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Easymed - Startup Weekend Mures - 24-26 may 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Easymed - Startup Weekend Mures - 24-26 may 2013

  1. 1. easy medMedical done with CARE
  2. 2. The TeamStefan CandreaCioba CosminLaura OpreanVlad SandorRamona MesterCsaba Gidofalvi
  3. 3. Working with Nutritionists Doctors & Coaches?
  4. 4. Help consolidate the Relation between theDoctors/Coaches and Patients
  5. 5. Why do we think there is an issue? Hard to get constant feedback Too much information...Papers, spread sheets ,flyers You feel alone No good way to synchronize information betweendoctors
  6. 6. What do we think you need Centralized Application / Mobile Application Custom Treatment & Training plan Receive quick and constant feedback from doctors A way to track you progress
  7. 7. My records - Mockup
  8. 8. My plan - Mockup
  9. 9. My doctor- Mockup
  10. 10. My plan in a Callendar - Mockup
  11. 11. Why would doctors use it Instant communication between Specialists Full featured application for managing patients Customized and Realtime Reports of Progress Create customized treatment plan for patients Appointment management A way to promote Doctors and Coaches
  12. 12. How do we want to start – First 6 months plan Create a minimum viable product with basicfeatures Contact a team of Nutritional Doctors And Coaches Get a constant stream of feedback Create a case study
  13. 13. How do we engage the market Contact other specialists and propose partnerships Create Marketing Campaigns (Advertisement,Social Media) Participate at specialized Conferences Partnerships with supplement suppliers Free for medical students
  14. 14. Monthly fees for doctors/coaches
  15. 15. Validation of product survey
  16. 16. Validation of product survey
  17. 17. Validation of product survey
  18. 18. Conclusions & ContactContact us:Site: http://easymed.funit.roEmail: