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YouTube EDU presentation

  2. 2. The state of education today ● One in five adults in the developing world — almost 862 million people — cannot read or write* ● As much as 115 million children of primary school age are not enrolled in school*   ● More than 226 million children do not attend secondary school* ● In 20 years the average cost of college is expected to be more than $90,000** * **New Yourk Times
  3. 3. Vision To provide a vibrant, global platform where anyone, anywhere can obtain a world- class education. Whether you are a student, teacher, or gifted storyteller, our hope is that you will continually discover, create, and share educational videos with the world.
  4. 4. YouTube EDU in 2009
  5. 5. YouTube EDU today Home to hundreds of thousands of free educational videos on YouTube ranging from K12 and higher education to lifelong learning: Network setting that allows schools to gain access to YouTube EDU while continuing to block the rest of YouTubes content: A dedicated resource for educators providing TEACHERS everything from classroom playlists to a collaborative platform for teachers: YouTube. com/teachers
  6. 6. By the numbers Over 750 educational channels on Channels YouTube EDU to date Videos Over 540,000 educational videos to date Views Over 3 billion educational video views on YouTube in 2011
  7. 7. Content verticals K12 Higher Ed Lifelong Primary and College and Continuing Secondary university education for education education everyone Examples: Examples: Examples: - Sesame - MIT - TED Street - Harvard - Smithsonian - Khan - Stanford - NPR Academy - Yale - MOMA - Steve Spangler
  8. 8. YouTube for Schools
  9. 9. How YouTube for Schools worksYou enable YouTube for Schools by adjusting your network filter settings,adding an HTTP header rule or creating a URL parameter rewrite ruleThis unblocks the educational content at YouTube EDU and on yourschools playlist
  10. 10. YouTube Teachers Provides classroom playlists based on grade level and subject matter allowing teachers to incorporate video into their curriculum The site offers training resources enabling teachers to learn new ways to leverage video in the classroom Teachers join an active community of educators and can stay up to date on progress with YouTube EDU
  11. 11. Original programming initiative 13 educational channels currently launching: DeepSky Videos
  12. 12. Sample higher ed content ● Top lecture/speaker series – Harvard Justice lecture series ● Full courses – Stanford, Open University, UC Berkeley ● Archival content – MIT Calculus Revisited ● Live streaming – Dartmouth & Stanford live streamed commencements ● In the classroom – UT Cockrell School of Engineering assignments ● Beyond lectures – Berklee School of Music guitar lessons ● Viral videos – UCTV Sugar the Bitter Truth, CMU Randy Pausch Lectures
  13. 13. Two non-university channels Why Cant We See Evidence of Alien Life? Build a Lightbulb - Sick Science
  14. 14. Becoming a YouTube EDU Partner 1. Create your channel 2. Upload high quality educational content 3. Apply for the YouTube Partner Program 4. Nominate your channel to be added to YouTube EDU 5. Become involved in the YouTube EDU Community
  15. 15. Whats your objective?
  16. 16. YouTube EDU and Swiss education ● Information on launch of YouTube channels ● Involvement for your universities in the YouTube EDU Partner program ● Engagement on YouTube/teachers with educators around the world ● Unblocking of YouTube EDU in Swiss primary schools through
  17. 17. Arthur