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Siebel 8.1 Certifications Question Answers, Siebel MCQ

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Siebel 8.1 Certifications Question Answers

  1. 1. Siebel Interview Questions Answers Bible, Siebel Certifications in www.aired.in1. Siebel eConfigurator, ePricer, and eAdvisor are collectively known as what?A. Siebel MidMarket EditionB. Interactive Selling SuiteC. Siebel Employee ApplicationsD. Siebel SalesB2. Which entity represents a person external to your company?A. CustomerB. PartyC. ContactD. PersonC3. Which entities always belong to a team? Choose three.A. ActivityB. OpportunityC. Contact 1D. AccountE. Service RequestB C D4. Which type of product is an internal application used by employees and partners? A. Employee ApplicationB. Partner ApplicationC. Customer ApplicationD. Employee Partner ApplicationA5. An Employee Application has the following characteristics? Choose two.A. Used by employees onlyB. Used by employees and partnersC. Internal applicationD. Used by employees and customersB C6. Marcel found out the area code of his contact, Céline, has changed from 912 to 440. Which of the following is the easiest wayfor him to change Céline’ s area code?A. Find Céline’ s record in the My Contacts View, delete it, and create a new recordB. Find Céline’ s record in the My Contacts View, go to the detail applet, change the area codeC. Find Céline’ s record in the All Contacts Across Organizations View, delete her phone number from a primary list, andinput the new oneD. Find Céline’ s record in the My Contacts View, delete her phone number from a primary list, and then input the newnumberB7. Which of the following objects is used to retrieve data from the database?A. ViewB. Business ObjectC. Business ComponentD. Database tableC8. How many Business Components can a single list or form Applet reference?A. Two (if using a toggle)B. OneC. UnlimitedD. EightB
  2. 2. 9. Complete this statement: A business object contains information about the _________between business components.A. DifferencesB. SimilaritiesC. Shared propertiesD. RelationshipsD10. Which of the following statements is true?A.Form applet data comes from only one tableB.Form applet data may come from many tables and columnsC.Form applet data may come from many columns in a single tableD.Form applet data comes from only one column in a tableB11.Complete the following statement. A set of related applets may be displayed in a__________.A. Business objectB. ViewC. ScreenD. Business componentB12. Which applet type may simultaneously display more than one record?A. ListB. FormC. ChildD. DetailA13. On a Mobile Web Client using disconnected processing, how is HTML delivered to the browser?A. The HTML is pulled from the Web cache on the Mobile Web ClientB. It is not possible for a disconnected client to receive Siebel HTML pagesC. The local Web Server with SWSE delivers the HTML to the browserD. The Mobile Web Client must synchronize to receive the HTML from the Siebel Web EngineC16. What is the purpose of the Siebel Monitoring Account?A. Used to monitor database capacity and alert DBA when approaching designated thresholdsB. Used to run Enterprise Server processes and componentsC. Required to run Windows processes or start UNIX daemonsD. Required by Resonate Central Dispatch connection brokering softwareD17. Which of the following is NOT a valid task when installing and verifying the Enterprise and Siebel Servers?A. Invoke the installation program and follow the installation stepsB. Run the install.ksh scriptC. Verify that the Windows Service and Unix daemon process is startedD. Inspect the SESsetup.log file in the Siebel root directoryB18. How might you verify repository data after installing the Database Server?A. View the SESsetup.log file in the Siebel root directoryB. Verify that the Windows Service and Unix daemon process is startedC. Run the imprep.ksh scriptD. Run a query to count the records in the S_VIEW tableD19. What function does the Siebel Web Engine perform when it receives a URL with a Siebelrequest?A. Gathers templates and data and builds an HTML pageB. Displays the HTML page on the client’ s computerC. Provides access to, and distributes load for Siebel ServersD. Verifies that the client is using an acceptable browser
