guides, etc. Customer Outputs User Documentation, How-to Guides, Help Content, Reference Cards, Training Tutorials, etc. www.zigzagmarketing.com ©2009 ZIGZAG Marketing, Inc.