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5 amazon search secrets to leverage for your own website


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Businesses big and small are changing the way they market their products because of Amazon’s growing dominance in e-commerce. For businesses choosing to take advantage of being found in Amazon’s huge marketplace, optimizing search placement is an important challenge to master. Join Joseph Hansen, Co-founder of Prosper, and Ben Lack, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development as they discuss tangible tactics businesses can implement today to increase awareness in the Amazon search experience as well as your own website shopping cart. Moderated by James Thompson, Content Coordinator and Digital Marketer for Skubana, registrants will come away from the webinar having learned:

1) Essential tips to increasing your exposure on Amazon through long tail keywords
2) Why the best listing possible converts - Amazon wants to convert customers
3) The importance of the buy box for a customer's search
4) Best practices for implementing site search into the online shopping experience
5) The impact site search can have on conversion rates, both positively and negatively

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5 amazon search secrets to leverage for your own website

  1. 1. ”How  to  Optimize  Your  Amazon   Listings  to  Convert  Customers  &   Climb  the  Search  Ranks" What  your  Amazon  business  NEEDS  to  increase  sales.  
  2. 2. What  is……. James  Thompson,   Digital  Marketing  Associate  &   Content  Coordinator  at  Skubana Skubana is  an  all-­‐in-­‐one  ERP  system  designed  to  automate  &  simplify  your  e-­‐ commerce  business  with  one  platform  all  on  the  cloud:   • From  Orders,  Inventory,  P.O’s,  Shipments,  Customers,  Products &  Analytics • Fulfill  anyway  you  want  with  one-­‐click  integrations:   • In-­‐House,  3PL,  Dropshipping&  FBA • Our  software  is  built  by  e-­‐commerce  sellers  for  e-­‐commerce  sellers Work  Smart.  Sell  More.
  3. 3. Where  do  you  go  when   you  want  to  see  if  a   product  is  worth   buying?Optimized  Amazon  Listing  Breakdown: • Disclaimer  on  Product  Quality • Analyzing  Your  Product  Listing  Title • Utilizing  Photos  to  Influence  Purchasing  Behavior • Optimizing  Your  Bullet  Points • Creating  Compelling  Product  Descriptions • The  Importance  of  Positive  Product  Reviews THREE  TIMES  as  many  customers  will  search  for  products  on  Amazon,  as  opposed  to  Google.
  4. 4. If  you  wouldn’t  buy  it,  don’t  sell  it.  It’s  that  simple.   Quality  products  &  a   good  reputation  go  a   long  way  with  winning   Amazon  over A Quick  Disclaimer  on  Product  Quality:   • Your  products  NEED  to  be  legitimate • Amazon  customers  want  great  product  selection  &  convenience  for  a  great  price • Amazon’s  search  is  designed  so  that  quality  &  relevant  products  rank  higher • If  customers  react  negatively  to  your  products  Amazon  WILL demote  you
  5. 5. How  to  Optimize  Your  Product  Title  on  Amazon: • Your  Title  is  a  Sneak  Preview  Into  Your  Product • Make  sure  you  put  EVERY relevant  keyword  into  your  title • The  title  should  also  describe  the  product  by  including: • Brand,  name,  size,  quantity,  color  &  component  materials • 4  -­‐5  targeted  keywords  is  ideal When  customers  still  have  questions  about  your  products  you  stop  converting  them. Let’s  take  a  look  at  an  optimized  title…..