  3. 3. A20. What happens when a user enters a URL for a Siebel application into a Web browser?A. The Browser retrieves the appropriate templates and the Siebel Web Engine retrieves the data from the database tobuild the HTML pageB. The Siebel Web Engine recognizes the URL and passes it to the Web Server where the HTML page is built for the userC. The Web Server retrieves the appropriate templates and the Siebel Web Engine retrieves the data from the database tobuild the HTML pageD. The Web Server recognizes the URL and passes it to the Siebel Web Engine where the HTML page is built for the userD21. Ken Fisher has several positions, including Service Representative, Service Leader, and Support Engineer. His primaryposition is Support Engineer. How should Ken change his position to Service Representative after he logs in?A. Change the default position flag in his profileB. Select User Administration ||User ProfileC. Select the position during the login processD. Select View || User Preferences || Change PositionD22. Limiting data displayed in the My Service Request view to service requests assigned to the user is an example of what?A. Team-based access controlB. Access based on responsibilityC. Position-based access controlD. Access based on User IDD24. A user’ s User ID affects which of the following?A. Access to data that the user createdB. Ability to forecast opportunitiesC. Access to specific screensD. Access to specific viewsA25. Which of the following statements is true about access control?A. Different users with the same Responsibility may see different data on the same viewB. View access for a Responsibility in one Organization will be different in another OrganizationC. Users see data based on Responsibility, ID, and PositionD. Users with different view access cannot view the same dataA26. Which of the following views displays data based on a user’ s position on a team and allowsall users associated with assigned positions to access the data?A. My ViewB. My Team’ s ViewC. All Across Organization ViewD. All ViewA27. When setting up your Organizational Hierarchy, why would you want to create a divisionand then set the Organization Flag?A. Making a division an organization prevents the assignment of records that typically will be visible only to thatorganizationB. Because you want to remove the Division, but create an Organization with the same nameC. You want other organizations to have access to the dataD. You do not want another organization to access the dataD28. You would navigate to the User Administration || Employees screen to do which of thefollowing? Choose two.A. Assign the user to viewsB. Assign views to responsibilitiesC. Adjust the user’ s access to data recordsD. Determine which responsibilities are assigned to a userC D29. Which access control mechanism would typically be used to ensure that SalesRepresentatives in the UK have access to only UK Customer information?A. PositionB. ResponsibilityC. PersonalD. OrganizationD
  4. 4. 30. Which of the following is a valid relationship between Controls and Fields?A. One control maps to many fieldsB. Many controls map to one fieldC. Many controls map to many fieldsD. One control maps to one fieldD31. Upon completing a repository search in Tools, how do you navigate to an object definition found during the search?A. Right-click the object in the results listB. Click the object in the results listC. Double-click the object in the results listD. Select the object and press the Space BarC32. What mechanism prevents the entry of duplicate records by specifying the columns that must contain a unique set of values?A. Foreign keyB. IndexC. Primary keyD. User keyD33. Which type of relationship requires an intersection table?A. Many-to-One (M:1)B. One-to-One (1:1)C. Many-to-Many (M:M)D. One-to-Many (1:M)C34. Where is main organization-related data stored in the Siebel database?A. S_ORG_EXT tableB. S_ORGANIZATIONC. S_BU tableD. S_BUSINESS tableA35. When you create a join to a party table, the destination column must reference the _____column in the joined table.A. ROW_IDB. PARTY_IDC. BU_ID D. PAR_ROW_IDD36. You want to add your company’ s logo in the branding areA. Which of the following is NOT a step that you need to accomplishthis?A. Compile an .srf and test the application after you modify it in Tools to see whether the logo appearsB. Specify the name of the logo in an HTML IMG tagC. Test the application after saving the template file to see whether the logo appearsD. Edit CCFrameBanner.swt template file to add an imageA37. What steps do you have to perform in order to bind applets to a view template? Choose two.A. Drag the applets from the list onto the placeholders in the view templateB. Launch the Web View Layout Editor in Siebel Tools to have the template file and the applets window openC. Create a new Screen View definition in ScreensD. Modify properties in Siebel Tools, by navigating to View || View Web template || View Web Template ItemA B38. Which of the following is true of the Item Identifier property of an applet web template item?A. It is read by the Siebel Tools to generate the final HTMLB. It specifies the condition under which this item is mappedC. It specifies the ID assigned to the control that is mapped to the placeholder in the .swt fileD. It specifies the name of the control or list item such as List and FormC39. You want to edit the Web layout of a Contact Form applet by right-clicking and choosingEdit Web Layout. You have checked out the appropriate project but you still get an error assoon as you choose Edit Web Layout. Which of the following toolbar settings should youhave set first?A. HistoryB. List
