My Travel Map - An efficient way to have a good trip


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My Travel Map - An efficient way to have a good trip

  1. 1. My Travel MapAN EFFICIENT WAY TO HAVE A GOOD TRIP Prepared By Hoang Nhat Nguyen Ha Viet Nguyen Cuong Manh Nguyen
  2. 2. DESCRIPTIONS To serve anyone who likes traveling around the world without a human tour guide but with a mobile phone  Nowadays, GPS and Google map become digital tour guide for the travellers without a map or a human tour guide. However, people can only find directions when they know exactly where to go but even then sometimes all they know is its name.
  3. 3. HOW DOES MTM WORK?(1) Map system or customers themselves will locate their location. Then customers will give the specific characters of the place they want to go and send them to the server. The server will search the recommendations in database through tags system and send them to the customers immediately. The server will send the requests to microworkers who stay in the same location. The microworkers will choose and submit a place which matches customer’s request with information like a specific address, name and snapshots. These information will be uploaded to the server where they will be verified and stored in the database through tag similarity. Then, the server will transfer them to the customer. Customer will receive the recommendations from the server until the request expires in 24 hours. Customer can add the locations to their map. Also, customer will receive 20 stars to evaluate the recommendations from microworkers for each request. Every customers can give each recommendation up to 5 stars and the default is 0. Stars that customers give for each recommendation affect the author microworker’s status, and the amount of money that microworker receives. If a recommendation is fraud, customers can report it and the microworker who uploaded it will be warned or fired. The microworkers will earn money if their recommendations received stars. With each star they earn 12% of the request’s cost. The stars the recommendations earned will increase in time since the recommendations are stored in the server and can be resent to different requests in the location. With each request, the stars customer receive can be worth up to 60% of the request’s cost. If there is no microworkers in customer’s location, customer will be notified and can’t make the request.
  4. 4. HOW DOES MTM WORK?(2) We support microworkers who don’t own a smart phone by developing another version of MTM. This MTM-worker version will have only the recommend function. Anyone who wants to become a microworker should first register to have an account at MTM website. Microworkers can work on any devices as long as they can connect to the server or the website. Microworkers should install MTM on their smart phones or MTM-worker version on their mobile phones to be notified instantly when request arrived. Otherwise, they need to log on to their account on MTM website to see the requests that have been sent to them. We understand that it can be very hard for user/microworker if the requests/recommendations are in a non-alphabet language. So we’ve decided to have language function and translate function in MTM. In language function, the user can choose which language the MTM is in. But this function will not translate the requests or recommendations. If user or microworker wants to translate recommendations/requests to another language, they can use the translate function. This function, which is similar to the Google Translation, can translate the requests/recommendations to a new language chosen by user/microworker. The translations may not be perfect but can help the users/microworkers understand the overall meaning. These functions can be very useful in non-alphabet language countries.
  5. 5. Few steps to have a good trip…
  6. 6. APPLICATION INTERFACE Login interface Detail of customer’s account
  7. 7. APPLICATION INTERFACE(2)List of request from After press the After press thecustomers details button recommend button
  8. 8. APPLICATION INTERFACE(3)Send request and To view details of Details of that positionview the results one point in travel “Show me the way” function is map, press on it only available for paid user
  9. 9. BENEFITS Provide large amount of work for local people.  Due to the need for local worker to serve more different needs of customers. This type of work will generate a lot of works for people all over the world. Good profit for both micro worker and service provider:  Can use advertisement: can add some sponsor’s advertisement to the header of the app.  Reusing recommendations: Due to tag system, if the request is already asked before (through tag similarity), server will send the old answers to customer. Microworkers can recommend once and receive money in a long time (the amount of money they earn will base on how many stars that they receive from customers)  Saving packages: Normally, one request costs 3 USDs. We provide packages of 7.5 USDs for 5 requests used in 4 days and 6 USDs for 3 requests used in 3 days, with these customers can save their money from requests when they on a trip.  Huge profit for microworker: for each good recommendation a microworker made, it can have an average of 100 stars which worth about 10$. So for a mircoworker who has made about 10 good recommendations in a month, they can earn about 100$ or more if their recommendations become popular.  Paid user and free user: For free users, they just can have 10 location points on their my travel map and 5 answers per request. For paid users, they can have unlimited location points and unlimited answers per request. They can also use the "Show me the way" function which will give them directions to the recommended place. Better solution than existing methods  With this app, travelers can have a cheap, efficient and fun trip. It’s a better way to travel!
  10. 10. Paid User and Free UserFunctioning Paid User Free UserRequestingRecommendations received As many as possible 5 recommends/requestAdvertisements No YesLocation Points On My Map Maximum 10 points
  11. 11. CHALLENGES Need large number of local microworker  If customer is in a location that no microworker lives or no one knows where to recommend, it will not provide a solution for customer. Need to consider more about:  Advertising campaign.  Customer service.