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Innovative online-marketing-strategy-to-serve-partner-community


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Innovative online-marketing-strategy-to-serve-partner-community

  1. 1. Innovative Online Marketing Strategy to Serve Partner CommunityI was tasked with transforming the way a leading IT infrastructure company serviced their small and mid-market customers. I developed an online strategy and created an online tool to facilitate management anddelivery of marketing campaigns. As a result of our work and the tools we delivered, the companyexperienced significant improvements in customer satisfaction and increased customer engagement.CHALLENGES  Company had a small team of internal campaign execution managers, each serving 30-40 partner managers  Due to resource issues, they were implementing only a handful of campaigns  Needed to target up to 6,000 partner relationships without increasing existing resourcesSOLUTIONS  Created a new online tool to effectively create and manage marketing activity  Initial goal was to run at least 100 partner campaigns per monthRESULTS  Exceeded campaign target, enabling 700 campaigns to run per month - a capacity increase of 400 to 500%  Reduced cost to execute selected campaigns by 50%  Client is currently implementing a broader roll-out of the program to other internal groups