  5. 5. C. Web ControlsD. EditE. Target Browser Group F. DebugE40. Opportunity and Sales Stage have a M:1 relationship according to your business model.You want to show some data from the Sales Stage business component in your Opportunitybusiness component. How would you do this?A. By creating an implicit join between the Opportunity business component and the S_PARTY tableB. By using the intersection table S_OPTY_STGC. By creating a link between Opportunity and Sales Stage business componentsD. By creating a join from the Opportunity business component to the S_STG tableD41. Which of the following is NOT true of the Join Specification object type?A. Name of the join specification object definition must be unique within the joinB. Destination column is required if the join occurs on a column other than ROW_IDC. Source field denotes the name of the field on which the destination table will be joinedD. The Join Specification specifies the table to be joinedD42. You want to bring party data into a different party business component. Which of thefollowing would you NOT do when mapping a field to a column in a Party table?A. Select an existing or create a new explicit joinB. Use the existing implicit join from S_PARTY to the other Party tableC. Set the appropriate type for the new FieldD. Select the desired column in the joined tableB43. In a M:M link, which of the following properties must be populated? Choose three.A. Child business componentB. Inter tableC. Destination fieldD. Inter child columnA B D44. When you configure a static drilldown to a different business component, which of thefollowing you would NOT do? Choose two.A. Set Hyperlink field and view propertiesB. Set business component, source field, and destination field properties to enable drilldown to a view based on a differentparent recordC. Create a new drilldown object for the applet in Siebel ToolsD. Identify one or more matching conditions to trigger drilling down to a specific target viewE. Set the field, value, and sequence propertiesD E45. Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in configuring a dynamic picklist in SiebelTools?A. Set the Type Value property on the picklist to the picklist name in the S_LST_OF_VALB. Specify the Business Component to be used by the Pick List objectC. Set the runtime property to TRUE on the control or list column objectD. Create a Pick Map definitionA46. Which of the following are true of Multi-value group (MVG)? Choose two.A. Its visual cue isB. It requires dedicated space for each child record on a viewC. Multi-value field is required for an MVGD. It is an alternative to a detail view for managing parent and related child recordsE. It cannot be built on M:M relationshipsC D47. Which of the following is a valid reason to use unused columns of an existing standard 1:1extension table (rather than creating a custom extension column on the base table)?A. The columns will very rarely be included in the User Interface, and applies to onlya small subset of the records in the base tableB. It will improve performanceC. It is a solution when you have not purchased the Advanced Database Extensibility moduleD. Siebel does not permit creation of new columns on base tablesA
  6. 6. 48. Which of the following access control mechanisms is NOT how Siebel limits records a usercan access in a given view?A. Membership in access groups for catalogs and categoriesB. User IDC. User’ s responsibilitiesD. User’ s organizationE. User’ s positionC49. Which of the following is NOT one of the steps of enabling Multilingual List of Values(MLOVs)?A. Compile a new .srf and deployB. Determine which columns to enableC. Update the existing data in the database by running the MLOV upgrade utilityD. Configure columns for MLOVsE. Create 1:M extension table to S_LST_OF_VAL table for each target languageE50. For which Contact view do you set the Visibility Applet Type property to Sales Rep?A. For All ContactsB. For My Team’ s ContactsC. For My Personal ContactsD. For All Contacts across OrganizationsE. For My ContactsE51. Which of the following BusComp View Modes would you set to have My Teams View?Choose two.A. Set Visibility Field to Owned By IdB. Set BusComp Popup Visibility Type to Sales RepC. Set Owner Type to PositionD. Set BusComp Visibility MVField to Sales RepE. Set View Visibility Applet Type Name to PersonalC D52. You would like to see Siebel Actuate Reports