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Welcome to Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware


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A brief overview of the #1 rated nonstick cookware on the market. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty and Expert customer service, this cookware will make you fall in love with cooking all over again.

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Welcome to Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware

  1. 1. © Swiss Diamond International v. 130821
  2. 2. Why Swiss Diamond? Made in Switzerland Coating contains real diamond crystals No PFOA
  3. 3. Our Vision Swiss Diamond® is proud to produce the highest quality nonstick cookware in the world. Our guiding principle, above all else, is to continue manufacturing our cookware in Switzerland and investing in research and development to constantly improve the quality of nonstick cookware. Ultimately, our vision is to empower individuals and families around the world to cook at home using cutting-edge cookware technology that is focused on contributing to better health, without having to sacrifice the convenience that nonstick surfaces offer (and demand for which continues to grow rapidly). We remain firmly committed to meeting consumer cookware needs by using safe, high quality materials, by emphasizing innovative design with traditional European craftsmanship, and by adhering to an eco-friendly production process that we can take pride in.
  4. 4. Global Distribution Network
  5. 5. Swiss Diamond Worldwide United States Australia China Russia Australia Switzerland
  6. 6. History of Swiss Diamond • 1974 - HORT Coating Center SA is founded in Sierre, Switzerland, as a scientific research company exploring new materials and surface coatings. • 1999 – Swiss Diamond’s diamond-reinforced nonstick coating for cookware receives the Gold Medal at International Exhibition of Inventors • 2001 – Swiss Diamond International is formed to manage the production of cast aluminum cookware with the diamond-reinforced nonstick coating • 2010 - Swiss Diamond engineers release the Swiss Diamond HD coating, which improved the performance by 30 percent overall
  7. 7. History of Swiss Diamond (cont.) • 2010 – Swiss Diamond International receives the Swiss Economic Forum award for its entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable growth of 54% in one year • 2011 – Swiss Diamond cookware named “The Rolls- Royce” of nonstick fry pans by the Wall Street Journal • 2012 – Swiss Diamond ranked #1 nonstick cookware by the leading U.S. consumer reporting organization • 2012 – Swiss Diamond cookware recommended by the American Vegetarian Association for vegan and vegetarian cooking • 2013 – Swiss Diamond chosen as a gift for celebrities at a Golden Globe Awards suite
  8. 8. How is Swiss Diamond Made?
  9. 9. Production Process All Swiss Diamond products are manufactured exclusively in Sierre, Switzerland, using a technologically advanced process: 1. Aluminum is melted in the on-site foundry and is then cast into suitable forms under very high pressure. The pressure-cast aluminum process used for Swiss Diamond cookware prevents warping for the lifetime of the product, unlike other cookware brands using spun or stamped aluminum. Cast aluminum also distributes heat evenly. 2. The molten aluminum is pressurized to remove bubbles and ensure proper filling of the molds. Each Swiss Diamond product is covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering manufacturing defects. 3. To prepare the aluminum body for the coating and to ensure improved adhesion, the interior is sandblasted. 4. After sandblasting, a diamond surface layer is plasma- deposited on the interior of the cookware. This prevents contact of the aluminum with food even if the nonstick coating is damaged, and protects the cookware and coating from oxidation, ensuring the longest possible usage lifetime for the products.
  10. 10. Production Process (cont.) 4. The actual coating process utilizes a specially developed robot to give each Swiss Diamond product three solid layers of nonstick coating. The patented coating, reinforced with real diamond crystals, provides a lifetime of superior performance. The coating is manufactured completely without PFOA. 5. The pan’s bottom is accurately trimmed. Combined with the cast aluminum construction that prevents warping, the perfectly flat base ensures that your cookware will never spin or become unstable on the cooktop. 6. In a final step, the handles are attached. Our unique method uses threaded handles on exterior bolsters rather than rivets, to prevent food build-up inside the pan that leads to bacterial growth. 7. The finished Swiss Diamond cookware is now ready to be shipped to home chefs around the world!
