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Legal Agreements and Contracts writing services |


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Swiftlegals - We deliver the best legal agreements and contracts writing services at affordable rates. Feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to delivering you the best standard legal writing services, Visit Now!

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Legal Agreements and Contracts writing services |

  1. 1. SWIFTLEGALS.COM Legal Agreements and Contracts Writing Services
  2. 2. About Swiftlegals ❏ We are a group of talented writers with a wealth of experience in document drafting and business planning services. Since 2012, we have been providing satisfactory legal document writing services for numerous customers around the globe (AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, and AFRICA). Having satisfactorily served over 2000+ individuals and companies seeking to protect themselves and their business, we can confidently say “We have an edge over competitors”.
  3. 3. Legal Agreements and Contracts Writing Services for Businesses ❏ Legal agreements and contracts are essential when doing business with clients. Whether you are a small organization or a large corporate company, you will always need legal contracts for binding business relationships with other parties. We at Swiftlegals, understand the necessity of legal agreements and contracts writing services for businesses, and accordingly, offer satisfactory legal writing services. ❏ Our legal agreement clearly spells out each party’s obligations and rights, in case of any dispute. The content of our agreements involves common legal terminologies such as party details, service details, contract objective, fees & expenses, contract term & termination, proprietary rights, Indemnification, and other miscellaneous provisions.
  4. 4. How Can Our Legal Agreements Help You? ❏ Agreements or contracts are actually a good creation, if you want to protect your business rights & interests. It represents a set of legal regulations between two or more entities. By investing in a legal contract, you are actually minimizing the risks of being double-crossed or rules violation. Swiftlegals is an experienced service provider of legal document writing and has expertise knowledge of business agreements.
  5. 5. ❏ Our Legal contract ensures lawful rights to you – In business, there are chances, you may experience fraud. You cannot trust a client, whom you have met online or is completely stranger to you. Moreover, this is the primary reason, why you need to invest in legal agreements and contracts. With the help of our legal contract, you can easily dodge the misinterpretations and misunderstandings between your services and client’s demand. You have all the rights to ask for remuneration, if your client goes against the contract. ❏ Our legal contract abides your business and clients – Our professional writers are expert in writing legal contracts for different businesses and provide best standard legal writing services. Considering your business objective and client’s need, our team will frame an appropriate legal agreement. Once your business is subjected to a legal contract, both you and the entities, will be abided by regulations and laws. If anyone tries to manipulate the outlined rules, you can raise a claim or justice petition. ❏ Our legal contract protects you and your business – Our contracts have the power to protect you by restricting your liabilities. You never know, when the client will backstab in a business. However, it’s always wise to stay prepared for the worst. With a legal agreement, you can reduce the consequences of fraud and also seek remunerations. No doubt, our legal contract will provide justice to you and your business, in case of any disagreement. Check the below-mentioned facts to understand how our legal agreements can help in maintaining your business ethics
  6. 6. We offer numerous types of Agreements and Contracts, so a buyer should tell us what they need. We offer the following types of contracts & agreements, but not limited to these only. ❏ Terms & Condition ❏ Privacy Policy ❏ Terms of Business ❏ Shareholder agreement ❏ Employment contract ❏ Non-disclosure agreement ❏ Letter of Intent ❏ Termination contract ❏ Affidavits ❏ Copyrights & Trademark documents ❏ Incorporation ❏ Litigations ❏ Power of Attorney ❏ Release conflicts Types of Legal Agreements & Contracts We Offer
  7. 7. What’s Unique about Our Legal Agreements and Contracts? ❏ Professionally written by a team of certified writers ❏ Proofreading and error correction before delivery ❏ On time delivery – Deadlines are a priority ❏ Authentic & accurate legal terminologies ❏ Offered at competitive prices – No hidden charges ❏ Confidential and secured ❏ Guaranteed satisfaction ❏ Revisions as per feedback
  8. 8. Our Other Services ❏ Legal Document Writing for Website, Software, and Mobile Applications ❏ Professional Business Plan Writing Services ❏ Professional Presentation Writing Services
  9. 9. Tell Us Your Needs +1 (917) 775-7370