The portuguese empire in the americas


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The portuguese empire in the americas

  1. 1. The Portuguese Empire in the Americas By Paige Ellis
  2. 2. António de Gouveia- Brazil • Time period: – Born in 1528 – Died some time around 1575 • Location: – Born in the Azores – Moved to Lisbon at age 20 – Later sent to Brazil • Group: – Portuguese • Gender: – Male • Occupation: – Priest • General History: – He spent most of his life studying alchemy, “curing” sick people with magical objects and scamming people. – After several encounters with the Inquisition, he was exiled to Brazil. – There he spent his time capturing slaves, until he was sent back to Lisbon.
  3. 3. Catarina de Monte Sinay- Brazil • Time Period: – Born in 1680 – Died in 1758 • Location: – Bahia, Brazil • Group: – Portuguese • Gender: – Female • Occupation: – Nun • General History – She was raised to be a nun, and entered a convent at age 16. – She was good with money, and she made a large income selling sweets and giving loans. – She used the money to provide for the convent and for her slaves.
  4. 4. Francisca- Brazil • Time Period: – Born between 1700 and 1705 • Location: – Raised in the Rio Negro Valley • Group: – Manao Indian • Gender: – Female • Occupation: – Slave • General History: – Her chief traded her to a slave trader as a good will gesture and illegally enslaved. – She ended up as a servant to Anna de Fonte – After 20 years, she petitioned Portuguese authorities for her freedom. – She lost the case and remained a slave for the rest of her life.
  5. 5. The Portuguese Empire • Portugal became a world power during the Age of Discovery, in the 15th and 16th centuries. • Explorers like Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco de Gama discovered new lands across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. • Explorers were motivated by wealth, power, prestige, trade, and spreading Catholicism. • They built an empire including territories in South America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia. • Portugal had a virtual monopoly on the African seaborne slave trade, lasting for over 100 years. • It was the longest-lived of the modern European colonial empires.
  6. 6. Colonial Brazil • The Portuguese arrived in 1500, and Brazil remained their colony for over 300 years. • Brazil provided them with sugarcane, brazilwood, gold, diamonds, and slaves. • More slaves were brought over from Africa to help extract natural resources and serve the Europeans. • Jesuits were sent over to Christianize the indigenous people. • In 1808 the Portuguese court moved its government to Rio de Janeiro to escape Napoleon’s invasion. • When they returned to Portugal in 1821, the regent of Brazil declared himself emperor and Brazil seceded from Portuguese rule.
  7. 7. Portuguese Explorers • Ferdinand Magellan made the first voyage around the world in • Vasco de Gama discovered an ocean route to the East • Bartholomeu Dias led a voyage around the Cape of Good Hope in 1487 • Pedro Alvares Cabral was the first European to see Brazil in 1500 • Gaspar and Miguel Corte-Real explored Greenland and the coast of Newfoundland