  11. 11. Swiss Diamond Products: Overview Cast Aluminum Body • Will never warp • Conducts heat evenly Interior Plasma Layer • Applied with a superheated plasma torch • Coats aluminum so it will never contact food • Forms primer layer for nonstick coating
  12. 12. Swiss Diamond Products: Overview Nonstick coating proven to outlast the competition! Nonstick Coating with Real Diamond Crystals
  13. 13. Swiss Diamond Products: Overview 1. Diamonds are hard, for a coating that lasts for years 2. Diamonds conduct heat better than metal, browning food for savory exterior 3. Diamonds are naturally nonstick, creating an excellent nonstick surface designed for oil-free cooking Nonstick Coating with Real Diamond Crystals
  14. 14. Swiss Diamond Products: Overview • Swiss Diamond uses a trade-secret nonstick formula • PTFE-based • Coating completely manufactured in Switzerland • Reinforced with diamond crystals • No PFOA FYI: Teflon® Made by Dupont, Teflon® is also a PTFE-based nonstick. Swiss Diamond makes our own coating instead of using Teflon® or another brand. Many “green” and “ceramic” coatings also use PTFE, and there is no evidence that PTFE is unhealthy. FYI: PFOA PFOA is a chemical formerly used in the production of PTFE-based nonstick coatings, including Teflon®. It was investigated by the EPA as a possible carcinogen. Swiss Diamond does not have PFOA in its products. Nonstick Coating with Real Diamond Crystals
  15. 15. Swiss Diamond Products: Overview Thermoplastic (Bakelite) Handles • Ergonomic design for comfort and balance • Stays cool on the stovetop • Oven-safe up to 260°C (500°F)
  16. 16. Swiss Diamond Products: Overview Tempered Glass Lids • Monitor food without lifting cover • Control moisture with adjustable steam vent • Oven-safe up to 260°C (500°F)
  17. 17. • Ranked #1 nonstick cookware by the leading U.S. and Australian consumer reporting organizations • Lab tested for quality and longevity • Made exclusively in Switzerland Swiss Diamond is… High-Quality
  18. 18. • Designed for cooking without oil • Recommended for vegan and vegetarian cooking • PFOA-free Swiss Diamond is… Healthy
  19. 19. • Manufactured using 100% hydroelectric power from the Swiss Alps • Made of recyclable aluminum • Nonstick coating made in-house to prevent contaminants and ensure proper disposal Swiss Diamond is… Eco-Friendly
  20. 20. • Made with real diamonds • Highest quality product for years of perfect use • Packaging designed for presentation as a luxury gift item Swiss Diamond is… Luxurious
  21. 21. Notable Awards Recommended in 2012 by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) as the preferred cookware for vegetarian and vegan cooking Winner of the 1999 Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventors for the creation of our diamond-reinforced nonstick coating.
  22. 22. Recent Press “Swiss Diamond's [pans] were the best we tested,” said Consumer Reports magazine in July 2013. Family Circle magazine named the Swiss Diamond fry pan an Editor’s Fave in July 2013. The Wall Street Journal called Swiss Diamond “The Rolls-Royce” of nonstick fry pans in their article published December 3, 2012. Swiss Diamond was featured in Lucire and OK! Magazine along with The Huffington Post and HGTV’s in connection with the Golden Globe Awards gift suite.
  23. 23. Celebrity Sightings Anna Faris, star of the hit new CBS comedy “Mom,” uses Swiss Diamond cookware on the show. Chef Frank Pellegrino Jr. of famous NYC restaurant Rao’s uses Swiss Diamond cookware to teach a class on Italian cooking. Jonathan Keltz of HBO’s “Entourage” was one of many celebrities who chose Swiss Diamond at the Golden Globe Awards gift suite. Actress Sofia Milos frequently uses Swiss Diamond to cook at home, sharing photos on Twitter. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Chef Troy Gagliardo use Swiss Diamond cookware in a nationwide recipe segment for Ragu® pasta sauce.
