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Swets' list of eBook publishers

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Ebooks in swetswise publishers list

  1. 1. Browse our extensive eBooks catalog. these vast collections and in comprehensive reference resources covering IT, engineering, business, finance,SwetsWise’s eBook procurement portal contains a economics, accounting, MBA, Exec MBA book sum-wide range of titles and collections from a number of maries and best practice reports, streaming videos onthe world’s leading aggregators and highly respected leadership, and work/life balance topics. Books 24x7eBook publishers. provides the following collections: ITPro™, Business Pro™, Engineering Pro™, ExecBlueprints™, ExecSum- maries™, FinancePro™, GovEssentials™, OfficeEssen- tials™, Well-BeingEssentials™, Leadership Develop- ment Channel™. Please note that ordering Books24x7 is limited to non-commercial educational institutions123Library is a medical e-Book and digital content pro- from Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway,vider for individuals, medical professionals and libraries Mexico and Latin America.across the world. The 123Library medical collectioncontains thousands of leading medical e-books as wellas medical multimedia modules, medical e-videos ande-journals, covering a vast range of medical specialities,for academic studies and medical education of profes-sionals as well as of the general public. The 123Libraryplatform contains titles from leading medical publish- Brill provides eBook collections on Asian Studies,ers such as Oxford University Press, Informa Health- Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christian-care, Manson Publishing, Royal Society of Medicine, ity, Classical Studies, European History and Culture,Radcliffe, Jessica Kingsley, Hodder Education, Apply2m- Middle East and Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, The-edicine, Dunedin Academic Press, Clinical Publishing, ology and Philosophy, Social Sciences. Additionally BrillNottingham University Press, Sage Publications and the publishes the Martinus Nijhoff collections on Interna-American Society of Microbiology, with new publish- tional Law and Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.ers being added regularly. CABI is the leading publisher in the applied life sciencesACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is a collaboration and provides provides eBook collections on Agricul-among 20 learned societies, over 100 publishers, and ture, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Environmentallibrarians at the University of Michigan’s Scholarly Science, Human & Food Sciences, Leisure & Tourism,Publishing Office. The result is an online, fully search- Plant Sciences.able collection of high-quality books in the humani-ties, recommended and reviewed by scholars. ACLSHumanities E-Book includes the full text of 2,800 titlesselected by scholars across the humanities. Approxi-mately 500 titles are added each year. The collection Ciando provides 40,000 German language eBooks fromincludes both in- and out-of-print titles ranging from over 400 publishers, covering a wide array of subjectthe 1880s through the present. areas. All titles are available for individual purchase.Books24x7 for Libraries now boast over 22,000 totaltitles. Since its launch in 1999, Books24x7 has grownsteadily in number of publishers who contribute to
  2. 2. Gibson Library Connections launched the Canadian e-Libro provides an online database of 45.000 SpanishElectronic Library in 2005. As of October 2009, the Ca- language publications (books, scientific journals, aca-nadian Electronic Library has released over 25,000 Ca- demic papers and theses).The following collections arenadian monographs to libraries (of which over 11,000 available on subscription basis: Architecture, Urbanismare current in-copyright titles from over 60 Canadian & Design, Biology, Veterinary & Agropecuary Sciences,publishers) making the service Canada’s largest col- Computer Science & Telecommunications, Economiclection of online books for libraries. More than 7,000 and Administrative Sciences, Engineering & Technol-current in-copyright titles are available for individual ogy, Fine Arts, Visual Arts & Semiotics, General Inter-purchase through SwetsWise. est (includes European & American Literature Classics), Health Sciences (includes Medicine), Information Science and Communications, Physical and Natural Sciences, Psychology and Social Sciences (includes Law & Political Science). The eBooks provided by e-LibroCRCnetBASE is made up of over 6,000 online books on are available for individual purchase on SwetsWise.Biomedical Science, Business & Management, Chemi- Please note that orderinge-Libro through SwetsWisecal Engineering, Chemistry, Clean Tech, Computer is limited to institutions from Colombia, Venezuela,Science & Engineering, Economics, Civil Engineering, Spain, Mexico, Peru, central America, and Ecuador areElectrical Engineering, General Engineering, Mechani- excluded from ordering e-libro through Swets.cal Engineering, Mining Engineering, EnvironmentalScience & Engineering, Ergonomics & Human Factors,Food & Nutrition, Forensics & Criminal Justice, Geosci-ence, Healthcare, Homeland Security, IndustrialEngineering & Manufacturing, Information Technol-ogy, Life Science, Material Science, Math, Medicine,Nanoscience & Technology, Occupational Health &Safety, Pharmaceutical Science & Regulation, Physics,Public Administration & Public Policy, Social Sciences, Elsevier provides 10,500 eBook titles in 22 subject col-Statistics, Water Science & Engineering. All titles are lections: Agricultural & Biological Sciences, Biochemis-available for individual purchase. try, Genetics & Molecular Biology, Business, Manage- ment, Hospitality, and Tourism, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Energy, Engineering, Environmental Science, Finance, Forensics, Health Sciences, Immunology & Mi- crobiology, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medicineebrary offers a growing selection of more than 170,000 & Dentistry, Media Technology, Neuroscience, Pharma-digital books, handbooks, reports, maps, journals and cology, Toxicology & Pharmaceutical Science, Physicsother valuable content from over 425 of the world’s & Astronomy and Psychology. Additionally librariansleading publishers under flexible subscription, pur- or faculty can select & purchase individual eBook titleschase, and usage-based models. Additionally, ebrary on SwetsWise, one or many at a time, outside of theoffers content services—DASH! (do-it-yourself), current option to buy eBooks collections as a whole. InSoftware as a Service (SaaS) and licensed—for custom- first instance, Please note that ordering Elsevier eBookers to cost-effectively distribute their own PDF content products through SwetsWise is limited to institutionsonline. Please note that institutions from Denmark, in the United Kingdom and Germany - this region mayIceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden are excluded be extended over time. SW-EBO-ENG-04.2010from ordering ebrary through Swets.
