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This Cheap Hotels ebook has been put together
by as a fun guide for budget
conscious travellers. ...
An introduction for the man who needs no introduction...

Hotels that are Cheap and Easy - Just Like Me
I'm Warwick Capper...
25 Cheap and Easy Travel Tips
Many may associate ‘cheap travel’ with backpacking, dodgy hostels, questionable personal
14. Avoid tourist destinations, they can be a      16. Save money on souvenirs and gifts for         20. International cal...
C heap Accommodation &
Sydney Budget Travel Ideas
Sydney is notorious for being Australia's most expensive                ...
Best cheap accommodation in Sydney
1. Great Southern Hotel                         3. Capitol Square Hotel
   717 George S...
C heap Sydney Travel Tips
• Public transport can be costly, but for visitors, Sydney Rail
  offers a great Daytripper Rail...
Grab your tennis racket and
C heap Accommodation                 pack your book of poems - you're heading to the "Sporting...
Best Cheap Accommodation in Melbourne
1. Causeway Inn on the Mall                    3. Little Collins Hotel
   327 Bourke...
C heap Melbourne Travel Tips
                                                  • Get around Melbourne with ease - and on t...
How I Became a Legend
                                                            People think that being this good lookin...
C heap Accommodation &
Brisbane Budget Travel Ideas
Brisbane often cops a bit of flak from culture snobs who consider it c...
Best cheap accommodation in Brisbane
1. Citigate King George Square                    entertainment and shopping centres,...
Warwick Capper's Brisbane Fact :
                                                                      Brisbane’s now - tr...
C heap Accommodation &
Gold Coast Budget Travel Ideas
Despite its popularity as a destination for thousands of        Star...
Best cheap accommodation
C heap Gold Coast Travel Tips
                                   • Whale watching season runs from late May to early
How to Become a Warwick Capper Legend
                                                      Some of us aren't born with th...
C heap Accommodation
                              Maroochydore &
                              the Sunshine Coast
Best cheap accommodation at the Sunshine Coast                                             5 star luxury that's
  1. Mantr...
C heap Accommodation
                                                               & Whitsundays Budget
Best cheap accommodation in Whitsundays                                                                  5 star luxury tha...
C heap Accommodation
                              Townsville is the tropical playground of Queensland and the perfect
Best cheap accommodation
Live the Famous Life - Outrageous Celebrity Expenditures
1.   Coco Chanel lived in her hotel suite in        7.   Liza Min...
C heap Accommodation
                              & Budget Perth
                              Travel Ideas
Best cheap accommodation
C heap Accommodation
                              Be creatively inspired as you make your way through South Australia,
Best cheap accommodation
C heap Accommodation
                              With its one of a kind landscape, Tasmania makes the perfect road trip
Best cheap accommodation
                                                                                              in ...
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Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)
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Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)


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Your essential (and funny) guide to budget travel to top Australian destinations. Find cheap hotels and travel tips for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Whitsundays, Tasmania and more! Plus, meet the Australian legend that is Warwick Capper (and find out why he’s so cheap & easy!)

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Cheap and Easy Travel Guide to Australia (with AFL legend Warwick Capper)

  1. 1. All rights reserved. © 2011
  2. 2. Content Disclaimer ......................................................................................... 3 Introduction ....................................................................................... 4 25 Cheap and Easy Travel Tips ......................................................... 5 Cheap Accommodation & Sydney Budget Travel Ideas ................... 7 Cheap Accommodation & Melbourne Budget Travel Ideas .............. 10 How I Became a Legend ................................................................... 13 Cheap Accommodation & Brisbane Budget Travel Ideas ................. 14 Cheap Accommodation & Gold Coast Budget Travel Ideas ............. 17 How to Become a Warwick Capper Legend ..................................... 20 Cheap Accommodation Maroochydore & the Sunshine Coast ........ 21 Cheap Accommodation & Whitsundays Budget Travel Ideas........... 23 Cheap Accommodation & Townsville Budget Travel Ideas ............... 25 Live the Famous Life - Outrageous Celebrity Expenditures.............. 27 Cheap Accommodation & Budget Perth Travel Ideas....................... 28 Cheap Accommodation & Adelaide Budget Travel Ideas ................. 30 Cheap Accommodation & Tasmania Budget Travel Ideas ................ 32 Book Your Cheap and Easy Hotels with ................. 34 Recommendations ............................................................................ 36 Quickbeds Pillow Friends.................................................................. 40 cheap & easy! 2 of 42
  3. 3. Disclaimer This Cheap Hotels ebook has been put together by as a fun guide for budget conscious travellers. Prices and information in this ebook are current as of the publication date (January 2011) - hotel rooms, booking rates and other information presented in this ebook are subject to change without notice. is a cheap hotels booking engine. Therefore, we cannot and do not actually endorse nor formally support any of the "cheap & easy" travel tips or any of the other suggestions presented by Warwick Capper or our independently minded authors. (We certainly make no promises on your likelihood of becoming "famous" using Warwick Capper as your inspiration.) We hope you have a great cheap holiday and wish you the best of luck - happy travels! cheap & easy! 3 of 42
  4. 4. An introduction for the man who needs no introduction... Hotels that are Cheap and Easy - Just Like Me I'm Warwick Capper and I'm famous, famous for being an AFL legend - and other things. I've made my own reality TV show that was shown on ABC's The Fat, starred in over 200 commercials, wrote I Only Take What's Mine which went Platinum in 1986, got kicked off Celebrity Big Brother, appeared on the front cover of Penthouse three times, made my own adult video (XXX Capper), worked as a male escort and have appeared on practically every Australian TV show including The AFL Footy Show, Rove and Sunrise. I'm also known for being cheap and easy - which is why I'm here to tell you about how you can save money on your hotels and travel accommodation with With thousands of rooms at great rates all across Australia, it's easy to find a cheap hotel for your holiday - and save money. We've put together this guide on some of the best cheap accommodation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more. Plus, we've also got loads of travel tips for cheap and free attractions - so you can really stretch your travel dollar. And with, there's no booking fee for your room - so you can save even more money. And if you want to learn how to become famous - like me - I've got some real great tips for you. From how to choose your look to how to get your name in the papers, that's right - now you can be cheap and easy just like Capper! cheap & easy! 4 of 42