  24. 24. Swiss Diamond Products Fry Pans (Skillets) Fry Pan 6420 – 20 cm 6424 – 24 cm 6426 – 26 cm 6428 – 28 cm 6432 – 32 cm Fry Pan with Lid 6420c – 20 cm 6424c – 24 cm 6426c – 26 cm 6428c – 28 cm 6432c – 32 cm Square Fry Pan 28x28 cm (11" x 11") Oval Fry / Fish Pan with Lid 6538c - 38x26 cm (15" x 10.25")
  25. 25. Swiss Diamond Products Sauté Pans Sauté Pan with Lid 6724c - 3 L (3.2 QT) / 24 cm (9.5") 6726 - 3.6 L (3.8 QT) / 26 cm (10.25") 6728c - 4.1 L (4.3 QT) / 28 cm (11") 6732c - 5.5 L (5.8 QT) / 32 cm (12.5") Square Sauté Pan with Lid 6620c - 2 L (2.1 QT) / 20x20 cm (8" x 8") 66283c - 5 L (5.3 QT) / 28x28 cm (11" x 11")
  26. 26. Swiss Diamond Products Woks Wok with Lid 61128c - 3.7 L (3.9 QT) / 28 cm (11") 61132c* - 5 L (5.3 QT) / 32 cm (12.5") 61136c* - 6 L (6.3 QT) / 36 cm (14") *Includes tempura rack. Sauce Pans Saucepan with Lid 6716c - 1.3 L (1.4 QT) / 16 cm (6.3") 6718c - 2.1 L (2.2 QT) / 18 cm (7") 6720c - 3 L (3.2 QT) / 20 cm (8")
  27. 27. Swiss Diamond Products Soup Pot with Lid 6124c - 5.2 L (5.5 QT) / 24 cm (9.5") Stock Pot with Lid 6128c - 8 L (8.5 QT) / 28 cm (11") Casseroles and Pots Casserole with Lid 6820c - 2.2 L (2.3 QT) / 20 cm (8") 6824c - 3 L (3.2 QT) / 24 cm (9.5") Square Casserole with Lid 66282c - 5 L (5.3 QT) / 28x28 cm (11” x 11”)
  28. 28. Swiss Diamond Products Braiser with Lid 6928c - 5 L (5.3 QT) / 28 cm (11") 6932c - 6.8 L (7.2 QT) / 32 cm (12.5") Sauteuses and Braisers Sauteuse with Lid 6628c - 3.5 L (3.7 QT) / 28 cm (11") 6632c - 4.5 L (4.8 QT) / 32 cm (12.5")
  29. 29. Swiss Diamond Products Square Griddle 6228-3 - 28x28 cm (11" x 11") Specialty Pans Crepe Pans 6224 - 24 cm (9.5") 6226 - 26 cm (10.25")
  30. 30. Swiss Diamond Products Plett Pan (Egg Pan) 6326 - 26 cm (10.25") Japanese Omelet Pan 6318 - 0.7 L (0.7 QT) / 18x13 cm (7" x 5") Specialty Pans Grill Pan 63281 - 28x28 cm (11" x 11") Deep Grill Pan 66281 - 5 L (5.3 QT) / 28x28 cm (11" x 11")
  31. 31. Swiss Diamond Products Double Burner Grill/Griddle Combo 643282 - 43x28 cm (17" x 11") Double Burner Pans Double Burner Griddle 64328 - 43x28 cm (17" x 11") Double Burner Grill 643281 - 43x28 cm (17" x 11")
  32. 32. Swiss Diamond Products Roaster with Lid 61033c - 5 L (5.3 QT) / 33x21 cm (13" x 8.3") Roasters and Bakeware Roasting Pans 63225 - 4.5 L (4.8 QT) / 32x25 cm (12.5" x 9.8") 63526 - 5.5 L (5.8 QT) / 35x26 cm (13.8" x 10.25")
  33. 33. Swiss Diamond Products SDT01 – Spatula SDT02 – Tongs SDT03 – Ladle SDT04 – Skimmer SDT05 – Turner Kitchen Tools
  34. 34.