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Learn Data Science


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Big Data and Data Science are hot buzzwords right now. The buzzwords might go away but the ideas will not. This talk will explain the buzzwords, and it will cover some of the best resources for attaining data science skills.

Learn Data Science

  1. 1. Why Data Science isSomething You ShouldCare AboutPresented @ South Dakota Code Camp 2012Ryan Swanstrom @swgoof
  2. 2. About Ryan SwanstromFind me on the web
  3. 3. Data Science"[ability to] obtain, scrub, explore, model andinterpret data, blending hacking, statistics, andmachine learning." definition by Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist @
  4. 4. Data Science
  5. 5. Who is a data scientist?
  6. 6. Big DataAny dataset where the size or speed ofincoming data causes difficulties in processing ● Volume ● Velocity ● Variety
  7. 7. Hadoop"[...] a framework that allows for the distributedprocessing of large data sets across clusters ofcomputers using simple programming models." Apache Hadoop Website ● HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System ● MapReduce
  8. 8. Lots of Data 18 Months the amount of time for digital data to double
  9. 9. Data Products
  10. 10. Why Do You Care?McKinsey Global Big Data Report● 140k - 190k Unfilled Jobs by 2018● 1.5M Managers & Analysts
  11. 11. Indeed Data Science Job Listings
  12. 12. Now That You Care, What Skills? 1. Machine Learning 2. Statistics 3. Story Telling (Communication) 4. Big Data 5. Algorithms 6. Curiosity
  13. 13. College and University
  14. 14. College and University Pros Cons● Credentials ● Expensive● Experts ● Not Individualized● Familiar ● School● Widely Accepted ● Lengthy● Structured ● Inflexible ● Not Real World
  15. 15. Corporate Training General Assembly - Not really Corp Training, but it looks really good
  16. 16. Corporate Training Pros Cons● Short Timeframe ● Expensive● Experts ● Not Individualized● Certificates ● Product Focused● Business-Savy ● Sales Pitch● Real World● Structured
  17. 17. MOOCs (Massive Open OnlineCourses)
  18. 18. MOOCs (Massive Open OnlineCourses) Pros Cons● Free ● No Credentials● Experts ● Single Course● Flexible ● No Programs (Yet)
  19. 19. Blogs/Wikis/Other
  20. 20. Blogs/Wikis/Other Pros Cons● Free ● Quality?● Very Specific ● No Credentials● Short ● No Structure● Lots of them ● Too many!
  21. 21. Blogs/Wikis/Other The Problem ● What content is good? ● What order should I cover the content? ● Where do I find new content? ● Who can help me understand?
  22. 22. Data Science 201 - coming soon Helping you find the best data science learning content! Thank You