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I'm Like


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Published in: Education
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I'm Like

  1. 1. I’m Like
  2. 2. Today I am like a flower in the wind, feeling the sunlight on me, shining with a glow. Yesterday I was a dark stormy cloud in the sky, destroying everything in my path. To my mom I am like a little angel, I can do no wrong because I’m her little girl. To my dad I am a photograph, wishing I wouldn’t grow up. My friends think I am like a clown, funny but know when to be serious. Really I am a statue, I exist but I feel dead inside.
  3. 3. Today I am like a clown, trying to make my friends laugh and smile. Yesterday I was a lion, always serious looking. To my mom I am like a baby, way too dramatic and complains about everything To my dad I am a parrot , always talking and always have something to say. My friends think I am like a comedian, always with jokes to say and here to make people laugh. Really I am a turtle, shy in front of others until I get to know them better and feel comfortable around them.
  4. 4. Today I am like a snail, sluggish of learning or doing anything. Yesterday I was a tiger, not appreciating anything or anyone around me. To my mom I am like a bum, a person who will never get through school. To my dad I am a guardian angel that will put anything aside to help him. My friends think I am like a vampire, afraid to come out into the light. Really I am a girl who is just hiding from the world.
  5. 5. Today I am like an inspirational book, always giving good advice to friends, family, and peers to boost their self-esteem. Yesterday I was hiding from my own shadow, a shy and independent girl. To my mom I am like a light because I brighten her day and I shine in all the things I do and want to be seen by everyone. To my dad I am a angel, still his little girl and always there for my him. When I'm around him, I'm good. My friends think I am like a clown, always goofy and I lighten the mood. Really I am a caring person. I’m there for everyone no matter the situation.
  6. 6. Today I am like a lion, who is ready to attack if anybody tries to hurt my child Yesterday I was a turtle, that was scared to show my feelings To my mom I am like a fish, who lets people walk over me To my dad I am a tiger, that’s ready for everything and not let anyone hurt me My friends think I am like a bear, big and strong who will not give up Really I am a dog, who cares for her baby, a little scared, but will never let anyone hurt me.
  7. 7. Today I am like a A turtle, hiding from the world wearing a shell to protect myself Yesterday I was a A tiger, fierce and confident not afraid to show others I’m worthy To my mom I am like a A baby that needs to be cared for To my dad I am a A butterfly flying in the air, not afraid to shine My friends think I am like a A joker, making them laugh and pleasing them Really I am a A shy person who just wants to be left alone half the time. But who doesn’t want to be forgotten.
  8. 8. Today I am like a country song, full of stories and energetic. Yesterday I was a bird, just gliding my way through life, going where ever the wind took me. To my mom I am like a clown, most likely putting a smile on some one’s face, never taking things too seriously. To my dad I am a bomb, waiting for graduation day to come so I can finally move on and become something in life. My friends think I am like a turtle, always in a shell but slowly taking my time coming out of it each day. Really I am a puzzle, all over the place but will be complete one day.
  9. 9. Today I am like a dog, begging to go home and sleep, bored out of my mind. Yesterday I was a clown, cracking jokes and goofing off. To my mom I am like a dream, doesn’t seem real. “Too amazing to be true,” as she says. To my step dad I am a rose, very precious and dear to his heart. My friends think I am like a mime, acting just like them with a lot in common with them all. Really I am just a actor, my mood changes but I usually keep it to myself.