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I Used to, But Now


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Published in: Education
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I Used to, But Now

  1. 1. I Used to, But Now
  2. 2. I used to watch SpongeBob all day But now I watch Sports Center I used to go to JM and fail classes But now I go to RALC to get those credits back I used to skip classes and walk around the hall But now I go to every class for a better future I used to get mad and punch the walls But now I lift weights to take my anger out I used to get rides from my parents and friends But now I can drive wherever I want and I’m free
  3. 3. I used to cut class three days a week and go hang out with my friends at the park or just walk around in school But now I go to class so I can graduate and just hang out after school I used to think getting bad grades was cool and that I would be a badass But now I make sure to turn in all my assignments and check on my grades daily. I used to take out my anger on whoever got in my way, and I would give them an attitude But now I listen to The Weeknd to calm down whenever I am mad at someone I used to love going ice skating when I was 14 with my friends every Saturday But now I hate it because I can’t skate, I fall a lot, and I can get hurt I used to be friends with everyone when I was younger But now I know not to trust just anyone so I only have a few
  4. 4. I used to fight everyday at school whenever people talked bad about me But now I can care less what people think of me I used to get angry when people pulled my hair and shirt, and said “You’re a loser, you’re going to fail in life” But now I just breathe in, out and count to ten because I realize they’re not worth my time I used to care about having so many friends But now I know friends fly in and out, but your family is here to stay for life I used to help people who were upset over their boy/girlfriend or family problems But now I just help those who are poor or are really hurt over something I used to think having a best friend to count on was a good thing in life But now I know that you are your only best friend
  5. 5. I used to play basketball But now I play soccer I used to think I am crazy But now I do everything I used to give up easily But now I don’t stop until the end I used to think my friends cared about me But now I know my family cares most about me I used to sleep all my life But now I am up and active
  6. 6. I used to let people disrespect me. But now I shout and stand up for myself. I used to think I was ugly because I’m skinny. But now I see beauty when I look in the mirror. I used to think my family didn’t love me. But now I realized they struggled with me because I got into trouble a lot. I used to care about all the drama. But now I've moved on and just live my own life. I used to not try in school. But now I have good grades because I want to go to college when I graduate.
  7. 7. I used to lie a lot about a life I didn’t have. But now I realize that lying doesn’t earn trust. I used to isolate myself when things got tough. But now I've learned that it’s ok to talk to people. I used to take all the negative things people would say about me. But now I simply walk away. I used to run away from problems when they got hard. But now I face them head on. I used to think my life was bad because my dad is in prison. But now I understand that I'm not the only one growing up without a father.
  8. 8. I used to stress over bullies. But now I don’t give a damn about their words or opinions. I used to punch a wall when I got mad. But now I listen to music and block out the world. I used to hate being 5’7 and hate on my body shape. But now I accept the flaws , because that’s what makes me, me . I used to hate a lot of people for the drama they brought to my life. But now I respect them for being real and accepting me for me. I used to hate my stepdad for looking down on me. But now I care about him. Because I can’t do anything to change who my mom loves. He raised me so he’ll always be there whether I like it or not.
  9. 9. I used to hate my parents for my curfew, for taking away my phone, for limiting my television, for having my bedroom door open at “all times.” But now I have learned that they only want the “best” for me. I used to hate going to school: waking up at 6:00 and missing a whole hour of sleep, when I could easily wake up at 7:00 but no! my bus comes at 7:05. But now I have realized that it’s “all” about my education I used to hate my life. But now I have realized that we can die any day, so we might as well make the best of it. I used to hate my classes. But now I like them because I actually started doing my work and I listen to my teachers so my classes have been easier for me. I used to love hanging out with my friends. But now I have realized friends and education don’t go together for me, so I’m choosing education over my friends.
  10. 10. I used to skip school But now I realize that school is important for me to get a good paying job I used to not care what people say But now I realized that you could probably learn a lot from what people tell you I used to get bad grades because I didn’t care But now I know it can affect you from getting into a good college I used to drink Monster to keep me up But now I’ve learned I needed to get more sleep because it was making me more tired I used to argue with my sister all the time But now we get along better than we used to
  11. 11. I used to hate myself and the way I looked and not care about anything. But now I love myself and I care about me. I used to hate other people and keep to myself at school. But now I like other people and talk more, not just at school, but everywhere. I used to sit in my room and be depressed and never go anywhere with my friends. But now I go out to the mall with my friends and I’m happy. I used to lie to people at school to make myself seem cooler. But now I don’t: I’m just myself and stay out of drama I used to look in the mirror and think you weren’t pretty unless you were skinny. But now I think I’m beautiful and don’t need to be skinny to be pretty.