  5. 5. 25 Cheap and Easy Travel Tips Many may associate ‘cheap travel’ with backpacking, dodgy hostels, questionable personal hygiene and carrying around dozens of stolen rolls of toilet paper. Well, those cheap travellers are absolutely right! Get ready to have some fun with these great super-tight travel tips. 1. If you’re going to pay for a hotel or 5. Opt for recyclable and reusable 10. Tinned food should quickly become your hostel, get your money’s worth. Make EVERYTHING. Water bottles, food best friend. It’s cheap, convenient and the most of your complimentary items containers, travel companions... generally safe, provided you’re in a including mini soaps and shampoos. country where you can read the 6. While it’s all good and well to want to language, and don’t accidentally end up 2. Ditch the expensive deodorant and your save money, be EXTREMELY cautious if with cat food instead of baked beans. shaving razor too. You’ll cut down on you hitch-hike with strangers, even if your costs, and your musk and scruffy they seem friendly. Nobody wants to end 11. Keep an eye on the news, and visit appearance will give you the authentic up like the kids on Wolf Creek. countries immediately after a crisis has aura of a ‘wild spirited traveller’. occurred to take advantage of a weak 7. Try and get accommodation with currency and fewer tourists. Waiting until 3. Book some of the Lesser Known breakfast included– eat heaps for the riots and looting have finished is Airlines. They’re often cheaper, and are breakfast and stock up on as many entirely optional, but probably desirable. apparently more trustworthy anyway, muffins, bagels, slices of toast and hard according to the most recent hype on boiled eggs you can have in one sitting. 12. Ask for student discounts everywhere. the news channels. Some people may not even ask for an 8. Deciding on who picks up the bill at a ID. If you look older than 35, and 4. Get creative with the wearing of your restaurant should be done with an arm somebody questions you, launch into a underwear. Do you really need to wash wrestle. However, only introduce this loud rant about how society these days every pair after you’ve worn them once? rule if you’ve been drinking your protein is horribly discriminatory against Backwards, inside out, and inside out shakes religiously lately. mature-age students. backwards are all acceptable options. Once it’s time to give them a wash, take 9. Live like a rock star - and save money 13. In some situations, birthdays are a valid them into the shower/bath/ocean too! Staple diets are the newest celebrity form of currency. If you’re travelling with (depending on the bathing option you’ve craze to hit Hollywood. You can give a group of friends, take turns to pretend selected for yourself) with you and give your cheap feeds a fancy name like "the you’re the birthday boy or girl in them a quick rinse. Bonus points if you baked beans diet" and convince restaurants and hostel bars. Your acting hang them on your backpack or out the everyone that it's really helping you lose skills may be rewarded with free car window to dry. weight. desserts, drinks or shots from your fellow travellers or operators. cheap & easy! 5 of 42
  6. 6. 14. Avoid tourist destinations, they can be a 16. Save money on souvenirs and gifts for 20. International calling cards. You can use rip off – instead ask for the help of locals people by photographing them instead. them with your mobile or in your hotel to find out the regulars prices for Just keep in mind that you'll have to be room. You'll also feel less bad about purchases. in good shape when a street vendor using your friend's phone to call home. chases you through the streets for 15. Haggle. If you consider yourself to be a photographing his miniature Colosseum 21. Research how much a taxi should cost rather skilled negotiator, try it replicas. between certain destinations WELL in everywhere you think you can get away advance, to avoid being ripped off by with it. Remember that the worst thing 17. If you must buy a Lonely Planet or other dodgy taxi drivers. the lady at the Hilton reception desk can travel guide, at least put it to good use. say is “get out or I’m calling the police”. Use it to prop up a wobbly bed leg, as a 22. Walk like an Egyptian – ok, well maybe steady surface for your laptop, or as a just eat like one. Try to eat where the weapon if you get mugged in an locals eat and avoid overpriced tourist alleyway. restaurants. 18. Take some time to research local 23. ASK for things – hotel upgrades, free laws. You don't want to throw breakfasts, the tour guide operator’s away money on fines (or worse phone number. You haven’t got anything get arrested) for chewing gum in to lose except your dignity - and that's Singapore, taking Panadeine to only until you leave the room. Greece or spitting on a New 24. Be flexible. You’ll need to be able to York Subway (throwing up is squish into those tiny hostel beds and apparently fine). crowded public buses and trains. Oh, 19. Book airlines in advance, also be flexible with your dates. Prices but hotels last-minute. If for airfares and accommodation vary you don’t mind where you greatly from one day to the next, stay, many hotels are especially during weekends. actually cheaper if you 25. When travelling long distances, double book at short-notice - up on accommodation with your travel but for popular events, schedule. Opt overnight buses/ trains – like sporting matches or you pay more for the travel but save on music festivals, you a bed for the night. might have to book early to get a good rate. cheap & easy! 6 of 42
  7. 7. C heap Accommodation & Sydney Budget Travel Ideas Sydney is notorious for being Australia's most expensive Absolutely - if you know where to look. Sydney's city to live in and is currently the 24th most expensive city metropolitan flavour caters to international travellers and in the world1. In fact, Sydney takes home the crown for the tourists from around the world, so it's easy to find cheap highest prices for car parking in the Asia Pacific2 and was accommodation deals and to grab bargain basement the 2nd most expensive city in the world for public prices on some of the most popular sites and iconic transport3 according to a UBS study in 2009. destinations Sydney has to offer. Dine at some of the With all of these costly titles, is it really possible to see finest restaurants in Australia and enjoy world class Sydney on the cheap? entertainment - without blowing your budget. 1 Cost of Living Survey 2010, Mercer; 2Colliers Global CBD Car Parking Survey, 2010; 3Prices & Earnings, UBS, 2009 cheap & easy! 7 of 42
  8. 8. Best cheap accommodation in Sydney 1. Great Southern Hotel 3. Capitol Square Hotel 717 George Street, Sydney 2000 Cnr George & Campbell Streets, In the heart of Sydney's Chinatown, Sydney 2000 there's no shortage of cheap eats and Managed by Rydges, this convenient attractions nearby hotel is situated in one of Sydney's historic landmark buildings. 2. Metro Hotel Sydney Central Cnr Pitt & Campbell Streets, Find more cheap accommodation Sydney 2000 in Sydney. Cheap hotel with all the amenities including high speed internet access in your room. Comfortable, affordable and centrally located. Sydney is a city steeped in rich culture, heritage and history - but that doesn't mean that your Sydney holiday has to cost a fortune. This vibrant metropolis offers some of the best value attractions that the whole family can enjoy. Million dollar views of the Sydney Harbour including the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are free from Circular Quay, while a trip to Bondi Beach is just a $4 bus fare away. A walk around the Sydney headlands offers some of the most breathtaking scenery - try the walk from Bondi to Coogee or go from Manly to the Spit Bridge. Head an hour or so out of town and soak in a bit of nature at the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains, where a beautiful bushwalk is free! For cheap accommodation, Sydney has a number of hotels that are centrally located right in the 5 star luxury that's cheap and easy! Sydney CBD. The area of Haymarket is situated right beside Sydney's iconic Darling Harbour and has plenty of cheap hotels on offer. Or you can venture out to the city fringe, such as inner suburbs of Surry Hills or the Western suburbs of St Peters and Parramatta. Four Seasons Sydney When it comes to cheap eats, you can't go wrong with a stroll through the many eateries in 199 George Street, Sydney 2000 Chinatown; Sussex St in the CBD is littered with tasty cultural delights from all around the world Divine luxury that won't blow your - drop into Mamak in Haymarket where you can enjoy a classic Malaysian roti canai with curry budget, this 5 star accommodation is sauce for just $5. Or join the locals at the Flying Fajita Sisters in the inner west suburb of Glebe situated in The Rocks, the historic where $3 Tacos are on the menu for Tuesday nights. Meanwhile, the locals love their neighbour- epicentre of Sydney. With dramatic hood pub and many are bound to offer some great meal deals - the $5 steaks everyday at the harbour front views and a luxurious day Forresters hotel in Surry Hills are a definite winner. spa, this is your chance to enjoy a bit of Meanwhile, if you're looking to enjoy a night on the town, many establishments offer cheap the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Happy Hours on the weekdays. You'll find that plenty of local pubs feature live entertainment and music acts with no cover charge. cheap & easy! 8 of 42
