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  1. 1. Tips For IncomingCollege Students By: A Fellow College Student
  2. 2. BioGreetings future college student! My name is Mike Swormstedt, and I amcurrently a 4th year mechanical engineering student at the University ofCincinnati. From personal experience, I know that making the transition fromhigh school to college is fairly intimidating. I had many questions and I wasunsure if the information I was reading online would apply to me. In creatingthis Wiki I hope to answer some of the questions you may have aboutengineering and/or college in general by providing tips I found to be useful.This PowerPoint will cover information that is important for all incomingcollege students, such as how to meet people, what to bring to school, how topick a good class/professor, and how to manage schoolwork with social life.
  3. 3. How to Meet PeopleMeeting people is important, especially if you do notknow anyone at the same school. Many people arenervous about meeting other people, so don‟t beoutgoing! Some ways in which you can meet manypeople at your school include:• Attend organization meetings and join if interested. Most organizations, and even colleges, will have meetings that first week you are on campus before classes start. Attend any you might be interested in joining.• Go Greek. Joining a fraternity or sorority may not be for everyone, but it can be a good way to meet a lot of people and get involved in school activities. If interested, participate in RUSH week.• Meet students in your major. These are people that you may have classes with all 4 or 5 years of school. Getting to know these people will not only allow you to build friendships, but also provide you with a group of people you can study/do homework with.• Meet people in your dorm/apartment. If anything, go around an introduce yourself to the people you live around.
  4. 4. What to Bring to SchoolWhen moving away to school, the firstquestion that often arises is “What should Ibring?” College is going to be your homeaway from home, so you want to make sureyou have everything you need to livecomfortably, while avoiding bringing toomuch. Most college freshmen are required tolive in dorms, and the rooms in dorms aretypically small. A common 2 person roomdoesn‟t allow for much more than 2 beds, 2closets, 2 dressers, 2 desks, and aminifridge/microwave combo. If you knowwhere you are going to live, see if it ispossible to take a tour before you move in.This will give you a good idea what the space A dorm room similar to the one I had Freshmen yearavailable is, and how much you can bring.
  5. 5. Essential ItemsSome items I found to be mandatoryto have included:• Clothes and hangers • School Supplies (paper, folders, pencils,• Shoes pens, calculator, etc)• Shower shoes • Coat/jacket• Bedding (pillows, sheets, comforter, • Cell phone blankets, etc.) • Medicine (Advil, cold medicine, band• Clock/Alarm aids, etc.)• Desk lamp • Health insurance card• Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, • Power strip deodorant, etc.) • Umbrella• Laundry detergent • Paper towels• Snacks • Batteries• Book bag
  6. 6. Optional ItemsItems that are nice to have around tomake your room feel like home, butare not mandatory include:• Laptop (Ethernet cable if internet isn‟t • More comfortable chair wireless) • Extra drawers• TV • Posters• Stereo • Basic tools (screwdrivers, hammer)• MP3 player + headphones • Printer• Video games • Office supplies (stapler, hole punch,• Movies paper clips, tape, etc.)• Books • Kitchenware (plates, cups, silverware)• Personal fan • Personal items that will help make your room feel like home
  7. 7. Additional ItemsHere is a link that includes a list of items studentsshould consider bringing to school. Use it as achecklist!
  8. 8. Choosing Good Classes/ProfessorsObviously, the most important part ofcollege is the classes. In most casesyou will be required to take certainclasses for your major, and thereforewill be unable to chose a specifictime/professor if there is only oneopening. This is especially true laterin your college career when classesare major specific. There are times,such as choosing electives, in whichyou have freedom to pick a class youwould like to take. If there aremultiple offerings for a class, youmay have the ability to pick what timeand/or professor you want. A sample course offering list
  9. 9. Tips for Choosing a Good Class/Professor• Find something that interests you. Universities offer hundreds of classes. Electives are your opportunity to get away from your major if you choose. While you may be tempted to pick an „easy A‟ class, try to pick a class that you will enjoy, or that will benefit you from a career standpoint.• Use websites such as Rate My Professors. Websites like this allow students that have taken certain classes or had certain professors to share their personal experiences.• Talk to upper classmen in your major. Again, there is a good chance that upper classmen in your major have taken the same classes/had the same professors as you. Ask them what to expect and/or how to succeed in a given class.• Sometimes you will get stuck with a poor professor! If this happens and you find yourself struggling, seek help from other students or learning centers.
  10. 10. Managing School with Social LifeTaking class is the reason you go to college, but it is alsoimportant to enjoy your time there. Here are some tips to besuccessful in class and enjoy life outside of it:• Get away from schoolwork for a while! Don‟t get overwhelmed with schoolwork. Make sure to set aside some time to do things you like such as exercising, playing sports, hanging out with friends, etc.• Manage time wisely, use breaks in between classes to get things done. Getting work done during random breaks will free up time later.• Get most of your homework done before the weekend. Weekends should be a time for fun and relaxation. In order to keep up with your schoolwork and keep weekends free, get homework done during the week when less is going on.
  11. 11. ClosingCollege is a big moment in your life. Follow these tips andyou will have a great time while also being successful.Any links I have posted in the slideshow are available onthe helpful links part of the Wiki. Good luck!