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Gbanga - Swiss Game Arcade 2012


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Gbanga - Swiss Game Arcade 2012

  1. 1. Gbanga is the game where you walk in the real world to playmixed-reality quests and score virtual points. Swissnex, Swiss Game Arcade, March 2012 Matthias Sala,,
  2. 2. • Pic wie wir am arbeitenAt Gbanga, we’ve craftedLocation-based games for 5 years 2
  3. 3. «Ive played many video games, but I never thought that a game will make me walk outside in the rain» – a 29-year-old Gbanga playerImage by Navid Baraty
  4. 4. Mixed-reality gaming Walk 150m Real-time weather Puzzle pieces for questsReal-world Collectible Phone booths Sponsored buildings valuable to get new product near-by items missions placement
  5. 5. Extremely immersivePlayers: Gbanga:• engage in physical tasks • creates walk-in customers• are highly immersed and • earns $14 USD per active motivated in the gameplay player experience • is highly dynamic and• share successes on social generic to adapt to business media customer’s needs
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