  9. 9. C heap Sydney Travel Tips • Public transport can be costly, but for visitors, Sydney Rail offers a great Daytripper Rail Pass to help you get around. For just $17, you get unlimited travel on the train, bus and ferry for the entire day - and that includes the usual $12 return ferry trip to Manly, which offers breathtaking views of iconic Sydney Harbour. • For those travelling in and around the Sydney CBD, a free shuttle bus service operates from Central Station to Circular Quay so you can get to many of Sydney's visitor highlights for free. • The City of Sydney hosts a number of free events all year round for locals and visitors alike, including music and jazz festivals, food and wine events, street fairs and family-friendly markets - so they're a fun and cheap way to enjoy your holiday. Ask your hotel concierge or pick up the weekend edition of the Sydney Morning Herald for the latest events. • Many of Sydney's most splendid attractions really are cheap and easy. Enjoy a walk from iconic Bondi Beach to Coogee or spend the day at the Australian National Maritime Museum, named one of the 12 Coolest Museums in the World4 - admission is free! • Want a cheap guided tour of the city? Download a walking tour for just $9.95 and have your iPod or mp3 player give you the true locals' experience. Nearby Destinations 1. The Rocks 6. Blue Mountains 2. Darling Harbour 7. Hunter Valley 3. Bondi 8. Wollongong 4. Manly 9. Jervis Bay 5. Surry Hills 10. Canberra, ACT 4 cheap & easy! 9 of 42
  10. 10. Grab your tennis racket and C heap Accommodation pack your book of poems - you're heading to the "Sporting and Cultural Capital of Australia". Melbourne is a world class destination for & Melbourne Budget food, wine, music and culture - and none of it has to cost a fortune. There are plenty of cheap eats and many of Melbourne's best known Travel Ideas cultural attractions are free including admissions to the permanent collections at the National Galleries Victoria or a stroll through the Queen Victoria Markets. So whether you're looking for a cosy cafe to spend the afternoon or hoping to catch all the action with your mates at the Footy finals, Melbourne is the perfect destination for a fun and cheap holiday all year round. cheap & easy! 10 of 42
  11. 11. Best Cheap Accommodation in Melbourne 1. Causeway Inn on the Mall 3. Little Collins Hotel 327 Bourke Street Mall, 27 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 Melbourne 3000 Situated in the heart of the city and the Tucked away on Little Collins Street is only accommodation on Bourke St this little gem with great rates on Mall, this is a shopper's dream beautiful suites. location. Find more cheap accommodation in 2. Hotel Enterprize Melbourne. 44 Spencer Street, Melbourne 3000 Conveniently located opposite Southern Cross Station, Hotel Enterprize is all about providing amazing value for very little money. Melbourne is Australia's second largest city and when it comes to definitive Melbourne icons, Federation Square and the Fitzroy Gardens are some of the most notable attractions. Meanwhile, Melbourne prides itself in its unique vibe and experiences - where the locals themselves and the culture they keep are what set the city apart. For cheap hotels and places to stay, you'll find the big hotel chains but also plenty of little independent operators with cheap hotel deals. When it comes to food, there's an abundance of delicious cheap feeds at the local restaurants and cafes; head to Bimbo Deluxe in Brunswick St, Fitzroy for $4 pizzas on weekdays. Meanwhile, Victoria St in Richmond is known for its authentic and delightfully cheap Vietnamese cuisine. 5 star luxury that's The fourth largest network in the world and the largest outside of Europe, Melbourne's trams are cheap and easy! the cheapest and easiest way to get around town - and the city circle tram is absolutely free. Meanwhile, a free Tourist Shuttle Bus also loops around the city and parts of the inner suburbs Art Series - The Blackman every day. 452 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004 With luxury to inspire the imagination, For cheap things to do in Melbourne, you can't go past window shopping. The city is full of this is one of the most unique unique craft and designer shops that are sure to be a temptation to blow your travel budget. accommodation options in Melbourne. (Good thing you've saved all that money on your cheap accommodation!) Scoop up a bargain on Boasting private terraces and spas - fresh foods and edible delights at the Queen Victoria Markets or head to Bourke St Mall to be this is more than just a great hotel - it's inspired by the latest trends and fashion. Wind down your evening with a refreshing beverage - a real work of art! the suburbs of Fitzroy and St Kilda are where the locals head. You'll be sure to find some great Happy Hours and specials as well. cheap & easy! 11 of 42
  12. 12. C heap Melbourne Travel Tips • Get around Melbourne with ease - and on the cheap. The tram is a vital part of the Melbourne experience; hop on the free city circle trams run from the CBD through the Docklands every day from 10am - 6pm. • Step aboard the free tour bus that loops through the best known destinations in the city and its immediate surrounds, including Queen Victoria Markets, the Shrine of Remembrance and Flinders Quarter. • For a dose of high culture without the costs, head to the National Galleries Victoria and check out their fine collection of Australian artists, indigenous pieces and international works. • There's always something going on and the weekend edition of The Age newspaper publishes a What's On section that highlights great events and attractions week to week. Check the latest listings for events that are fun, free and family friendly. • Check out the Happiest Hour which is dedicated to getting you more beer for your buck. They have happy hour listings for all days of the week. Warwick Capper's Melbourne Fact: The term "call girl" comes from Melbourne. In 1891, the local brothels set up a service for their clients to call in on. Nearby Destinations 1. St Kilda 6. Ballarat 2. East Melbourne 7. Great Ocean Road 3. South Yarra 8. Geelong 4. Phillip Island 9. Mornington Peninsula 5. Murray River cheap & easy! 12 of 42