in Portuguese instead of English. Which ofthe following would you use?A. Regional settingB. InternationalizationC. Language specific compilationD. LocalizationD53. What is the effect of checking out a project? Choose three.A. Locks the project in the server repository but not in the local repositoryB. Locks the projects in the local database repositoryC. Locks the projects in the server database repositoryD. Copies all object definitions in the project on the server to the local databaseB C D54. Which of the following populates a newly-initialized local database with a read-only copy ofall projects in the server repository?A. Database ExtractB. GetC. Checking OutD. Checking InB55. To modify the Siebel application what would you do?A. Modify the application engine that reads the repository fileB. Write custom stored procedures against the repository fileC. Write SQL statements against the repository fileD. Edit object definitions that make up the repository file
  7. 7. D56. Which of the following is NOT how you create a Web page in Siebel?A. Its layout is edited in Siebel ToolsB. Once configured properly, a browser automatically replaces Siebel tags with Siebel dataC. An applet is associated with a Web template objectD. A web template file is registered in a repositoryB57. How can you limit catalog visibility to only those groups associated with the catalog?A. Adjust the responsibilities associated with the Access Groups to ensure only the appropriate people haveaccessB. Set the Visible Flag for the catalog on the Catalog screenC. Set the Private Flag for the catalog on the Catalog screenD. Adjust the positions associated with the Access Groups to ensure only the appropriate people have accessC58. Why would you use the ONLY BASE TABLES parameter in your EIM configuration files?A. To eliminate duplicate dataB. To verify import successC. To speed up processingD. To truncate EIM tables after importC59. Which of the following are valid methods for verifying the success of an EIM task? Choosethree.A. Use the client application to view dataB. Print the contents of the base tables and compare against legacy printoutsC. View Server Manager logs for EIM tasksD. Use SQL SELECT statements against the EIM and base tablesA C D60. You have a Workflow process that evaluates the age of Service Requests and updates thepriority of Service Requests that are more than a week old. Which Siebel Workflow steptype are you using to change the priority of the Service Request?A. Siebel Update stepB. Siebel Operation stepC. Decision Point stepD. Sub Process stepB61. Which Siebel feature enables you to automatically apply a discount to a customer’ s orderwhen the customer adds both a printer and replacement ink cartridges to their onlineshopping cart?A. Siebel Workflow Policy ProgramB. Action SetsC. Siebel Assignment ManagerD. Rule SetsB62. You currently have a Siebel Operation step in a Workflow Process that updates SR priorityfrom Low to High. You now want the Sub Process step to change the priority to Very Highrather than High. How do you change this detail?A. Double-click the Siebel Operation step in the Process DesignerB. Delete the step and replace it with a new Sub Process stepC. Right-click the Siebel Operation step in the Process DesignerD. Double-click the Sub Process step in the Process DesignerD63. Which of the following is an Enterprise Component Group that should be enabled prior torunning Siebel Workflow?A. Workflow Process Batch ManagerB. Workflow Action AgentC. Workflow Monitor AgentD. Workflow ManagementE. Workflow Process ManagerD64. Which of the following is NOT an option with Siebel Workflow’ s Wait Step?A. Pause a process for a specified amount of time
  8. 8. B. Pause a process until a specified runtime event occursC. Include a restart parameter in the processD. Include a timeout parameter in the processC65. If an applet has five associated Rule Sets, and the first three rule sets will not return anydata for the current user, but the last two rule sets will, how many rule sets are evaluated forthis user?A. 4B. 3C. 2D. 5A66. How can you tell if your connectors in a Siebel Workflow process are successfullyconnecting the steps as you create the Workflow process? Choose two.A. The two ends of the connector will be white in colorB. By running the process using Process SimulatorC. By right-clicking the connector lineD. The two ends of the connector will be red in colorB D67. Which of the following describes .dx files?A. Transaction files transferred between the Server and Mobile ClientB. Temporary files that are automatically purged upon application exitC. Directory files used by Siebel to organize physical file directoriesD. Log files used for troubleshooting EIM process errorsA68. What is stored in the S_DOCK_TXN_LOG table in