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Bloggeeer isa!!

  1. 1. Isabel Rodríguez Guerrero 3r A 2-05-12 Computer science N- 25
  2. 2. •The history of swimming started at the Prehistoryand were founded remains of paintings.•But the swimming like an sports it was started inBritain at the XIX century, with the nationalswimming society in London (1873).•At the XIX Century Swimming competition were established in NewZeeland and Australia. In 1870 started to go competitions in USA.•In 1896 were the “Atenas Olympic Games”and Swimming was included in for men andfinally in 1921 for women.
  3. 3. Swimming thousand years ago, was discovered like a method to move in the water. But actually is considerate an Olympic sport. -Free style (crol)Is a solitary sport and -Backstrokeyou can participated indifferent methods -Butterfly -Fathom -RelayIn competition there aresome like those: -Style -Style relay.
  4. 4. Free Style (Crawl) The crawl, is the fastest of all the styles that are used in competitive swimming. To practice this style we must put the body straight crawl and head seeing the bottom of the pool. In crawl we must jump from the trampoline and touch the end wall of the pool. It consisted to move the arms with the palm down, while the other enter in the water. Legs moved like kicking up and down like we can see in the photo.
  5. 5. Butterfly is the most difficult style to Butterflypractice. Because it requiresmore strength and more energy-consuming of all.It consisted that the left side of thebody must do the same as the rightand also the legs are coordinated ina shake up and down .The events are made at distances of50 m, 100 m and 200 m.We must move like we can see inthese pictures.
  6. 6. This style is like crawl but theswimmer fleet back. BackIn it we can breathe better, butyou can’t see other swimmer thatwe have fore.A way out is to back an arm inthe air with the palm of your handout out from under the leg, whilethe other drives the body in thewater.In a pool of 50 m. the best timeis 24.04 (Lian Tancock) and 28.19( Zhao Jing).
  7. 7. Fathom Fathom it consisted to move hands pushed forward together from the chest and elbows must remain under water, at an angle of 90 °. And the legs provide the greatest force for do the progress. Style is slowest one in competitions Events are held at distances of 50 m, 100 m and 200 m. In a pool of 50m the best time is 26.67 (Cameron Van der Burgh) and 29.80 (Jessica A Hardy).
  8. 8. •Martin López-zubero (Spain) -> Considereted the best inSpain• Franziska van Almsick (Germany)• Matt Biondl (USA)• Alexandr Popov (Russia)•Felipe Muñoz Kapamas (Mexico)•Michael Fhelps (USA) -> He won fourteen gold medalsand two of bronze.•Kristin Otto, Michael Gross (Germany)• Alberto Zorrilla (Argentina)• Alexandr Popov (Russia)• Vladimir Salnikov (Rusia)• Ian Thorpe (Austraslia)•Cesar Cielo (Brasil)