  13. 13. How I Became a Legend People think that being this good looking is easy - but let me tell you, being famous is some serious hard work. Everyone always says "Warwick, you were born with so much talent," to which I reply, "Yeah. That's true." A look back on the life and times of the Man, the Legend, the KING, Warwick Capper. 1991 Wazza returns to play for Sydney for one more season, kicking 38 goals in 1963 On 12 June, Warwick Capper, 13 games to wind up his professional future AFL footie legend is born in footy career. Oakleigh, Victoria. 1986 Wazza makes a guest appearance 1992 Capper retires and returns to 2008 Wazza makes a home sex tape 1971 Capper begins playing footie for on the soap Neighbours, joining the Queensland to play semi-professionally with 25 year old girlfriend that he sells the Oakleigh Dragons Youth Club many other Australian celebrities that for the Southport Sharks while he to an adult-video distribution company alongside future star David Rhys Jones. had their successful career start on continues to work on his celebrity profile, for a reported six-figure sum. In an Ramsay St! making numerous appearances. Wazza 1974 Capper takes home the interview, Wazza likens himself to Under-11s Best and Fairest for this and Joanne have their only son, Indiana. "Australia's Paris Hilton". 1987 Capper earns Mark of the Year for team, giving him his first taste of his his stunning season performance, kicking 1993 Capper poses with his wife Joanne 2009 Capper announces his candidacy true legendary potential. 103 goals in 23 games. Capper recalls in an explicit photo shoot in Australia's for MP and his intention to stand the year fondly - taking part in a charity Penthouse Magazine. Capper makes his 1983 At the age of 20, Capper is against Pauline Hanson. Unfortunately, auction, where his "dirty" footy shorts (un-credited) big screen appearance as recruited to the recently relocated he fails to register in time. He begins a raised a whopping $25,000 for cancer, he the "Braindead Prisoner" in the movie South Melbourne Football Club - now career as a $1500 a night male escort. tells ABC news. Fortress starring Christopher Lambert. known as the Sydney Swans. On the Later in the year, Warwick "Hollywood" field, Warwick becomes renowned for 1988 Wazza weds Joanne Norris in He continues to make appearances regularly on TV shows such as the AFL Capper competes in a celebrity boxing his look and eccentric personality, what the tabloids call "the wedding of match against Wendell Sailor - rather always appearing in tight shorts, white the year". Not one to disappoint, Footy Show. than being knocked out, Capper calls it boots and keeping a head of lustrous Capper decks himself out in skin and 2002 Wazza is a housemate on Celebrity quits 53 seconds into the third round. long blond hair - not to mention driving leather (an outfit that cost $5000 to be Big Brother where he is ejected by around in his pink Ferrari. He finishes made - which he still claims to have). producers for exposing himself to fellow runner up for the Coleman Medal 2 His lavish spending and outrageous housemate, Kimberley Cooper. years in a row. lifestyle becomes renowned. Capper moves to the Brisbane Bears 2005 Capper releases his autobiography, 1985 With his escalating popularity on Fool Forward. He and his wife Joanne the field, Capper, or Wazza as he became signing a three year contract for a whopping $350,000, becoming the officially split up, making tabloid 2010 Warwick Capper is Cheap and known, began building his profile off the headlines. Wazza trades in his short field. He releases a single I Only Take highest paid player in the league. Easy (but we all knew that!), and However, his performance with the shorts for a stint as a lollipop man for a becomes a viral YouTube sensation with What's Mine to launch his singing reported $16.50 an hour. career. (Not a bad start with Platinum Bears was a bit lacklustre, kicking only almost 60,000 views (as of Nov 2010) of status and 300,000 copies sold, but 71 goals in 34 games. In an interview, 2007 Warwick joins the famous Surfers his TV commercials for sadly it was his only musical hit of his Warwick remembers it as "probably the Paradise Meter Maids, feeding expired He also makes an appearance at short lived career). worst time of my life". parking metres along the tourist strip. Sydney's 2010 Sexpo. cheap & easy! 13 of 42
  14. 14. C heap Accommodation & Brisbane Budget Travel Ideas Brisbane often cops a bit of flak from culture snobs who consider it creatively fruitless, unimaginative and rather dull - yet these criticisms couldn’t be further from the truth. If you're travelling to Brisbane, you're going to have a hard time finding the time for all the fantastic gigs, festivals, markets, museums, galleries and restaurants on offer in this vibrant city. Brisbane offers a whole heap of cultural goodness, all of which can be done on a shoestring budget - so it's the perfect destination for your next cheap and easy holiday. When it comes to cheap accommodation, visitors will find a deluge of options. Families can choose self-contained apartments and suites to make their stay affordable while there are plenty of hostel and backpacker options for the budget traveller. Wherever you choose to stay, you'll find yourself well immersed in a rich and vibrant metropolis that'll give you plenty of bang for your buck. cheap & easy! 14 of 42
  15. 15. Best cheap accommodation in Brisbane 1. Citigate King George Square entertainment and shopping centres, Cnr Roma & Ann Streets, Ridge on Leichhardt offers full-service Brisbane 4000 apartments and great views of the city. Walking distance from Queen St Mall 3. Hotel George Williams Brisbane shopping precinct. Formerly known as 317-325 George Street, Brisbane 4000 the Carlton Crest, the newly Located in the heart of the city, and refurbished Citigate offers fine dining, 200m away from the Queen Street and affordable luxury rooms. Mall, Hotel George Williams has also 2. Ridge on Leichhardt received a Green Star rating from AAA 189 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hills, tourism for supporting environmentally Brisbane 4000 friendly practices. A short five minute walk to the centre of Find more cheap accommodation Brisbane, and located close to the city’s in Brisbane. While it's the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane tends to come up short compared to the cosmopolitan and showy city of Sydney or the culturally mature and sophisticated styling of Melbourne. However, holiday makers shouldn't overlook Brisbane as there are plenty of great 5 star luxury that's attractions and activities to enjoy. cheap and easy! Start in the CBD where the City Centre Free Loop bus service will take you around to key destinations or see the sites from the convenient CityFerry service. Brisbane’s Southbank is Treasury Casino & Hotel always buzzing on a Sunday. Locals will enjoy a drink and a meal at their favourite spot while the Top of the Queen Street Mall, kids play and swim in the unique man-made Streets Beach. Grab a cheap 2 for 1 dinner on Brisbane 4000 Tuesday nights at the highly-recommended Guppy’s Seafood & Grill or try an authentic Indian Located right in the city's commercial meal for under $10 at Indian Kitchen in West End. and retail heart, the Treasury Casino & Hotel is a heritage listed building with Meanwhile, Brisbane has a thriving underground hip-hop and indie music scene, with plenty of beautiful luxury rooms. free music festivals and gigs to enjoy. The annual Grass Roots Music Festival and Global Grooves Festival are both free live music festivals offering up a multicultural fusion of both traditional and contemporary world beats. For the history buffs, the Museum of Brisbane has free guided tours three days a week while the Queensland Museum, Art Gallery and the beautiful Brisbane City Botanical Gardens are also free. If you're looking for a bargain, Brisbane has countless markets to browse. City Farmers Markets, Brisbane Market Place, Twilight Fresh Market and Eumundi Parkside are just some of the places to try. Be sure to sample some of the local produce and enjoy the bubbling atmosphere. cheap & easy! 15 of 42
  16. 16. Warwick Capper's Brisbane Fact : Brisbane’s now - trendy nightlife area of Fortitude Valley used to be the city’s red-light district, full of brothels and gambling dens, until it was redeveloped just a few decades ago. C heap Brisbane Travel Tips • Use the free Brisbane City Loop bus service to get from one end of town to the other. It runs every 10 minutes between 7am and 6pm. • The South Bank Beach is completely man-made and is as Nearby Destinations big as three Olympic swimming pools. Lifeguards are on duty every day, and there are free showers and changing rooms 1. Gold Coast 5. Toowoomba for swimmers to use. 2. Sunshine Coast 6. Gladstone • For drinks, you can’t go past the unique Mana Bar, a video 3. Fraser Island 7. Hervey Bay game bar with free entry, affordable cocktail list, events every 4. Bundaberg 8. Byron Bay night of the week and exclusive prizes and giveaways. And for the kid in every one of us you can play any video game, any day of the week for free. • Brisbane is now home to a number of international film festivals, indicating a growing interest in the town as a thriving cultural hub. 2010 was the first year of The Brazil Film Festival to be hosted in Brisbane. cheap & easy! 16 of 42