  6. 6. Take  note  how  they  cover  all  of  the  essentials:   • Brand,  product,  popular  compatible  models,  relevant  keywords • It’s  informative  &  focuses  on  all  the  right  content   • I  know  what  I’m  clicking  into  after  reading  this  title   Lastly,  check  out  the  reviews  935! Anker  has  an  amazing  listing  title:  
  7. 7. Note  the  difference  in  reviews between  the  Anker. Chargehub‘s title  leaves  me  with  a  lot  of  questions  as  a  customer: • There’s  a  huge lack  of  keywords • And,  there’s  no  focus  on  compatible  models,  #  of  ports  etc. Chargehub’sTitle  Leaves  Us  Guessing
  8. 8. Validate  your  titles  effectiveness: Keyword  Planner  w/  Google  Adwords,   lets  you  see  what  the  most  searched  keywords   on  Google  are  and  related  keywords A  little  bit  of  research  goes  a  long  way  in  optimizing   your  titles  &  listings  on  Amazon
  9. 9. Validate  your  titles  effectiveness  w/  Amazon: One  of  your  best  friends  when  it  comes  to  relevant  keywords  is  Amazon’s  search  bar: • Utilize  this  as  much  as  possible  to  further   build  your  keywords  list
  10. 10. Photos  Influence  Purchasing  Behavior: You  only  get  one  chance  to  make  a  good  first  impression  and  win  the  conversion: • High  quality,  high  resolution  and  relevant  images  go  a  long  way  in  your  Amazon   product  listing. • The  primary  Amazon  image  should  be  at  least  1000  x  1000  for  customers  to  fully   utilize  the  zoom-­‐in  feature  and  see  granular  details  of  the  product. • Be  sure  to  utilize  all  6  secondary  images  to  showcase  variety  and  usage  of  your   product Always  keep  in  mind   Amazon’s  Image   Guidelines    
  11. 11. Bullet  Points  are  the  Silver  Bullet: Bullet  points  make  it  easier  for  your  customers  to  read  your  listing Utilize  five  keyword-­‐rich  bullet  points  that  clearly  outline  your  products  features: • Include  what  the  item  comes  with,  safety  information,   tech  specs,  etc. • Take  note  of  the  highlighted   sections: • Let  your  customers  FULLY understand  your  product
  12. 12. Create  Compelling  Product  Descriptions: • Tell  the  story  of  how  your  product  will  fit  into  the  lives  of  the  customer • Your  listing  should  entice  the  customer  to  make  a  purchase  and  answer  the   question  of  why  they’re  purchasing  from  you • This  is  the  final opportunity   to  make  the  conversion
  13. 13. Positive  Reviews  Leave  a  Positive  Impression: • Think  of  the  last  thing  you  purchased  online • How  did  you  hear  about  it?  Would  you  have  purchased  it  if  you  heard   negative  things  about  it?   • Amazon’s  algorithm  filters  out  products  with  negative  reviews • Don’t  get  discouraged  – ask  friends/family  to  purchase  &  test  your  products • Offer  free  trials  or  samples  in  exchange  for  customers  posting   legitimate   reviews • Address  negative  reviews  RIGHT  AWAY! • Encourage  customers  to  contact  you  with  a  ‘100%  customer   satisfaction  guarantee’ • They’ll  more  likely  contact  you  rather  than  post  a  negative  review
  14. 14. Thanks  for  listening  &  be  sure  to   contact  us  with  any  and  all   optimization  questions! Make  smarter  choices  for  your  Amazon  business  
  15. 15. Amazon  Search  Engine  Results   Placement  (SERP)  Optimization
  16. 16. EXAMPLE: § A  customer  searches  for  “lego treehouse” § They  click  through  to  this   Product  Detail  Page § Amazon  chooses  one  seller § That  seller’s  details  go  in  the  Buy   Box   WHAT  DOES  THIS  MEAN? WHAT  IS  THE  BUY  BOX?
  17. 17. BUY  BOX  WINNER: § This  seller’s  info  appears  in  “sold   by” § If  the  customer  clicks  “add  to   cart,  this  seller  is  awarded  the   sale § This  seller  is  called  the  “winner”   of  the  Buy  Box WHAT  DOES  THIS  MEAN? § This  seller  will  make  far   more   sales  than  any  other  seller  for   that  product          (>90%) WHAT  IS  THE  BUY  BOX?
  18. 18. HOW  DO  WE  GET  TO  THE  PDP? § Most  people  type  into  the  search   toolbar § Some  estimates  place  greater  than   70%  of  all  Amazon  sales  through   the  search  toolbar § Amazon  beats  Google  4:1  in   product  related  searches WHAT  DOES  THIS  MEAN? § Your  products  need  to  show  up  in   the  search  results  if  you  want  to   get  sales WE  SKIPPED  A  STEP…
  19. 19. HOW  DOES  AMAZON  RANK   PRODUCTS  ON  THE  RESULTS  PAGE? § A9  Search  Algorithm § HOW  DOES  IT  WORK? § “Relevance  is  in  the  eye  of  the   consumer” § “Combine  multiple  relevance   features” § “Continuous  Improvements” THE  A9 SEARCH  ALGORITHM
