Road to ensuring software development project success


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B24 E Solutions is one of the leading name in software development companies in India, it delivers high quality business solutions by IT professionals. B24 work on different methodology such as software development, mobile software development, web development, iPhone application development and many more.

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Road to ensuring software development project success

  1. 1. Road To Ensuring Project Success:Approximately 50+% of all projects either fail completely or never get tocompletion.Albeit this is a very big statement, but we found that it certainly is true to the words. It is foundmost of the times projects keep crashing for arbitrary but unavoidable reasons. Below we scanthrough few of the TIPS, if we stick to we will most definitely always deliver a quality project,on time and within budget.  Project Start Up: When we start project, the most important thing is to ensure that we obtain the requirements in as much detail as possible. We will then be able to exactly understand the path, risks in the project, what needs to be delivered, by when and to whom. At the start up we shall keep close eye of the project documentation. This business case document shall form the basis of our project.
  2. 2.  Timeframes: This is one of the most important decision for any project. As far as possible, we shall keep timeframes as short and realistic as possible. We should avoid committing to long term deliverables, but rather split the timeframe into mini projects or separate phases of an overall encompassing project. Splitting the timeframe into smaller segments is always good idea, since it give more of traceability to the project. Milestones: We shall create milestones for every phase or piece of work in our project. Add delivery dates to these and stick to them. Dividing the project in smaller milestone gives advantage of being able to track if we are going to have any delay in the project at early stage. If we are going to miss a deadline, we shall communicate this to client as early as possible. Deliverables: Deliverables should not be confused with milestones. They are something we are going to actually hand over to the client, be it the project scope document or part section of the application. We shall have deliverables marked for every milestone. Once every deliverable has been completed, it must be formally handed over to concerned person on the client team. Clients: Many a time the cause of project failure is that we don’t exactly understand the persons or team involved from client end. We shall have clear idea about all the stack holders in the project at the startup. So as to be able to understand your client and involve them right through the entire project, from planning to implementation. We need to communicate to them on a regular basis to ensure we get their buy-in in the project. Scope: Document the scope of the project at start up, including the flow, features, functionalities, what is in and what is out and have this signed off by the client. All the future scope changes must be re-evaluated and agreed by all stakeholders against the original scope.
  3. 3.  Quality: Quality on any project should not be a negotiable factor and must always be of the highest possible. We should ensure that we implement a clear quality management process, ensuring constant review throughout the project. The test cases and test plan shall be drawn at the stat up itself and shall be review per milestone basis.  Risks and Issues: Risks and issues must be formally documented and discussed and reviewed at least every week. We should ensure that these are prioritized, responsible persons assigned to each and actions have due dates.  The Team: Team selection and management is one of the most important aspect of the project success. It is very important to assemble the best team possible to deliver the project. It requires the best and the right persons for the job we can afford. The role of project manager would be to lead and motivate the team and ensure they work well together.  Communication: The communication channel as well as the stakeholder shall be defined for the project at the start up. We should make sure that a formal communication plan is drawn up, which will communicate the correct information to the correct audience at the correct intervals, from daily team meetings right up to the executive level of reporting to senior management. Apparently all of us endeavor to complete the project successfully. There may be some glitches along the way, but applying these tips to every project we manage will help putting them on the right track to deliver projects of high quality, on time and within budget, every time.B24 E Solutions finds at best places among the leading software project development companiesin India, it develops project that are a class apart. We at B24 deal with diverse size of companiesat highly competitive market costs and shrink the cycle time too. B24 work on differentmethodology depending on client necessity and deliver projects on the scheduled time.