  17. 17. C heap Accommodation & Gold Coast Budget Travel Ideas Despite its popularity as a destination for thousands of Start with a visit to some of Australia's best known travellers and holiday makers, the Gold Coast offers some beaches, including Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise - of the most affordable luxury accommodation in the where you can enjoy the best nature has to offer for free. country. And while it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of Meanwhile, for the kids, Gold Coast's many theme parks theme parks, trendy bars, and expensive restaurants, can set you back a bit, but there are a number of great there are plenty of options for activities, events and dining deal packages and discount tickets available to make the for those travelling to the Gold Coast on the cheap. big name parks, including Movie World, Sea World and Dreamworld, quite affordable. cheap & easy! 17 of 42
  18. 18. Best cheap accommodation in Gold Coast 1. Mantra Legends Hotel Cnr Surfers Paradise Boulevard & Laycock Street, Surfers Paradise 4217 Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, the newly refurbished Mantra Legends hotel offers quality accommodation in a prime location. 2. Wyndham Surfers Paradise 3018 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise 4217 Built in 2009, this brand-new, shiny hotel offers self-contained apartments, with its own ground floor retail and cafe precinct and When it comes to holidaying in the Gold Coast, there really is something for everyone - wine bar. and plenty of ideas for the budget conscious traveller. In between all the frolicking in the sunshine, there are a huge number of cheap cultural events, attractions and activities for Find more cheap accommodation in travellers of all ages. Gold Coast. A perfect place to start is The Gold Coast Arts Centre, which offers a huge variety of exhibitions, concerts and comedy shows every month. Check their website for details on upcoming shows and events, with event tickets starting at just $5. For the shopaholics, 5 star luxury that's Harbour Town Shopping Centre in north Gold Coast is a mall completely dedicated to discount factory outlets from a huge number of famous brands. While they may be humble, Gold Coast Surf Clubs and RSLs offer great selections of food and drinks for a good cheap feed. Surfers RSL is a popular venue, featuring live cheap and easy! entertainment and dancing, free floor shows and a brasserie offering delicious, Marriott Surfers Paradise Resort home-style meals starting at just $7.90. 158 Ferny Avenue, For the nature addicts, O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat is within driving distance. Their Tree Surfers Paradise 4217 Top Walk is free and allows you to walk through the canopy along almost 200 metres of One of the finest Gold Coast luxury suspension bridges among trees, vines, ferns and offers a close-up view of all the hotels, the Marriot Resort offers full day wildlife inhabiting the tree tops. spa facilities, on-site activities, and prime beach access. And of course, there are the beaches! The Gold Coast has over 70 kilometres of beautiful surf and sand and is home to some of the most spectacular coastlines in the world - all of which cost absolutely nothing to visit. Pack a towel, body board, beach cricket set and your sunscreen - and enjoy. cheap & easy! 18 of 42
  19. 19. C heap Gold Coast Travel Tips • Whale watching season runs from late May to early November, and you can whale watch from just about anywhere on the coast for free, instead of dishing out hundreds of dollars for whale watching cruises. Great locations include Point Danger and the balcony of Southport Surf Life Saving Club. • Qbar, on level 77 of the recently built QDeck Hotel, is the Gold Coast’s highest altitude lounge bar, offering 360 degree views of the city with surprisingly affordable drinks and a large cocktail menu. • Of course, no family holiday to the Gold Coast is complete without visiting the spectacular theme parks, and while tickets can be a bit pricey - you can often save by bundling your admission pass with other expenses such as your accommodation. • Meanwhile, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World offer a great $69 summer passport for unlimited entry to both parks between December and June - so you can come back time and time again. • The Gold Coast Multicultural Festival is a great free event held annually with food stalls, live music, cultural displays and activities. Keep an eye out for it in September. Nearby Destinations 1. Surfers Paradise 2. Broadbeach 3. Main Beach 4. Burleigh Heads 5. Coolangatta-Tweed Heads 6. Mermaid Beach cheap & easy! 19 of 42
  20. 20. How to Become a Warwick Capper Legend Some of us aren't born with the good looks and winning personality like Capper. But have no fear - you can still become your own Aussie legend. Here are some tips for getting your name in the headlines - true Capper style! 1. Find your "look" - work out, 5 days a week 3. The internet - the internet. I wish I'd had Joanne - and it was worth every penny. at the gym at least. Once you've got the the internet when I was a kid. Look at that But, if you find that the money's running body of a hall of fame footy player, like Bieber kid - 16 years old with a chick's out a bit - you might have to do something me, show it off. Short shorts in all kinds of voice and the girls are throwing different for awhile. I say get yourself out colours - fluoros and animal prints and themselves at him. So the internet, get a there amongst the people - road worker, don't forget the tighter the better - girls website, blog, that Twitter thing, Facebook construction, meter maid - you know, just love that. A good head of hair takes a lot - everything. Just make sure your friends to keep things real for awhile. of work, style it 10, 15 times a day. And have hot profile pictures. 6. Now the media is always gonna get yourself some fancy footwear - white boots are making a comeback I hear. 4. Find the places to hang out with the big exaggerate and make up wild stories - the celebrities and get your picture in the crazier the better, I say. But it's good to 2. Get yourself out there any way you can - social papers. Make like you're best mates show your real side too, so a reality TV no job's too small if it's for TV. Think of when the paparazzi come around - just show is a must. Set up cameras and your talent, some people are natural born keep an eye out for any bodyguards on stream your life 24/7. athletes, like me, or maybe you can play hand. And don't forget to give a big 7. Charge big bucks to appear wherever they the flute with your nose or something. If thumbs-up for the cameras. want you to, that way you can get paid to you really have nothing, and I mean NOTHING at all - you can always run for 5. Of course, being famous means getting party hard and live a life of fame! Parliament... the car, the girl and the clothes - I spent $5000 on my suit when I got married to And my final tip, think big - TRAVEL - that's how you'll meet your fans from all over. I always try and get around to places where people will recognise me. Book hotels with - cheap and easy - just like me. cheap & easy! 20 of 42