the Server Database?A. Before and after images of dataB. A list of transactions performed while dockedC. All of the data that is changed during a remote sessionD. Remote user informationA69. In the first time set up of mobile users, what must you do before data can be loaded in theMobile Client’ s local database?A. Run the dev2prod.ksh scriptB. Create the database schema for the local databaseC. Copy the Siebel Database file to the mobile clientD. Copy the .cfg and .srf file from the server to the mobile client machineB70. Which server task creates the DockingUser directory on the Siebel Server for a new MobileClient?A. Transaction RouterB. Generate New DatabaseC. Synchronization ManagerD. Database Extract Ans.: D71. What does the Transaction Merger server task do when it encounters a Duplicate Conflict?Choose two.A. Merges the two records together into one recordB. Adds the duplicate record and sets a flag to indicate that duplicates existC. Does not add the duplicate record and logs the conflict in the remote status logD. Notifies the mobile client of the duplicateB D72. When does the Transaction Merger server task override the MRG: System ConflictResolution system preference?A. NeverB. When a Duplicate Conflict occursC. When an Update Conflict occursD. When a Delete Conflict occursD73. What action is recommended if a mobile user is going to be unable to synchronize for anextended period of time (leave of absence, for example)?A. Change the synchronization frequencyB. Modify the views assigned to the mobile clientC. Set a new effective end-date for the mobile client to deactivate itD. Remove the mobile client’ s local database completely
  9. 9. Siebel Interview Questions Answers Bible74. When initially preparing your target environment for migration, which of the following tasksshould you complete? Choose three.A. Check out projects that were changed in developmentB. Create user accountsC. Install any required client softwareD. Install database and server softwareE. Copy the .srf file to server and clientsB C D75. What is dataexp.exe used for when migrating environments?A. To generate a data merge file that contains user and seed dataB. To create flat files containing data from non-EIM tablesC. To create flat files containing data from EIM tablesD. To generate a compressed copy of the source databaseD76. Which of the following must you do to reactivate a mobile client? Choose two.A. Perform a database extractB. Create the mobile client DOCKING sub-directory on the serverC. Add the server name to the DockConnString line of siebel.cfgD. Remove the end date for the mobile clientThe correct answer is A & D.Siebel Questions(Set 1)77. You have 2 machines and a remote client, what would be the server configuration for a full fledge remote architecture set-up (ClickHere)Siebel Web EngineData ManagerObject ManagerConfiguration File78. In workflow, using which of the following step you can invoke assignment managera. Business Serviceb. Sub-Processc. Siebel Operationd. Decision PointA79. Which server component must be running for a siebel remote client to work:a. Transaction Processorb. Synchronization Managerc. Transaction Routerd. Transaction MergerB80. For a regional Sales Manager wants to view all the opportunities created by his Sales representatives what view he should usea. My Viewb. My Team’s Viewc. All Organizationd. All Across OrganizationB81. When do you register a Web Templatea. When you create a template fileb. When you place in the proper physical directoryc. When you create an object which refers the template filed. NOTE: Please confirm this answer from course materialC82. Which is the following base table that would get populated after using the sample .ifb file (Click to View File)a. S_PROD_INTb. EIM_PROD_INT
  10. 10. c. S_PRODd. S_PARTYA83. Click the Exhibit, the following is TRUE for the Consumer business componenta. Visibility and Responsibility are the sameb. Multiple View Modesc. Business Component can be used with only 3 appletsd. Multiple access control MechanismsD84. Account is what kind of entitya. Single Organizationb. Multiple Organizationc. Single Userd. Single PositionB85. A potential client, partner and competitor is represented by which entity in Siebela. Contactb. Accountc. Customerd. Service RequestB86. What are the different Business objects layers in Siebel, Choose 2a. Business Objectb. Business Servicec. Business Componentd. AppletA C87. In a view if you display an account form applet as the master and the opportunity list applet as the child then what is TRUEa. Parent business component is used as Accountb. Child business component is used for Accountc. Parent business component is used as Opportunityd. Child business component is used for OpportunityAD88. Which of the following is TRUE in a view if there are two applets displayed one list and a detail.a. It is based on two different viewsb. It is based on two different Business Objectsc. It can use only one business componentd. It may use two business componentsC89. What does Rule set specify for an applet in personalizationa. Order conditionb. Search Specificationc. Set of Actionsd. Set of EventsB90. What determines localizationa. Tools Language Modeb. Siebel Toolsc. Regional Settingsd. OS regional settingsB91. What does “GetAttribute(‘Me.Country’) = ‘USA’ tell us
