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Earth work equipment


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gives d information regarding different types of earth work equipment

Earth work equipment

  1. 1. Different types 1.Wheel loaders. 2.Backhoesof earth work 3.Excavators 4.Scrapers 5.Motor gradersequipment: 6.Rollers 7.Dump trucks.
  2. 2. A loader (also known as: bucket/frontend/pay/scoop/skip/wheelloader and or shovel.) is a type oftractor, usuallywheeled, sometimes ontracks, that has a front mountedsquare wide bucket connected tothe end of two booms (arms) toscoop up loose material from theground, such as dirt, sand orgravel, and move it from one placeto another without pushing thematerial across the ground.
  3. 3. The backhoe attachment is used todig up hard material and is oftenused to dig trenches. It is hinged inthree places, making it resemble anarm: a shoulder joint attached to thetractor, an elbow sticking up in theair, and a wrist, where a relativelynarrow bucket is attached. Thebucket is extended away from thetractor, lowered, and filled bydragging toward the tractor -- thenraised and moved to the side beforebeing dumped. Extending andraising a backhoe reduces overallstability, so before the backhoe isused outriggers are extended forsafety.
  4. 4. In engineering, machine for movingearth over short distances (up toabout two miles) over relativelysmooth areas. Either self-propelled ortowed, it consists of a wagon with agate having a bladed bottom. Theblade scrapes up earth asthe wagon pushes forward and forcesthe excavated material into the wagon.When the wagon is filled, the gate isclosed, and the material is carried tothe place of disposal. The scraper isthe dominant tool in highwayconstruction.
  5. 5. Excavators are machines with multipleuses. They are primarily used fordigging, demolition, forestrywork, grading, landscaping, heavy lifting, andbrush cutting. The important features onthese heavy pieces of equipment are hydraulicpowered motors or rams, sealed cab onrotating platform, head attachments (such as abucket), which are used for differentpurposes. These attachments can change thefunctionality of the machine instantly from atrench digger to a logger. The rotatingplatform adds convenience for othermachinery. For example a dump truck can belocated directly behind the excavator and itcan still easily deposit material by swingingaround on a 180 degree pivot.
  6. 6. A grader, also commonly referred to asa road grader, a blade, a maintainer, ora motor grader, is a construction machinewith a long blade used to create a flatsurface. Typical models have three axleswith the engine and cab situated abovethe rear axles at one end of the vehicleand a third axle at the front end of thevehicle, with the blade in between. Someconstruction personnel refer to the entiremachine as "the blade."In civil engineering, the graders purposeis to "finish grade" (refine, set precisely)the "rough grading" performed by heavyequipment or engineering vehicles suchas scrapers and bull dozers
  7. 7. Rollers are machines used in the compactionof soils after grading. Compaction reduces thevolume of air space in the soil. Thiscompaction increases the dry unit weight andstrength of the soil to better supportstructures. This is a very important step, andthere are various tools to complete this task.Rollers complete compaction using variousmethods: Pressure, Impact, Vibration, andManipulation.
  8. 8. A Vibratory roller is a heavy machine similarA sheep foot roller has almost hoof to a sheep foot or tamping roller but addslike structures protruding from a vibration. It utilizes eccentric(alternating)roller to offer pinpoint pressure as in weights and other methods to produce aa herd of sheep was walking across vibration as it drops them against the soil withthe field. It offers a typical pressure a typical frequency of 1000-3500value of 500lb/in^2 cycles, vibrating the soil to compaction. Vibration is usually more effective in sandy and gravelly soils. Can be effective up to 2m. Sheep foot roller Vibratory roller
  9. 9. Dump Trucks - used instead ofscrapers when the soil is beingexcavated by loaders. Most cantravel over public highways, andmove faster than scrapers