  21. 21. C heap Accommodation Maroochydore & the Sunshine Coast When it comes to the dream holiday getaway, it's all about sandy beaches and stunning surf, which makes the Sunshine Coast one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia. The many beaches and towns along the Sunshine Coast make the area a great backdrop for the perfect romantic weekend away or a fun family holiday. There are plenty of destinations to choose from including Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and more. Once you've had your fill of sun and waves, the Sunshine Coast offers a number of unique Australian attractions such as the Big Pineapple in Woombye (which will come to include a car museum) or the Ginger Factory in Buderim - and best of all, admission is free. cheap & easy! 21 of 42
  22. 22. Best cheap accommodation at the Sunshine Coast 5 star luxury that's 1. Mantra Mooloolaba Beach 2. Sandcastles on the Beach cheap and easy! Cnr of The Esplanade & Venning Cnr of Parkyn Parade & River Street, Mooloolaba, Esplanade, Mooloolaba, The Sebel Maroochydore Sunshine Coast 4557 Sunshine Coast 4557 20 Aerodrome Road & Cnr of Sixth Avenue, Self-contained family suites With your own private balcony and Maroochydore, conveniently located near Mooloolaba plenty of ocean views, Sandcastles' Sunshine Coast 4558 shops and restaurants and just one bedroom self-contained For the ultimate luxury holiday experience, moments from the beach - what more accommodation are perfect for your book in a penthouse accommodation at could you ask for? next romantic getaway. the Sebel Maroochydore with private rooftop terrace. Surrounded in lavish Find more cheap accommodation comfort, you're in for a real treat. in the Sunshine Coast. A beachside getaway on the Sunshine ing work of beekeeping and the founda- Coast makes for a great cheap holiday tion of Australia's booming honey export plan - as beaches are always plentiful and industry. Or explore the beautiful bush- free. Of course, finding the right accom- land and botanic gardens near the coast. modation will be crucial to enjoying your Meanwhile, bargain hunters will love holiday - but you can do it on a budget if trawling through the Eumundi Markets you know when and where to look. near Noosa looking for beautiful treasures Staying right on the ocean, of course, selling for cheap. Meanwhile, there are offers amazing views and atmosphere, plenty of local events and celebrations but you might want to consider heading a year round, so keep an eye out for bit inland for cheap accommodation announcements or pick up a copy of the deals. Meanwhile, backpackers and local paper. budget travellers will find plenty of hostels and dorm room style accommodation at the most popular beaches, including Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. For a Nearby Destinations cheap Sunshine Coast holiday with your family, self-contained apartments have 1. Maroochydore everything you need. 2. Mooloolaba 3. Caloundra Hiring or taking your own vehicle will give 4. Noosa you the option of exploring the Sunshine 5. Alexandra Headlands Coast. Admission is free to the Superbee 6. Coolum Honey Factory to learn about the fascinat- 7. Montville cheap & easy! 22 of 42
  23. 23. C heap Accommodation & Whitsundays Budget Travel Ideas When it comes to idyllic holiday destinations, there's little that can match up to the post card perfect experience of the Whitsundays. Made up of 74 separate islands, the Whitsundays is truly a sailing paradise - and surprisingly doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Many tour operators specialise in cheap sailing packages complete with accommodation, food and crew so you can enjoy a great island escape. For land lubbers, there are plenty of cheap accommodation options on offer at some of the major island and beach destinations. You'll find budget hostels for backpackers and affordable self-catering apartments for families. Or you can opt to BYO accommodation and spend a night under the stars. Warwick Capper's Whitsundays Fact: For those not afraid to bare it all, (and I'm certainly not!), head to the Taylorwood Resort on Conway Beach - the only nudist resort on the Whitsundays. Come and get your kit off! cheap & easy! 23 of 42
  24. 24. Best cheap accommodation in Whitsundays 5 star luxury that's 1. Daydream Island 2. Club Crocodile Resort Airlie Beach cheap and easy! Daydream Island, Whitsundays 4741 240 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale, Make Daydream Island a part of your Airlie Beach 4802 Peppers Coral Coast Resort holiday reality. This 4.5 star resort has Enjoy easy access to all of the Mt Whitsunday Drive, everything you need onsite, including Whitsunday Islands from Airlie Beach. Airlie Beach 4802 day spa, tennis courts, nightclub and With plenty of onboard facilities, Club Stay at idyllic Airlie Beach, the gateway restaurants - come for the weekend Crocodile is perfect for your next to the Whitsunday Islands. These luxury and stay for the week or more. business conference or for a great apartment-style accommodation let you family holiday. enjoy ocean views from your private veranda - for the perfect coastal Find more cheap accommodation escape. in Whitsundays. Since the 1800s, the Whitsundays islands have beckoned to mainland dwellers with their tranquil beauty and pristine surrounds. In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays offer unique island and aquatic experiences that can't be found anywhere else in the world, from snorkelling and diving amongst the one of kind marine life to navigating through the network of islands and coastal beaches. Best of all, this dream holiday experience doesn't have to cost a fortune with plenty of cheap accommodation options and experiences to enjoy. Start at Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays Great Walk, with trails that are suitable for nature lovers of all fitness levels. You'll also find plenty of local entertainment and dining options along Shute Harbour Road. You can go crocodile spotting or whale watching or try your luck reeling in a great big barramundi at Proserpine. Once you're done with the shore, head out to one or many of the Whitsunday islands - local tour companies offer cheap sailing trips with accommodation and meals onboard, they're ideal for backpackers and budget travellers looking for the full Whitsundays experience for cheap. You can also enjoy camping under the stars at one of the many Nearby Destinations campsites on the islands, including Whitsunday Island (the largest island in the area), Hook Island and the Group of Molle Islands that are close to shore. Stay just moments from the beach in the beautiful natural surrounds - this is the million dollar island geta- way that you've been dreaming of. 1. Airlie Beach-Proserpine 4. Long Island Which island will offer you the perfect Whitsundays escape? 2. Hamilton Island 5. Brampton Island 3. Daydream Island 6. Hayman Island cheap & easy! 24 of 42
  25. 25. C heap Accommodation Townsville is the tropical playground of Queensland and the perfect base to discover - or rediscover - the Great Barrier Reef along with & Townsville Budget tropical rainforest sanctuaries - not to mention the cultural significance of the area. Perfect for family holiday makers or singleton travellers, Travel Ideas Townsville offers a slew of accommodation options and fun-filled activities that won't break the bank. Start with the town of Townsville itself, steeped in rich heritage with plenty of community and cultural centres to explore. Mingle with the locals at the many events and festivals in the area. Of course, once you step outside the city limits, there's so much to uncover - choose between beautiful Reef and Island experiences or explore the rugged Outback - or enjoy both. A must-see is Magnetic Island, a tropical theme park run by Mother Nature herself. cheap & easy! 25 of 42
