Module 5 - Create your own SWORD client

SWORD Project
SWORD ProjectSWORD Project
The SWORD Course,[object Object],Module5,[object Object],Create yourown SWORDclient,[object Object]
Module objectives,[object Object],By the end of this module you will:,[object Object],Know about the EasyDeposit SWORD client creation toolkit,[object Object],Have seen some example configurations of EasyDeposit,[object Object],Understand how to construct a custom SWORD client,[object Object],Have had the opportunity to construct your own custom EasyDeposit SWORD client,[object Object]
Background to EasyDeposit,[object Object],Created at the University of Auckland Library,[object Object],Digital Development and Media Services team,[object Object],Already created several custom SWORD clients,[object Object],Thesis deposit,[object Object],Computer Science technical report archive,[object Object],Wanted an easy way to create more clients,[object Object]
EasyDeposit,[object Object],Benefits,[object Object],Written in PHP (a skill often found in general web teams rather than specialised repository development teams),[object Object],Web-based (user + admin),[object Object],Stand-alone (doesn’t require extra systems such as a database),[object Object],Comes with more than 20 ‘steps’ out-of-the-box,[object Object],Open-source: you are free to modify or extend it,[object Object]
EasyDeposit,[object Object],,[object Object],Download application,[object Object],Installation and configuration instructions,[object Object],Example clients,[object Object],Makes use of the SWORDAPP PHP library,[object Object],Built on the popular CodeIgniter framework,[object Object]
Anatomy of EasyDeposit,[object Object],Home page,[object Object],Customisable,[object Object],Deposit screens,[object Object],Made up of a series of ‘steps’,[object Object],Steps can be added or removed,[object Object],Steps can be configured,[object Object],Extra steps can be added,[object Object],Look and feel,[object Object],Customisable CSS / header / footer,[object Object]
Steps,[object Object],Different types of step,[object Object],Login (must come first),[object Object],Repository credentials,[object Object],Repository related,[object Object],Data collection,[object Object],Verification,[object Object],Deposit,[object Object],Post-processing,[object Object]
Visible / Invisible steps,[object Object],Some steps are visible:,[object Object],Collect metadata,[object Object],Upload files,[object Object],Verify inputs,[object Object],Some steps are invisible:,[object Object],Deposit,[object Object]
Login steps,[object Object],Must come first,[object Object],Sets the user ID (used to store uploaded files on disk, and optionally for deposit credentials),[object Object],Different options:,[object Object],LDAP login – allows local credentials to be used,[object Object],Service Document login – checks username and password with the repository,[object Object],No login – Used when you want anonymous deposit,[object Object]
Repository credentials,[object Object],Must set repository credentials,[object Object],Repository username / password / on-behalf-of,[object Object],Use users’ credentials,[object Object],Deposit performed as that user,[object Object],Use single set of credentials,[object Object],Minimises number of user accounts in the repository if users only deposit a few items (e.g. theses),[object Object]
Repository related steps,[object Object],Allow user to interact with the Service Document,[object Object],Select from collections they are allowed to deposit to,[object Object],Only useful if they understand the choice,[object Object],Select a repository to use from a pre-defined list or enter a Service Document URL,[object Object],Too complex for most users,[object Object]
Data collection steps,[object Object],Collect metadata,[object Object],Allow files to be uploaded,[object Object],Can have automated steps,[object Object],E.g.: Crossref DOI lookup,[object Object]
Verification step,[object Object],Allows user to verify their submission,[object Object],Allows the user to return to the step to edit the details if required,[object Object]
Deposit step,[object Object],Performs the deposit,[object Object],Usually also performs the packaging,[object Object],An invisible step,[object Object],Multiple repository deposit step to deposit to multiple repositories,[object Object]
Post-processing steps,[object Object],Performs tasks after the deposit has taken place,[object Object],Examples:,[object Object],Email confirmation to the user,[object Object],Thank you message with the URL of the deposited item,[object Object],Email sent to administrator to alert them,[object Object]
An example,[object Object],Deposit a journal article with a DOI,[object Object],Steps:,[object Object],Nologin,[object Object],Crossrefdoilookup,[object Object],Crossrefdoimetadata,[object Object],Uploadfiles,[object Object],Verify,[object Object],Deposit,[object Object],Thankyou,[object Object]
Another example,[object Object],Deposit of a PhD thesis,[object Object],Steps:,[object Object],Ldaplogin,[object Object],Title,[object Object],Uploadfiles,[object Object],UOACreativecommonsembargo,[object Object],Verify,[object Object],Deposit,[object Object],Email,[object Object],Thankyou,[object Object]
The administrative interface,[object Object],Protected with a username and password,[object Object],Edit and configure the steps,[object Object],Edit the welcome screen,[object Object],Edit the commons header, footer, and CSS,[object Object],Set some global settings,[object Object]
HEADER,[object Object],WELCOME SCREEN,[object Object],FOOTER,[object Object]
Module 5 - Create your own SWORD client
Module 5 - Create your own SWORD client
Extending EasyDeposit,[object Object],Based on CodeIgniter,[object Object],MVC-based architecture,[object Object],Create a controller and a view,[object Object],Look at the current controllers and views to see how they work,[object Object],Feel free to contribute them back to the project,[object Object]
Conclusion,[object Object],If you have any questions or suggestions about EasyDeposit, please get in touch!,[object Object],,[object Object]
Credits,[object Object],This course has been produced by:,[object Object],Stuart Lewis,[object Object],The SWORD project,[object Object],,[object Object],Funded by JISC,[object Object],,[object Object],Licence,[object Object],Creative commons,[object Object]
Photo Credits,[object Object],Lecture hall:,[object Object]
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Module 5 - Create your own SWORD client

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