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모바일 쇼핑몰 결제 상승률


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Published in: Marketing
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모바일 쇼핑몰 결제 상승률

  1. 1. 모바일 쇼핑몰 결제 상승률 아진시스템 | 대표 홍승우 작성자 박중선 2014.02
  2. 2. US Mobile payments forecast Forrester forecasts that US mobile payments will reach $90B in 2017, a 48% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from the $ 12.8B spent in 2012. 출처 :
  3. 3. Usage Mobile Wallet Application 출처 :
  4. 4. Mobile Payments Transaction Value Forecast 출처 :
  5. 5. mobile commerce is expected to gr ow at at 58.2% rate in the US 출처 :