  26. 26. Best cheap accommodation in Townsville 1. Rydges Southbank Townsville 23 Palmer Street, Townsville 4810 Set in the popular restaurant strip, Rydges offers cheap and easy accommodation right in the heart of the Townsville. 2. Park Regis Anchorage 51 Palmer Street, South Townsville 4810 This apartment hotel has all the amenities, making it the perfect home away from home during your Townsville holiday. Find more cheap accommodation Townsville has something for everyone - with plenty of cheap accommodation in Townsville. and it's the perfect cheap holiday options and packages available. destination for families, couples or single Travel outside of Townsville and enjoy the travellers. Many of the cheap hotels and rest of Tropical North Queensland where resorts in the area provide all-inclusive rainforest meets reef. Drive North to Cairns, 5 star luxury that's accommodation packages, so you'll have Port Douglas or Palm Cove for the ultimate everything you need for your trip. Or stay in holiday in paradise. Or you can opt for the cheap and easy! cheap accommodation options like real Outback experience and visit one of backpackers, hostels or campgrounds right the many small towns set farther inland - on the beach, where you can always enjoy enjoy a beer with the locals and just shoot Jupiters Townsville Hotel & Casino the natural attractions of the area for free. the breeze. Sir Leslie Thiess Drive, Townsville 4810 The town is a great starting point for your A central part of Townsville's history holiday - but you'll need to get out and and one of the main attractions itself, Nearby Destinations about to really appreciate the unique Jupiters multi-award winning offerings of the area. Twenty-five minutes accommodation options offer visitors off the coast is the majestic Magnetic luxurious accommodation, spectacular Island, the perfect setting for your dream 1. Magnetic Island views and the full service - all for an island getaway. It features numerous rocky 2. Mackay affordable price. granite headlands that isolate the 23 bays 3. Cairns and beaches that are perfect for swimming 4. Port Douglas and snorkelling, and makes for a great 5. Bowen private retreat. You can stay on the island 6. Daintree cheap & easy! 26 of 42
  27. 27. Live the Famous Life - Outrageous Celebrity Expenditures 1. Coco Chanel lived in her hotel suite in 7. Liza Minnelli reportedly spent $4 million 500 pairs of high heels. She also places the Hotel Ritz Paris from 1934 – 1971. If on her 2002 wedding to music producer some rather extravagant demands on you stayed in the same room today, it David Gest. More than 1,000 guests her accommodation including gold would cost $58,071,500 to live there for were invited including Michael and Tito faucets to be specially installed and a the 37 years. Jackson, Macaulay Culkin, David particular mineral water to bathe in. Hasselhoff, Anthony Hopkins, and 11. 2. Johny Depp and Kate Moss destroyed a Elizabeth Taylor. Guitarist Jeff Beck has had his fingers suite at New York's Mark hotel in 1994. insured for $1 million each. Depp was arrested and released on the 8. Over his 25 year career, Nicolas Cage 12. Heidi Klum's legs are insured for $2.2 condition that he pay the hotel made $3.9 billion dollars but spent million. $9,767.12 in damages and guest fees. every cent so he is now officially penniless. 13. During a visit to London, Barbra 3. Despite doing a stint as a road worker Streisand demanded rose petals in her holding a stop go sign for a reported However, he does own: toilet and peach coloured toilet paper to $16.50 an hour, Quickbeds' Warwick • A Gulfstream Jet be placed in her hotel bathroom. Capper is known for some of his own • 3 castles outrageous spending habits including • 4 yachts 14. Rod Stewart has a special "darkening his pink Ferrari and a $5000 suit for his • 2 Bahama islands team" to ensure his hotel room is wedding. • 50 sports cars suitable for his afternoon nap. • 15 palatial mansions in: Newport 4. In August 2007, bad girl Amy Winehouse Beach, Venice Beach, Malibu, San 15. Think you have a shoe fetish? Filipino and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil were Francisco, Middletown, Rhode Island, politician and wife to the 10th president, involved in a bloody fight at their suite in New York, and Las Vegas. Imelda Marcos has had a NYTimes London's Sanderson Hotel. Damage • 67-million-year old dinosaur skull essay written about her collection which fees: $18,000. • Shrunken heads includes an estimated 3,000 pairs. • Comic book collection worth $1.6 Meanwhile, it has been reported that 5. In 1998, P. Diddy splurged on a gigantic million including the first Superman Usher has his own collection of over birthday party with 1200 big name 10,000 pairs. comic guests including the likes of Martha • In 2007 purchased $33 million worth Stewart and Penny Marshall, held at of assets including residences, 22 16. LA Confidential star, Kim Basinger Cipriani restaurant in New York City. The shelled out $10 million to buy the town cars (9 Rolls Royces included), 12 party was estimated to cost $500,000. of Braselton in Georgia, hoping to turn it pieces of jewellery and 47 pieces of into a tourist attraction with a Basinger 6. Talk about bling - in 2007, rapper Akon artwork. film festival. She had to sell her town in purchased an entire South African diamond mine for an undisclosed 9. Among his other lavish expenditures, 1993 due to financial woes. Donald Trump has a 24-hour on-call amount. The ownership has been chef and a $365,000 mobile champagne 17. Mum Katie Holmes spent around $20 controversial and what he calls million in 6 months on real estate cooler. "complicated" but he's definitely been purchases, which included a personal making use of the relationship based on 10. Mariah Carey owns a penthouse worth gym for 4-year-old Suri Cruise. the number of pieces in his collection. $9 million, which reportedly contains cheap & easy! 27 of 42
  28. 28. C heap Accommodation & Budget Perth Travel Ideas As one of Australia's fastest growing capital cities, Perth is emerging as a trendy cultural hotspot - but it still remains one of the most affordable cities to live in, which makes planning a cheap holiday in Perth a breeze. Have your pick of cheap accommodation options and enjoy world class dining establishments without the "chef's hat" prices. Meanwhile, there's plenty to see and do with beautiful beaches, fantastic wineries and great shopping destinations nearby - all at affordable prices. Venture out further and explore the glorious landscape of Western Australia - Mother Nature's greatest gift to budget travellers. Enjoy breathtaking views from Federation Walkway at Kings Park or for those looking for a bit of adventure (and have a bit of puff in their lungs) the nearby Bibbulmun Walking Track stretches over 963 kilometres from Kalamunda to Albany - with picturesque camping spots to drop into along the way. cheap & easy! 28 of 42
  29. 29. Best cheap accommodation in Perth 1. Mountway Holiday Apartments 36 Mount Street, Perth 6000 These self-contained apartments are perfect for families and are located in the heart of the CBD. 2. Rosie O'Grady's 23 William Street, Fremantle 6160 Located in vibrant "Freo", Rosie O Grady's offers cheap room rates and plenty of charm. 3. Perth Ambassador Hotel 196 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6000 Perched on the city fringe, Perth Ambassador has all of your creature Perth is Australia's sunniest capital city with swimming, fishing and crabbing - comforts and amenities at some of around 3000 hours of sunshine to enjoy remember to keep your eyes peeled for the the best rates in town. annually, so it's a great holiday destination friendly dolphins that frequent the waters. Find more cheap accommodation year-round. Perth's CBD is small in size, so in Perth. For a great night on the town, you'll be you can walk to most places with ease heading to Northbridge, Perth's while the public transport system will get entertainment hot spot that has plenty of you to places like Scarborough Beach on first class restaurants and bars to try. With the cheap. The public transport system, free admission to many of the area's most Transperth, also operates a free CAT bus system that will take visitors from the CBD popular hotels and clubs, you'll have a 5 star luxury that's cheap and easy! great night mingling with the city's friendly to Perth's major suburbs including locals. Keep an eye out for weekday happy Fremantle and Joondalup. hours and cheap meal deals at the local When it comes to things to see and do in pubs and hotels. Medina Grand Perth Perth, spend a day getting lost in Kings 33 Mounts Bay Road, Perth 6000 Park and Botanic Gardens, the world's These exclusive luxury style apartments largest urban park stretching close a thousand acres (or 500 hectares) in size. Nearby Destinations offer you a private little oasis in the city. With heated pool, gym, spa and sauna - Federation Walkway snakes its way around you can holiday in comfort and style. the treetop canopy; situated 50 metres 1. Broome above ground, it offers some of the best 2. Margaret River views of the area. Families will love Perth's 3. Kalgoorlie kid-friendly beaches where they can enjoy 4. Busselton 5. Albany cheap & easy! 29 of 42
