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G 10 gelato machine


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Table Top Gelato Machine

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G 10 gelato machine

  1. 1. Frigomat G-10 Gelato Machine Description o The “G” series vertical counter-top batch freezers are the right answer to the operators’ need for a complete and reliable machine producing quality ice cream and slush in small quantities and with reduced investments. Characteristics o Freezing cycle with adjustable production timer o Slush cycle with adjustable production timer and continuous agitation o Slush cycle with adjustable production timer and cyclic agitation; especially suitable for coffee slush o “Temperature preservation” mode to keep the product at the right temperature and consistency if not immediately dispensed after the batch cycle o Alarm led to avoid product extraction at incorrect temperature Advantages o Possibility to add hard pieces during freezing cycle: nuts, almonds, pistachios, raisin, and chocolate for “stracciatella” flavor o Recipe book included o High performance steel cylinder-block vat o Steel agitator with easily removable scrapers o Safety “cut out” magnet on the lid o Tank drain outlet o Limited size and power consumption Specifications o Charge per cycle: 2.5 kg o Hourly production: 10 kg o Power supply: 115V o Power: 1 Kw o Condensation: Air o Height: 34 cm o Width: 48 cm o Depth: 49 cm o Net weight: 55 kg