  11. 11. a. Laptop being used is placed in USAb. Laptops regional setting is set to USAc. It checks for the address as ‘USA’C92. A Screen is a collection ofa. Appletsb. Business Componentsc. Viewsd. Business ObjectsC93. How does Siebel Remote Client connecta. Through Gateway serverb. Through Domain Serverc. Through Enterprise Serverd. DirectlyA ??94. For a global deployment what kind installation one would use, Choose 3a. Web Client (Browsers)b. Multiple Siebel Serversc. Domain Serverd. Database ServerBCD95. What are following Siebel Interactive Selling suites, Choose 3a. eConfiguratorb. eChannelc. eAdviserd. ePricerACD96. Main Person related data is stored ina. S_PERSONb. S_EMP_PERc. S_USERd. S_CONTACTD97. What is TRUE for Standard Extension Database Columna. Type is Data (Private)b. Always prefixed with ‘X_’c. Provided by Siebel for Developers used. Cannot be editedB98. For an assignment rule if you have scores 10 for Product, 15 for Country and 5 for Language, which is the most important criteriaa. Productb. Countryc. Languaged. All are equally importante. NoneB99. Advantage of using MVG, Choose 2
  12. 12. a.b. Saves Space on the Viewc. Within List applet you can display child recordd.BC100. Advantage of frequent Synchronization, Choose 3a. Reduces number of modem connectivitiesb. Easy Recoveryc. Saves Disk Spaced. Use less Synchronization session timeBCD101. Given a view how to determine business components, Choose 2a. Use HELP->VIEWb. Use HELP->ABOUT VIEWc. Business Objects references in Toolsd. Using Screen, ScreenViewsBC102. Which is NOT TRUE for < swe:Applet …taga. HintText=Appletb. It is only used for Applet Templatec. It is only used for View Templated. Acts as a place holder for an appletB103. How to install and verify Gateway Server, Choose 2a. Follow the installation stepsb. Install through server manager utilityc. Check if siebel gateway windows service is up and runningd. Check SESsetup.log file104. How to install SWSE, Choose 2a. Start the required windows serviceb. Invoke Install from eappwebc. Install Web serverd. Shutdown and restart the siebel serverBC105. Steps for Internal Authentication, Choose 3a. Start the workflow for user registrationb. Create Employee, Position, Responsibilities using Siebel clientc. Set-up the external directoryd. Use the user and account information provided by Authentication servicee. DBA, give proper grants to userf. DBA, Create database LoginBEF106. Use of grantusr.sqla. To create Siebel grantsb. To create database user (SADMIN)c. To install Siebel applicationsd. Trigger fileB A107. Which of the following is TRUE if a user has different set of Responsibilitiesa. User can log on with the primary responsibilityb. User sees the Union of all responsibilitiesc. User can see only one set of Views
  13. 13. Siebel Interview Questions Answers Bible108. Data access control is based on, Choose 3a. User IDb. Positionc. Organizationd. ResponsibilitiesABC109. If you don’t know the object type and the parent for the object definition how do you find in Siebel Toolsa. Use Type Tabb. Use Detail Tabc. Use Flat Tabd. Use Search Repository optionC110. Where do you see Parent/Child relation for the object definitionsa. Use Type Tabb. Use Detail Tabc. Use Flat Tabd. All of AboveA111. Best practice for modifying Business Componenta. Unused columns should not be deletedb. Use Upgrade ancestor for future upgradesc. Use specialized business components as templatesd. Modify an existing Business component to suite your requirementYet to find..112. When does Transaction Merger populate the conflict ID with a non-zero valuea. Update Recordb. Duplicate Recordc. Delete Recordd. Query RecordB113. For proper working of Mobile Clienta. Use Transaction Docking = FALSEb. Use Transaction Docking = TRUEc. Use EXEC = TRUEd. Use EXEC = FALSEB114. Generate New Database component does whata. Create a new databaseb. Create a Template for current Database Schemac. Import Repositoryd. Migrate RepositoryB115. Transaction Processor uses S_DOCK_TXN_LOG to createa. DOKINGUSER directoriesb. TXNPROC directoryc. To Synchronize remote clientd. To create compressed files for individual usersB116. What are the following TRUE about a Join, Choose 2
