03. Friday - Study Tour presentation


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  • update with cal academy
  • during survey time, participants will alternate for testimonials in board room
  • 03. Friday - Study Tour presentation

    1. 1. Spring StudyTourMar 18-23, 2012Initiative of the State Secretariat for Education and Research SER Annex of the Consulate General.Swiss Knowledge Network with outposts in Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai and Singapore #springstudytour
    2. 2. Friday, March 23, 2012 Week in review Key takeaways – day by day Tools introduced/mentioned Your expectations Resources Reports Library News/trends What’s next? Going back home Keeping the spirit alive Follow up Survey time!2
    3. 3. Week in review – We hope that you… Learned how others are doing things Learned about new tools Thought and worked about your own situation & plans Made new connections with peers at U.S. institutions Made new connections with peers at other Swiss universities3
    4. 4. Week in review - Sunday Introductions swissnex San Francisco Participants Declaration of intention/purpose We will review those at the end of this session4
    5. 5. Week in review - Monday Chuck Darrah – Professor @ San Jose State University Apple’s iTunesU UC Berkeley Christina Sponselli – Social Media Director Ram Kapoor5
    6. 6. Week in review - Tuesday Define, plan, monitor, and reassess! Twitter: Thomas Arendt Stanford: John Stafford and team Adam Miller & Amy Wolf – Stanford Alumni Association Andy Myers, Staci Baird - Stanford’s School of Engineering6
    7. 7. Week in review- Wednesday Adapt quickly to trends to survive and compete! YouTube: EDU Program EDU Program application: http://www.youtube.com/partners Facebook: A glimpse into Silicon Valley LinkedIn: Christina Allen, Carmen Roman, Stefani Grothe, Maria Albanese, Maella B. Learning center: http://learn.linkedin.com/7
    8. 8. Week in review - Thurs You don’t have to have a big team to use social media successfully! Michael Stoner workshop Mstonerblog.com – A facebook page is not a strategy! Presentation in our library California Academy of Sciences Amie Wong Importance of having clear objectives Importance of measuring8
    9. 9. Week in review - Friday Define your goals, measure, lookout to new trends, and stay current! David Harris workshop Formalize your goals, define your audience, measure impact Presentation in our library (site) Blackboard Growing importance of mobile9
    10. 10. Soundbites Tell a story: would I want to read this? Ask what they want to hear Embracing super fans Get your fans to provide content Empower others in your organization Get allies and supporters higher up in the organization Test and evaluate Just be there!10
    11. 11. Your expectations - Discussion11
    12. 12. Resources Our program’s site Library of social media policies, guidelines, etc. Reports: Radian6 and Presence reports: Do you know what your reports look like, how you can use them? Radian6: identify influencers, see where your audience is hanging out Make a point of staying up with trends: Mashable news Follow interesting people that share relevant information: Staci Baird, Lena Shaw, etc. Mstonerblog.com EnlightenedPIO.com12
    13. 13. Back in CH: Now what?13
    14. 14. Keeping the spirit alive Formalize what you will do upon return: What you want to achieve (goals) How you will transfer the knowledge to others in your team Make a presentation to your team? Set up a group of communicators on campus and meet regularly Share the videos, blog posts. Something new you will try to incorporate (tactic, tool, etc.) that you learned during the study tour Getting allies within your organization: Name them14
    15. 15. Keeping the spirit alive Join our LinkedIn subgroup Private space to share questions regarding our trip etc. Set a date for a follow up call/webmeeting April 201215
    16. 16. THANK YOU!16
    17. 17. Tell us what you think! http://www.surveymonkey.co m/s/fallstudytour17