  3. 3. Emerald offers online access to book series titles in IOS Press provides nearly 400 eBooks, all available fortwo eBook Series Collections. The ‘Emerald Busi- individual purchase, within the areas of Administrativeness, Management and Economics eBook Series Sciences, Biochemistry/Medicine, Computer & Com-Collection’ currently offers online access to a growing munications Sciences, General Engineering, Generalcollection of more than 550 volumes from more than Housing, General Townplanning and Architecture, In-70 book series titles. Featuring relevant, international formation Sciences, Life & Behavioural Sciences, Math-and trusted content in many fields including strat- ematics/Electronics/Mechanics, Rehabilitation/Assis-egy, economics, accounting and finance and human tive Technology, Social Science: Economics/Policy/resource management, this collection reinforces Management.Emerald’s position as the world’s leading publisher inmanagement research. The ‘Emerald Social ScienceseBook Series Collection’ complements and extendsthe current Emerald portfolio, currently offering on-line access to a growing collection of more than 240volumes from more than 35 book series titles. Pro- The MyiLibrary platform is Ingram Content Group’sviding contemporary and high quality research, this web-based aggregated eBook solution for public, aca-collection contributes much to debate in the fields demic and professional libraries around the world. Theof education, environment, health care, language platform is currently being used by more than 2 millionand linguistics, politics and policy and sociology and users worldwide. With over 230,000 titles from moreanthropology. Please note that Emerald eBooks are than 500 publishers worldwide, MyiLibrary contentavailable for purchase via Swets for institutions in reflects one of the most comprehensive collections ofEurope, Usa, Canada, Latin and Central America (incl academic and professional titles available on the mar-Mexico and Caribbean). ket today. All titles are available for individual purchase.IGI Global, founded in 1987, is an industry-leading The R2 Digital Library is an electronic book productpublisher of books, journals and databases in infor- from Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc. offering medi-mation/computer science and technology applied cine, nursing and allied health content from key healthto business and public administration, engineering, science publishers. It includes more than 2,000 leadingeducation, edical and healthcare, and social science. eBook titles from renowned publishers as AmericanAll titles are available for individual purchase, as well Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Publishing,as IGI Global’s Premier Research Databases, includ- American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Theing InfoSci-Books, InfoSci-Journals, InfoSci-Subject American College of Physicians, F.A. Davis Company,Databases and Business-Technology-Solution. HCPro, Cambridge University Press, Wiley Blackwell, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, McGraw-Hill Profes- sional, Oxford University Press, Slack, Inc., Springer, Thomson Delmar Learning, and Jones & Bartlett Learn- ing. All titles are available for individual purchase.
  4. 4. e-dition programme.Safari Books Online provides an on-demand digital li- WorldScientific carries nearly 3,000 titles, all availablebrary that delivers vetted, expert content for technol- for individual purchase, spanning many subject areas:ogy, creative and business professionals. Our library Architecture & Building Management, Asian Studies,offers over 8,000 books and videos from leading pub- Business and Management, Chemistry, Computerlishers such as O’Reilly Media, Addison-Wesley, Science, Economics & Finance, Engineering, Environ-Peachpit Press, Manning, John Wiley & Sons, Apress, mental Science, General Interest, History of Science,Adobe Press, Talented Pixie and Splash Media. Please Life Sciences & Biology, Materials Science, Math-note that only corporate customers from Denmark, ematics, Medicine & Healthcare, NanotechnologySweden and Finland are allowed to order Safari Books & Nanoscience, Non-linear Science, Physics, SocialOnline through Swets. Sciences.Taylor & Francis provides over 22,000 eBook titles,all available for individual purchase, in the Humani-ties, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, STM andLaw from some of the world’s leading imprints andprovides collections on amongst others: GeneralReference, Philosophy, Classics, History, Literature,Religion, Archaeology & Heritage, Media & CulturalStudies, Linguistics, Geography, Built Environment,Economics, Psychology, Psychotherapy & Jung, Busi-ness, Asian Studies, Politics, Sociology, Architecture& Building, Bioscience, Civil Engineering, Medicine &Pharmacology, Education Theory, Education Practice,Health & Society. Please note that ordering Taylor &Francies eBooks through Swets is limited to institu-tions based in territories and nation states withinNorth and South America.De Gruyter provides over 1,700 eBooks, all availablefor individual purchase, on Art and Music, Classicaland Ancient Near Eastern Studies, General Refer-ence, History, Law, Library and Information Science,Linguistics, Communications, Literary Studies,Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Philoso-phy, Theology, Judaism, Religion. Older backlist titlesare available as eBooks on demand in the de Gruyter