  12. 12. I used to lie to a lot of people about where I was But now I'm 100% honest I used to disrespect my mom But now I give her the respect that she needs. I used to care if people talked about me. But now I let it fly by like nothing. I used to go to my friends’ house every weekend But now I stay home with my family and spend time together. I used to get mad when people told me what to do But now I listen to The Weeknd to calm me down.
  13. 13. I used to be drowsy all the time But now I'm not that drowsy any more I used to dislike going to school But now I am ok with going to school I used to fail school because of homework But now I don’t have homework anymore I used to watch a lot of TV But now I don’t at all I used to live in Georgia with a bad economy But now I live in Minnesota with a good economy
  14. 14. I used to dislike school because I hated waking up early. But now I like enjoy the classes and talking to my friends. I used to dread going to my World History class. But now I enjoy my American History class because I can learn about this country’s past. I used to stay to myself and only say a few words to people. But now I like to interact with people even if it is just small talk. I used to skip school some days and just oversleep. But now I go to school every day to bring my grades up and graduate. I used to hate having an IEP because it made me feel like I was dumb. But now I like having an IEP because I’ve realized that it helps me learn.
  15. 15. I used to skip school, and not care about it, But now I realize how important it is and I come every day. I used to not care about my grades, But now I try to complete my work to keep my grades up. I used to be more conversational when I was younger, But now I tend to keep to myself. I used to not care what people thought about me, But now I worry too much about being judged. I used to enjoy fitting in the crowd, But now I would rather be by myself.
  16. 16. I used to despise my sibling, that older brother of mine, But now, against my past self, he is one of my closest friends. I used to get shameful grades because I didn’t bother, But now I know how valuable school is and I’m striving for respectable grades. I used to wear tons of makeup, and think I was ugly, But now, while looking at a mirror, I don’t see only my surface; I like me for being me. I used to find controversy with everyone possible, But now I talk it out to resolve conflicts. I used to put others, peers, friends, and partners, over family, But now I see they revolve in and out of my life, while family is forever.
  17. 17. I used to care about school. But now I’m trying really hard to graduate on time in June with my classmates and move up in life. I used to care about everything. But now the only thing I care about is school and my boyfriend. I used to love my mom But now I don’t even realize she is there anymore because everything that isn’t turning out. I used to have friends that I thought would never get caught for anything. But now I realize that I can always find better friends out there that won’t get me into trouble. I used to just sit in a corner by myself and not converse with anybody. But now I talk to people who want to talk to me and start a conversation.
  18. 18. I used to be angry, get laughed at every day But now I’m calm, ignoring the cause I used to have low self esteem, when I felt no one dared to be seen with me But now it is high, as I hang out with friends I used to have bad friends But I have since upgraded to actual friends, those who enjoy my company I used to be influenced by those around me But now I see through them, like a crystal clear window
  19. 19. I used to fight because it made me feel better about myself. But now I control my anger and I know that fighting isn't making me happy about who I was. I used to hang out with the kids my parents didn’t want me to be around. But now I surround myself with good family and friends who help me stay on the right track. I used to not appreciate my parents and ignore them when they asked me about my day. But now I see what they have been through to make me the person I am today. I used to not care about my education and I would skip every chance I got. But now I make sure I go to class and do my school work. I used to not have dreams for my future. But now I know I want to go to college.
  20. 20. I used to be calm But now I’m stressed I used to be happy But now I’m just mad I used to be like the sun in the morning getting brighter as the day passed But now I am like a cloudy Monday morning soon to rain and just waiting on the brighter day to come I used to get in groups to go out have fun But now I’m always alone wondering why I even try I used to be happy with so much love and care But now it’s a struggle to have this fake smile
  21. 21. I used to not care about going to school But now I'm doing whatever it takes to get to school I used to stay out late at night and hang out with friends But now I'm home by 10 I used to play football/basketball But now my grades aren't meeting the standards I used to be lazy and play Call Of Duty all day But now I do what I got to do to graduate I used to act without thinking But now I’m trying my hardest to eventually become a basketball player
  22. 22. I
  23. 23. I used to be 10 minutes late to classes But now I do my best to be on time I used to hate school and wake up and not want to come But now I don’t say anything and just do what needs to be done I used to not give 100% in school and just messed around with friends But now I try to give it 100% because I care about my future I used to not care if I would graduate But now I’m trying to do whatever it takes for a graduation cap I used to hate ALC because they forced me to come But now I appreciate it because I’m doing well
  24. 24. I used to: not want to go to sleep. But now: I can’t get enough of it. I used to: not want to go to school because it was tiring. But now: I like to come to school because I can hang out with my friends. I used to: think I had a hard life because I had to go to school. But now: I know other people have way harder lives. I used to: always get into trouble because I didn’t makethe right choices. But now: I can finally control my actions because I take my medicatio. I used to: think friends were everything. But now: I know that friends aren’t everything, family is.