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E books via swetswise

  1. 1. Any Title. Any Provider. One Platform. The easiest way to acquire and manage eBooks • Purchase eBooks from our comprehensive catalog, containing the titles of more than 1000 publishers • Easily compare price options offered by multiple providers for the same title • Provide browsing, searching and full text access capabilities to your end users Read on to discover how our solution can work for you.
  2. 2. Let us help you make the move to eBooks Swets understands that while eBooks provide many advantages to your end-users, acquiring and managing eBooks can be challenging for librarians and informationReduce costs. Save time and professionals. eBooks are offered in a broad variety of purchase options, in manyhassle. cases by multiple providers, each with their own license terms. This can make eBook acquisition a complicated and time-consuming task but it doesn’t have to be. We can help. Win with SwetsWise SwetsWise is a web interface used by thousands of academic, corporate and governmental institutions throughout the world to acquire and manage academic and professional information, predominantly print and electronic journals. SwetsWise has been designed to simplify the way you find, order and manage your library’s entire collection. SwetsWise has now been extended to support the acquisition of eBook content. It offers you a single, user-friendly interface to manage both journals and eBooks, which is unique within the information industry. If you so wish, SwetsWise can be used solely for handling your eBooks collection.The only interface Sophisticated procurement portalavailable worldwide Through SwetsWise you are able to purchase both individual titles and eBookfor managing both collections, under the same pricing and purchase models as offered through the publishers and aggregators directly. SwetsWise contains the most comprehensivejournals and eBooks. eBook catalog available in the academic and professional market. The catalog is updated with new titles daily and new partners are being added to the catalog at a rapid rate. The catalog already contains: • Close to 300,000 titles offered by more than 1000 publishers • eBook offerings from leading aggregators such as ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB), ebrary, Ingram Content Group - MyiLibrary, Safari Books Online and SkillSoft - Books24x7 • eBook offerings from renowned publishers such as CABI, IGI Global, IOS Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG and World Scientific Publishing Co. User friendly catalog search All purchase options for the title of interest in one clear overview
  3. 3. Simplifying eBook selection and acquisitionOur SwetsWise Procurement Portal provides an intuitive interface for librariansand information managers to select and acquire eBook content. Full text access willbe provided through the online content delivery platform of your choice.SwetsWise simplifies the procurement of eBook content in a number of ways: Easily search and order your eBook content.• Basic and advanced search functionalities, including the option to search on basis of the print ISBN• A single overview displays which vendors provide the title of interest, and against which prices and price models• For many eBook titles detailed bibliographic information is displayed, and additionally an abstract, table of contents and cover image, further simplifying the selection process• Easily select items to purchase from search results• Electronic shopping cart for easy ordering SwetsWise supports de-centralized ordering. Rich metadata supports your selection processGain complete financial and administrative controlSwetsWise puts your entire eBooks collection at your fingertips, making it easier toadministrate all aspects of the order process. With its wealth of administrative toolsand a reliable support system at your disposal SwetsWise provides you with:• A single source for eBooks purchasing, enabling you to make informed collection development decisions• Up to date information on the status of every purchase• A means to avoid unnecessary duplication costs. You will be notified at point of order if your organization already owns the publication• An option to add order references to support your internal processes• The ability to allow staff to select and purchase eBook titles themselves. Through the optional built-in control mechanisms and approval cycles you are ensured your internal processes are automated and strictly adhered to
  4. 4. The SwetsWise solutionSwetsWise is our core service and the foundation of your SwetsWise solution.Our integrated approach allows you to combine several add-on services to fulfilyour information needs. SwetsWise supports you• SwetsWise automatically collects and consolidates usage statistics, from a through the complete variety of sources and lets you utilize a wealth of standardized or tailor-made workflow for eBooks. reports to uncover the underlying usage trends of your collection• SwetsWise provides an alphabetical overview of all your holdings, allowing your end-users to easily jump to the full-text on the platform of choice. All the content you purchase through SwetsWise is automatically entered into your A-Z list• SwetsWise provides a federated search service, which allows your end-users to quickly obtain relevant search results from all content delivery platforms from a single interfaceBy fully integrating these optional services into SwetsWise, you will be able tobrowse, acquire, access, manage and evaluate all of your organization’s purchasedcontent, irrespective of format, within a single interface. Manage, evaluate and access your entire collection through one holistic software solution. Complete overview of all your eBook ordersLearn moreOur comprehensive eBooks in SwetsWise portfolio integrates all the tools youneed to easily acquire access, manage and evaluate your eBooks. Supported bythe knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading information servicescompany, we provide you with a unique route into the world of eBooks. Contactyour Regional Sales Manager to learn more about how we can help you simplifythe management of your eBook collection.To keep up to date with all of our latest developments, why not sign up for one ofour newsletters? Register today at www.swetswise.com