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Chandigarh - swissnex San Francisco


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Chandigarh - swissnex San Francisco

  1. 1. Unadulterated Modernism Making Chandigarh Swissnex@San Francisco July 2010 Dr. Vikramāditya Prakāsh Professor of Architecture Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture
  2. 2. “Let this be a new city, unfettered by the past, a symbol of the nation's faith in the future.” Jawaharlal Nehru, 1951 at the inauguration of Chandigarh Nehru’s Chandigarh – Story of Secularism
  3. 3. India’s independence/partition, 1947
  4. 4. A religious reading of Europa
  5. 5. Made by the first generation of INDIAN MODERNISTS
  6. 6. The Nehruvian city in the Age of Globalization
  7. 7. Tagore Theatre (1962), Aditya Prakash
  8. 8. Emerging patches of light pollutione
  9. 9. What’s next? The Future Anterior… Governor’s Palace (“Museum of Knowledge”) by Le Corbusier
  10. 10. Governor’s Palace was refused by Nehru
  11. 11. New Delhi
  12. 12. Museum of Knowlege(as proposed)
  13. 13. Dr. Gaurav Chhabra