  14. 14. a. Using Join one can achieve M:M relationshipb. Explicit Join Fields are read-onlyc. Explicit joins need to be created in Toolsd. Joins are between two appletsBC117. From service request if you drilldown to Employee what is NOT TRUEa. Source Id is set to Employeeb. Destination ID is set to ROW_IDc. Business Component is set to Employeed. View field of the drilldown contains Employee View NameOpen for discussion118. S_PARTY_PER stores relations for, Choose 3a. Employee & Positionb. User List & Usersc. Access Group & Membersd. Person & EmployeeABC119. Which of the following are true for Template Filesa. Style sheet cannot be modified by the customerb. Style sheet can be modified by the customerc. Style sheets are stored in databased. Style sheets have extension of .swtB120. Using .ifb files we can do, Choose 2a. Import archiveb. Specify an EIM Tablec. Do an Import, Delete, Merge and Exportd. Render UI LayerBC121. Back up local remote repository, Choose 3a. Add to Archiveb. Check-out from the serverc. Backup complete database file (use Copy/Paste)d. Check-In to ServerACD122. If you lock project locally which is NOT TRUE then, Choose 2a. You cannot check-in to the serverb. You can check-in to the serverc. You cannot undo your changesd. You can use Tools->Unlock to unlock projectBC123. Mobile web client will use the following, Choose 3a. Local Object Managerb. Local Data Managerc. Local SWEd. Siebel ServerABC124. Initialization Parameter for the application enginea. Configuration File ( .cfg )b. Siebel Repositoryc. Server Manager Taskd. File System ManagerA125. For displaying application name (Splash Text ) from “Call Center” to “ABC Call center” changea. Application Nameb. Application Titlec. Application SplashTextd. Application Text
  15. 15. C126. Which is NOT TRUE to scroll vertically in List Applet recorda. Use <> Navigation buttonb. Use Menu Button First Recordc. Use Menu Button Last Recordd. Use Vertical Scroll BarD127. How do you register viewsa. Application Administration->Responsibilitiesb. Application Administration-> Viewsc. Application Administration-> Utilities->Responsibilitiesd. Application Administration-> Utilities->ViewsB128. How do you populate List of Values, Choose 2a. Using Siebel Toolsb. Batch Loadc. Application Administration->List of Valuesd. System Preferences->List of ValuesBC129. How do you navigate through Screens, Choose 2a. Application Administration-> Screensb. Screen Tabsc. View Tabsd. View Site-MapBD130. Which personalization attribute is used when you store data in database for usersa. Dynamicb. Persistentc. Event aliasd. EventB131. Which is not the child object type for Business Componenta. Fieldb. BusComp Server Scriptc. Multi Value Fieldd. Linke. Multi Value LinkD132. The person who creates the record become _________ of the recorda. Creatorb. Ownerc. Primaryd. SecondaryC (Open for discussion)133. For EIM to Base Mappings following resources can be used, Choose 2Siebel DocumentsBookshelfToolsApplication2, 3134. A user has multiple positions in his organization. He works as ‘Sales Manager’ and ‘Supervisor’ but his primary position in Siebel is‘Account Manager’, when he logs in he would log in asSales ManagerSupervisorPrevious logged in PositionAccount Manager4135. How a foreign key for a column can be searched?1. Use Business Objects and Links definitions2. Query using the column ‘Foreign Key Table’ in tools3. Use Flat Tab4. Using Business components and Join definitions
  16. 16. 2136. Opportunity is owned by the person who created it or by the person to whom it is assigned is an example ofOwned by personOwned by PositionOwned by OrganizationOwned by Creator2137. When is the Process properties in workflow simulator usedSet the error levelsSet the error MessagesSet the value for Object Id for testing purposeSet the sequence of execution3138. The conflicts in Synchronization can be viewed inUser Preferences  Mobile StatusUser Preferences  Remote StatusUser Preferences  Client StatusUser Preferences  Server Status2139. What is NOT TRUE about the table S_LST_OF_VALIt is used for Static List of ValuesValues can be entered using tools  Table  ColumnType Data (Private)Has VAL Column2140. A company requires a weekly report regularly based on the open service requests for the week, how the report can be generated:Create and modify the report weeklyCreate the required query and save itCreate and modify the query for every weekUse Siebel Reports Module2141. What is wrong about M:M custom extension tableThe type property of the base table can be Data(Public)The type property of the base table can be Data(Private)2142. An applet can be mapped toSingle Table and Single columnMany tables and Many columns.Many Columns of single tableSingle column of Many Tables2143. What is the type of access control for Organisation in the following example:Single OrganizationMultiple OrganizationAllPersonal144. eChannel is a ____________ application:EmployeeCustomer