  20. 20. KNOWN  A-­‐9  ALGORITHM  VARIABLES *We ”know” certain  parts  of  the algo,  but  don't  know  their  exact  weight: q Whether  all  the  aforementioned   fields  have  content q Sponsored  Ads  Clickthrough q Sponsored  Ads  Conversion  Rate q Sponsored  Ads  Sales q Tied  to  parent/child  variation   listing q At  least  1000  historical  glance   views  -­‐ to  get  a  product  initially   ranked q At  least  5  purchases  -­‐ to  get  a   product  initially  ranked q Total  Conversion  Rate q Conversion  Rate  when  using  a   particular  keyword  in  the  Amazon   search  toolbar q Clickthrough rate q Total  Sessions q Total  Sales  (hourly,  30-­‐day  &  some   historical  measure) q Refund  Rate q Keyword  placement  in  Title,  Bullet   Points,  first  250  Characters  of   Description,  and  Search  Terms
  21. 21. KNOWN  A-­‐9  ALGORITHM  VARIABLES These  areas  wade  into  more  speculation: q Reviews  -­‐ total,  recency,  star  rating q Answered  Customer  Questions* q Inventory  Levels* q Whether  or  not  there  is  an  FBA   offer  on  the  listing* q Number  of  offers  against  the  listing q Product  Listing  Age q Product  Videos  -­‐ Vendor  only* q A+  Detail  Content  -­‐Vendor  only q Customer  images  &  Videos* q Keywords  in  Customer  Reviews q Content  Recency q Bounce  Rate q Add  to  Carts* q Hi  Res  Product  Images q Keyword  placement  in  more  than   one  area  (title  &  bullet  points)* q Keyword  density q Order  of  keywords  in  Title,  bullet   points,  description q Backlinks  to  the  PDP q Verified  Purchase  Reviews  -­‐ total  &   recency*
  22. 22. PRIORITIZE  TO  GET  THE  BEST  RESULTS 1. Provide  High  Quality  images,  titles,  bullet  points,   etc.  (aim  for  great  conversion) 2. Include  optimal  keywords  in  your  product  title,   bullet  points,  description,  search  terms  and  ads 3. Utilize  Sponsored  Ads  (for  keyword  research  and   for  organic  benefits)
  24. 24. SPONSORED  ADS
  25. 25. EXAMPLE  REPORT This  sponsored  ads  report   can  be  a  useful  tool  for   organic  optimization
  26. 26. ADDITIONAL  KEYWORD  TOOLS  (PAID) q AMZShark q Keyword  Tool  Dominator q Merchant  Words q Soovle q WordStream q Concentrate q FreshKey q Keyword  Inspector
  28. 28. Improving search and search rankings on your own website BEN LACK SENIOR DIRECTOR MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BLACK@SWIFTYPE.COM
  29. 29. ABOUT SWIFTYPE Founded January 2013 $23M in venture funding by NEA & Y Combinator 30+ Employees, HQ in San Francisco Largest independent search provider on the Internet
  30. 30. ABOUT SWIFTYPE 500,000+ websites, 4 billion+ queries/month
  31. 31. OPTIMIZING SITE SEARCH Optimizing your product rankings on Amazon and organic search is challenging enough - but this should not be the case for your own search. How can you ensure search on your own site is optimized to drive sales?
  32. 32. AGENDA Tips to optimize site search 1. Create a rich search index 2. Location,location,location 3. Don’t overlook analytics 4. Customize search results and relevance algorithm 5. Capitalize on organic search traffic
  33. 33. INDEXING Create a rich searchindex
  34. 34. INDEXING title Search/sortby: title
  35. 35. INDEXING brand Search/sortby: brand
  36. 36. INDEXING reviews Search/sortby: reviews
  37. 37. INDEXING review Search/sortby: SKU SKU
  38. 38. INDEXING Implementation
  39. 39. INDEXING Indexing determines the experience Customize and adapt search for your products/users
  40. 40. INDEXING filter results by brand, review, price, etc. Indexing determines the experience
  41. 41. INDEXING filter the initial search by gender, price, etc. Indexing determines the experience
  42. 42. INDEXING segmented autocomplete bycontent type Indexing determines the experience
  43. 43. LOCATION Location, location, location A large search box placed prominently in the center of the page can cause up to 40% of users to search, and users who search convert at a 50% higher rate.
  44. 44. LOCATION Don’t overlook analytics • Look at top searches on site to see most popular products and use this to configure homepage and promotions • Also look at top searcheswith no results to identify products you should stock TOP SEARCHES & TOP SEARCHES WITH NO RESULTS
  45. 45. RANKING • Drag and drop to rearrange search results based on clickthrough behavior • Add in results that don’t appear by default • promote high margin products • feature unsold inventory at top of results Customize results and relevance
  46. 46. WEIGHTS • Tune your entire algorithm • Based on Swiftype meta data that you add to your account Customize results and relevance
  47. 47. SEO Capitalize on organic traffic Customer spotlight: UPS Battery Center • Orders increased by 140% • Revenue increased by 125% • Conversion rates improved by 116% • 10x decrease in inbound phone calls • Sales reps able to find products more easily
  48. 48. SEO Capitalize on organic traffic • Created landing pages for products not in stock • Captured organic traffic on these pages • placed search prominently on these pages to drive them to other products • Searches on site also generated actionable analytics about what products customers wanted LANDING PAGES NAVIGATION SITE SEARCH SEARCH ANALYTICS
  49. 49. Questions?