5 ways to integrate digital PR with your traditional PR


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  • We recently hosted a couple of industry breakfasts to discuss the ever-changing digital PR and social media spaces. The breakfasts covered 5 quick and easy ways to integrate digital and traditional PR:
    •Listening: to consumers, suppliers, partners and employees – in a similar way to how you might listen to stakeholders offline. Conversations about brands, products and industries now happen honestly and openly online, on channels you can listen in on! This can be useful to: gain consumer insights and customer feedback; understand your brand positioning better in terms of products, competitors and industry online activity; measure offline activity; and use the data to inform a social media strategy, if appropriate.
    •Spreading key messages: communication can now spread much more quickly and easily than it could in traditional channels. There are lots of new channels too, for example specific online news sites (e.g. the National Times); press release syndication sites (e.g. PR Wire which also gives you SEO benefits), and social media (e.g. blogs and Twitter).
    •Engaging audiences: provide them with a sense of personal relevance by providing content that surprises and delights (e.g. Port Macquarie), informs (e.g. PayPal) or by providing support or a service (e.g. Early Learning Centre).
    •Connecting with key influencers: social media presents many new ways of connecting and establishing relationships with journalists, spokespeople, bloggers and other influential people. For example, Treeet has used Twitter to maintain relationships with journalists who received a gift voucher at the launch event.
    •Managing a crisis: this seems a big barrier to entry to companies integrating digital and offline PR but many of the offline issues management principles still apply. Key things to think about are developing an issues management plan before your company dives into social media. At the breakfasts, we had a lot of discussion around what went wrong in the recent Nestle and Greenpeace social media crisis.
    Thanks to everyone who woke up at the crack of dawn to attend. Keep an eye out for our next breakfast on how social media and SEO can work together.
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5 ways to integrate digital PR with your traditional PR

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