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Getting to the Olympics from Bristol


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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Getting to the Olympics from Bristol

  1. 1. A guide that will help you choose thebest sort of transport from Bristol to London. By Tom
  2. 2. The cost will be £9.00 It will take 2 hours and 30 minutes.  It will leave at 10:30Am  The total will be £9.00The cost will be £11.50It will leave at 11:30AmAnd take 2 hours 45 minutesThe total cost will be £11.50
  3. 3.  It will leave at 10:30Am  It will take 2 hours and 29 minutes  It costs £25  The total is £25It will leave at 11:41AmIt will take 1 hour 43 minutesIt will cost £20The total is £20
  4. 4.  The journey will take up to 2 hours-to 3 hours. The fuel is £12-£20 You can leave at whatever time you want. The total cost is around about £15 however it does depend on what car park you’re parking in to the cost of the travel.
  5. 5.  Airplane: Even though airplane is a lot more expensive than taking a coach or a train, it is a lot more fun and considerably cheaper!
  6. 6. Even though it’s considerably slowerthan train or airplane, coach is thecheapest and is still a lot of fun!