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Information regarding removal of water at construction site

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  1. 1. It enable one to lower the groundwater tableadequately in cohesive and low permeable soils.Water is pumped off directly from sumps (ditches)along the toes of the slopes of the excavationworks.
  2. 2. The suction hose with strainer is merely placedin the sump and the collected water is primedand discharged. This makes the opendewatering system easy to install and simple tooperate.The open dewatering system utilizes1. self priming2. vacuum assisted centrifugal pumps,
  3. 3. 1.Well point dewatering systems enableone to lower the groundwater tableadequately for deep and large constructionsites.2.It has proven to be a very flexible system.The water from high permeable soils ispumped from well points, installed alongthe trench of the site.3.The well points are jetted and spaced toobtain an efficient drawdown againstlowest capacity..
  4. 4. 4.The well points with integral strainers arejoined to transparent flexible hoses, which areconnected by quick release couplers to the ringmain header pipeline.5.Wellpoint dewatering is done either by gravityor vacuum
  5. 5. Deep well dewatering systems enable one tolower the groundwater table to aconsiderable depth. A submersible pump isinstalled at the bottom of the well, of whichthe casing generally has a minimumdiameter of 150 mm. The discharge pipesfrom the submersible pumps of a number ofadjacent wells are connected to a commondelivery main. The water is raised from thewell by a multi-staged pump
  6. 6. Sump Pumps are used in applications whereexcess water must be pumped away from aparticular area. They generally sit in a basin orsump that collects this excess water Thisclassification includes bilge and ballast pumps,centrifugal pumps, cantilever pumps, sewagepump pumps, submersible sump pumps andutility pumps, among others