  30. 30. C heap Accommodation Be creatively inspired as you make your way through South Australia, also known as the Festival State. First stop, Adelaide, home of the & Adelaide Budget one-of-a-kind Adelaide Festival of Arts and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. There's plenty of culture and arts to feed your spirit - and Travel Ideas even more culinary delights if you're just looking to feed. With more restaurants per head than anywhere else in Australia, Adelaide is a foodie's dream come true. You'll find plenty of cheap accommodation in Adelaide and many cheap and easy transport options to take you around town, so you can save your pennies for all those fresh food bargains at Central Markets. If you're a budget conscious traveller, you'll be delighted to know you can enjoy so much in Adelaide for oh so little. cheap & easy! 30 of 42
  31. 31. Best cheap accommodation in Adelaide 1. BreakFree Directors Studios 259 Gouger Street, Adelaide 5000 A short stroll away from many of Adelaide's prime attractions including the Botanic Gardens and the Museum of South Australia. 2. Majestic Minima Hotel 146 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide 5006 Situated in North Adelaide, Minima Hotel offers some of the cheapest rates for prime quality accommodation. Find more cheap accommodation In the heart of the city and Adelaide CBD, there are plenty of cool vintage shops and in Adelaide. you'll find plenty of cheap accommodation markets to scour for cheap and affordable options in the city and the nearby treasures. Adelaide's Central Markets are a surrounds. Once you've located your hotel, must-see with plenty of fresh food stalls you'll find a number of cheap transportation and gourmet samples you have to try - or options to take you around town. The City head to the Adelaide Showground Farmers 5 star luxury that's cheap and easy! Loop and Bee Line bus services take you Market for some of the best cheap around the city free of charge. Meanwhile, seasonal produce in Australia. Wind your visitors and locals alike can hire a free day up with a tour of Rundle St, where Adelaide City Bike - all you need is a you'll find plenty of bars and hotels that Stamford Plaza Adelaide current driver's license or passport. feature live music acts and performances. 150 North Terrace, Adelaide 5000 The locals love The Austral for the music, Luxury is oh-so-affordable at the When it comes to enjoying all that Adelaide beer and a good cheap pub feed. Stamford Plaza. Enjoy a bit of the good has to offer on the cheap, nature is your life with movies on demand, rooftop best provider. The Botanic Gardens offer heated swimming pool, spa, gym - it the perfect spot for a picnic or you can Nearby Destinations even has its own nightclub. This is a drive north to St Kilda, home of one of the destination in itself! largest mangrove ecosystems in the area. For the ultimate beach holiday, hop on a tram to Glenelg for the best sand and surf 1. Barossa Valley 5. Port Lincoln along Australia's southern coast. 2. Kangaroo Island 6. Adelaide Hills 3. Glenelg 7. Port Augusta For those looking to scoop up a bargain, 4. Mount Gambier 8. Victor Harbour cheap & easy! 31 of 42
  32. 32. C heap Accommodation With its one of a kind landscape, Tasmania makes the perfect road trip destination and is a great option for a cheap family holiday. Rent a & Tasmania Budget caravan and cruise around the island at your leisure or hire a car and visit the many cities and townships that offer cheap accommodation Travel Ideas options to spend the night. Decide on the number of days you're looking to stay - 5, 7, 10 or more - and plan your trip around that time frame. Or you can choose a destination based on your ideal holiday experience, whether you want to explore the World Heritage listed Tasmanian wilderness or sample the wines of Tamar Valley. Tasmania has something for everyone - and comes at a very affordable price. cheap & easy! 32 of 42
  33. 33. Best cheap accommodation in Tasmania 1. Hotel Charles 287 Charles Street, Launceston 7250 Launceston welcomes a bit of style and class with the opening of the brand new Hotel Charles in 2010. It offers stylish accommodation at rock bottom rates. 2. Hotel Collins 58 Collins Street, Hobart 7000 In the heart of Hobart, Hotel Collins offers visitors affordable comfort and sophistication in one of the most vibrant cities in Tasmania. Find more cheap accommodation Tasmania, situated just 240 kilometres the permanent galleries is free. Otherwise, in Tasmania. south of the Australian mainland, offers a you could spend the day walking around unique Australian holiday experience. Unlike the rest of the nation where you could and exploring the city - be sure to stop by Salamanca Markets. 5 star luxury that's spend days on the road with no sign of civilisation, Tasmania's cities and townships On the road, you'll find plenty of natural cheap and easy! wonders worth marvelling at. Vehicle are packed closer together, so it's easy to The Henry Jones Art Hotel admission to the national parks incurs a get around the area. One of the highlights of 25 Hunter Street, Hobart 7000 fee or you can apply for a 2 month travelling around Tasmania is staying at one Nothing short of extraordinary, the Holiday Pass that covers all parks. (Cost of the many cheap accommodation options Henry Jones Art Hotel combines is $30 per person or $60 per vehicle) that offer a "personal touch", whether it's a antique luxury with the chic and Motels and motor inns offer cheap and quaint B&B, mountain lodge or a charming ultra-modern. With stunning harbour easy stopping points or find some unique farm stay. views on offer and a unique European accommodation options along the way. For most budget travellers, Hobart will be You'll also find plenty of cheap hotels to style, this is an accommodation to your first stop in Tasmania as many airline choose from in Devonport or Launceston. inspire - that won't break the bank. operators offer cheap flights to the capital city year-round. The city of Hobart makes a great destination in itself with plenty of Nearby Destinations historic culture and heritage to uncover. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery 1. Hobart 5. Cradle Mountain includes plenty of natural treasures and 2. Devonport 6. Strahan artistic masterpieces and admission to 3. Launceston 7. Queenstown cheap & easy! 33 of 42
  34. 34. Book Your Cheap and Easy Hotels with It's easy to book hotels - whether you're looking for a family holiday or for last minute accommodation. Here's how you can snag the best deal online. 1. Log on to Go to the search box and enter a hotel or location in our Cheap Hotels Search. To make it easy, once you start typing, your options will appear below your entry. Click on the place you're looking for. You can also specify a date range and the number of people staying. Click on SEARCH and the Quickbeds booking engine will sort through thousands of hotel deals and the latest accommodation price listings that match your specifications. 2. Alternatively, if you're not sure where you'd like to stay, select the "Search by map" option to be able to find a hotel that's closest to where you want to be. 3. Looking for great holiday ideas? Click on our Hot Deals for the 4. Browse through the results to find the latest cheap hotels on latest deals and bargain hotel rates. Plan your holiday around offer that match your search. Keep an eye out for Sheet Hot these cheap prices. Deals for rock bottom rates at some of the best accommodation. Tip: You can hover over each entry to learn more about the displayed rate. cheap & easy! 34 of 42