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Writing Web Content for Humans


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Writing good content for people is writing good SEO. Engage your human audience by using words and images to educate, entertain and inform. Target your messaging to move your audience to act.

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Writing Web Content for Humans

  1. 1. Writing Web Content for Humans The Web is for People, Not Computers
  2. 2. Good Content is Good SEO • Keywords. The words & phrases people use to look up your stuff online • Original Content. Refresh your website with original content. Links. Link to other sites with relevant information. Keep It Real. Don’t cram too many keywords.
  3. 3. What is Content? • Words • Images • Sounds • Navigation
  4. 4. Mining Content
  5. 5. Schedule Presentation 40 Workshop Set-Up 10 Questionnaires 5-10 Work 20-30 Show & Tell 10 Discussion/Wrap-up 20 About 2 hours
  6. 6. What is a Website? • A location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web. • A Communications Platform • Targets offer to audience • Motivates audience to take action: • Gain knowledge & information • Buy or Donate • Enroll or subscribe • Follow, Like or Share
  7. 7. Ultimate Goal
  8. 8. Live a Movie, A Website is Visual • Use Words & Images to tell a story
  9. 9. Better Living through Simplicity Use Words and Images
  10. 10. Trophy Hunter Defends Herself Against Critics in Wake of Cecil Killing.
  11. 11. Alcoholism and drug addiction affects the whole family.
  12. 12. Who’s Who? Movie Website Role Producer Owner Idea, $$, Hires Screen Writer Content Dev. Script Director Site Designer Visualizes & Fulfills Actors Graphic Dsgnr Enacting Crew Developer Technical
  13. 13. Website Story • Offer (eternal Love) • Audience (younger siblings of rival gang leaders.) • Message (“Tonight, tonight there’s only you tonight.”) • Call to Action (symbolic marriage)
  14. 14. Product Features vs Benefits Features Benefits Real Benefits Absorbent Keeps you Dry Remain Active Leg Cuffs Prevents Leakage Remain Comfortable Refastenable Better Fit Maintain Dignity vs
  15. 15. Market Segmentation Age • Young bed-wetters • Youngish pregnant women • Middle age • Seniors + Sex Ability • Active • Restricted (wheelchair) • Bedbound Disease • Cancer • Irritable bowel • Prostate • Spinal Cord Injury Absorbency Level • Light leakage • Total loss of control
  16. 16. Website Story 2 • Offer Specific • Audience Targeted • Message Benefits Focused • Call to Action Motivational
  17. 17. Website Story 3 • Offer Specific • Audience Targeted • Message Benefits Focused • Call to Action Motivational
  18. 18. What is Good Content? • Not boring. If it puts you to sleep, it will put others to sleep. • Not BLAH BLAH BLAH. Get to the point quickly. Concise, precise and targeted. • Not about you. No one cares.
  19. 19. Compelling • The vision of the Operational Excellence Office is to play a vital role in our campus’ financial sustainability by cultivating innovation to produce new revenue opportunities and by supporting continuous improvements to drive ongoing efficiencies.
  20. 20. Emotionally Engaging Couture Events
  21. 21. Original & Specific • FIRM PROFILE • Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality. • Professionalism. Our firm is one of the leading firms in the area. By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention. WHAT DO I DO?
  22. 22. Focused Girl Friday Productions
  23. 23. • You shouldn’t have to choose, but so often you do: professional or personality. Girl Friday is about having it all. It’s about kicking off your shoes and settling in. It’s about incredible expertise and a dogged commitment to perfection. But we care too much to ever let it be boring.
  24. 24. Creating Good Content
  25. 25. Compelling • 'Dealing with menopause was bad enough but when I found I was suddenly wetting myself without warning it was a nightmare…’ • After 35 years of marriage, I even started sleeping in the spare bed! Finally, I went to my doctor.
  26. 26. Emotionally Engaging • “Puppy,” was the first word out of Ramie’s mouth. Ramie and her husband, Tyler, both animal lovers from a young age, started caring for North Shore Pets in 1997, and opened their shop in 2002.
  27. 27. Original & Specific
  28. 28. Original & Specific
  29. 29. Focused • Pfizer. We apply science to discover therapies that significantly improve and extend people’s lives.
  30. 30. Informs, Entertains, (Soft) Promotes • Mad for Madison • The Chocolaterian Café • Yes, there’s chocolate. Of course, there’s chocolate: cakes & bars, fondue and tarts. And for the heathens: lemon squares and macaroons, cookies and toffee. But for those who know they shouldn’t live on dessert alone: quiches & paninis, soups & galettes.
  31. 31. Keeps it Real • Tell the truth. “If you read it one the internet, it must be true.” • Strive for accuracy. Avoid Unsubstantiated Claims & Superlatives.
  32. 32. Or Maybe Not? “Please tell me she’s not for real. Please tell me she’s photo shopped.”
  33. 33. Beached 160’ Giant Squid in Northern California.
  34. 34. Talks with Me, Not at Me • Avoid the third person, when possible. Use “you” rather than “he” or “she” • Use the active voice. “The dog bit the boy.” • Lead with questions. “Isn’t it remarkable?” • Include call to action. “Buy, subscribe, etc.”
  35. 35. Belmont Village of Glenview, Illinois is situated in the heart of a beautiful residential area. Our community is convenient to Old Orchard, the botanical gardens and many places of worship. There are also major medical centers and hospitals in close to the facility, including the new Glenview Senior Center. Equally significant as Belmont’s handy location is the fact that it was built to provide a higher standard of care for assisted living.
  36. 36. Focuses Attention (Thematically) • Hungry? Order food now. (Groupon) • Unlimited instant streaming of videos. (Amazon) • Request an appointment. (Evanston Hospital) • Help us save lives. (American Cancer Society) • Choose the card that works best for you. (Bank of America) • Visit Macy’s.
  37. 37. Focuses Attention (Visually) Reduce visual clutter • Use heads, subheads • Use bullet-points and short paragraphs • Use white space • Avoid too many fonts, colors, sizes & styles • Use images with similar color saturation
  38. 38. Don’t Do
  39. 39. Do
  40. 40. Don’t Do
  41. 41. Do
  42. 42. Create Your Own Homepage Steve Lome 773.550.3000