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Productivity map - Startup Weekend Mures - 24-26 may 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Productivity map - Startup Weekend Mures - 24-26 may 2013

  1. 1. Efficient Time Trackingfor Freelancers
  2. 2. The problemPeople choose freelancing forfreedom and flexibility BUT theyare facing the following problems:• Time Management• Meeting Deadlines• Staying Inspired and Focused• Saying NO! to the customer
  3. 3. The SolutionProductivity Map! Will solve the first 2problems:• Time Management• Meeting the deadlines• And partially the third, stayingfocusedBy automatically tracking all theactivities, allowing freelancers toassign them to project and increaseefficiency.
  4. 4. The MVPUsing the best practices we intendedto create and validate a MinimumViable Product.Part of the work was a survey toidentify the freelancers interest inusing Productivity Map and if theyare willing to pay for it.The results were not as expected:some of them loved the idea, somedidn’t.
  5. 5. Refine MVPThe lack of reliable and consistentfeedback; team and mentordiscussions help us decide to keep theinitial list of features but to changethe monetization model.We have decided to have a single versionof the product and to provided forfree to freelancers (especially hightech) and go ahead considering thatwe address one of the largest and
  6. 6. Business ModelCompetition: is present, differenttools with different pricingmodels (free, saas, stand aloneproducts).We do have Unique Selling points like:• Automatic Time Tracking• Efficiency Report (real $/h)• Productivity Report (share with the
  7. 7. StrategyAt this point we have decided toprovide the product free of chargefor freelancers.This will allow us to build acommunity of users (most of themhigh tech) that will grow and theproduct will gain visibility.The next step will be to address thecompanies who are usingfreelancers and to build a paid
  8. 8. Short Term StrategyFind a hosting provider that willallow startups to growBuild a beta version (4-6 weeks)Develop a release strategy (blogs,social media, freelancersstrategies)Start collecting feedback from ourusersBuild the final version of theproduct (12-15 weeks).
  9. 9. Mid Term StrategyIdentify if the free users can beconverted into paying users. (newfeatures)Identify if companies will use such atool, in which ways.Start building a version that willaddress companies using the MVPmodel.Based on the results decide thedevelopment direction and long
  10. 10. RevenueConsidering the decision that we tookthe revenue for short / mid term isnot existent.We have to decide if donations fromsatisfied users is an option.
  11. 11. ExecutionWe have managed to implement a website and blog, the backend of thesaas (dash board, projects and 1report) and the agent applicationthat collect the users activities.Tools: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, C++
  12. 12. Project ViabilityConsidering that the we do not planany revenues on short / mid termthe only metrics that will showthe product viability are:• Number of active users• The exposure on the Internet• The interest shown by companies
  13. 13. The teamCreated on fly on Day1:• Dan Gurghian, Team Leader• Razvan Pop, Market Research• Tudorel Stoica, Backend developer• Aurel Borda, Front end developer,web design
  14. 14. Thank you!