  17. 17. Partner3145. Which of the following is owned by a single personAccountOpportunityActivityService Request4146. How do u see the parent child object definitions in ToolsTypesDetailFlat1147. Service request and action has got what relationship1:11:MM:1M:M2148. What components should be running for siebel remote, choose 31. Transaction Processor2. Transaction Router3. Transaction Merger4. Synchronization Manager5. Transaction Manager123149. From which step can u invoke ANOTHER WORKFLOW PROCESS1. Sub process2. Start3. Business Service4. Siebel Operation1150. Refer the .ifb file (Click Exibit) following is TRUE1. It will delete all the records = Printer2. It will not delete all the records = Printer3. It will delete all product with name include “Printer”151. If u want to assign German opportunities to Sales persons from Germany what criteria would you use1. Compato person2. Compare to objest3. Compare to person4. Compare to organization5. Compare object to person5152. Foreign key suffix is1. _FK2. _ID3. _PK4. _UK2153. User synchronizes to server and the server values are overwritten, in this scenario option is1. Server Wins2. Client Wins3. User Conflicts2154. Call center is what type of application1. Employee
  18. 18. 2. Customer3. Partner1155. Workflow persistence two parameters, Choose 21. Frequency2. Level3. Dynamic4. Value1,2156. Static picklist does which of the following, Choose 21. Updates joined fields2. Picks value in to destination field3. Can be bounded or unbounded4. Can be only bounded2,3157. MVG does which of the following, Chose two1. Runs just one query to retrieve parent record and the primary child record2. Retrieves all child record in one query3. Increases space on the View4. Can have zero or more MVF1,2158. Where all can u compare object definition, Choose 31. Archive file and local repository2. Import file to Export File3. Server repository and local repository4. Archive file and server repository1,2,4159. ____ replace Siebel tags with _____1. SWE2. Data Manager3. Repository data4. Seed Data5. Master Data1,3160. show drop down box contain1. Views with related data2. Views with unrelated data3. Applet with related data4. Applet with unrelated data1161. Business components refers to1. One table in the database2. One or many table in the database3. Many table in the database4. One table and Many Columns in the database2162. To bring party data into non-party business component the join specification destination column should refer1. ROW_ID2. PAR_ROW_ID3. ROW_ID of Party BC4. Id2163. S_BU and S_ORG_EXT has 1:1 relation ROW_ID of S_BU is M-01-UX and the row_id of corresponding row in S_ORG_EXT is U-02-XY then the value of foreign key in S_ORG_EXT which refers to S_BU is1. M-01-UX2. U-02-XY3. New ID Value1164. For 1:M link you have to set
  19. 19. 1. Parent business component2. Destination column3. Inter Parent Table4. Inter table5. Inter Child Table1165. For parent, child, and grandchild in view you need1 link2 links3 links1 link and 1 join2166. Which Position can delete, merge and do a forecast of opportunityPrimarySecondaryCreated BySiebel Administrator1167. To have good performance you need to set sort specificationIn DESC order as that in IndexIn the same order as that in IndexNon-Index ColumnsUse Columns from extension tables2168. If a post default value is set for the field in BC thenIt assigns value to field if the user does not enter any value for it before inserting record in the databaseIt assigns default value to the field even if the user assigns a value before save.It assigns a default value and user can overwrite the value set1169. If no default drilldown is configured in dynamic drilldown then on clickingNo drill down will occurWill display ErrorDrill down to the first configured drilldownDrill down to the last configured drilldown1170. Siebel support relation of type, choose 31. 1:12. 1:M3. M:M4. 1:21,2,3171. If mobile client goes for a long leave what is the following best option1. To deactivate the user and create a new account upon arrival2. To deactivate the user and activate and synchronize upon arrival3. To deactivate the user and extract the new database again when he returns.3172. Which of the following is TRUE for using Picklist1. Only for updating SVF2. Only for updating MVF3. Updating joined field in BC1 and 3173. For personal based access control, owner type is set to1. Person2. Position3. Organization4. Group1
  20. 20. Siebel Interview Questions Answers Bible174. My Teams view shows data for1. All record assigned to him2. All his subordinates3. All records across the organization1,2175. Advantages of internalization isUni-directional supportBi-directional supportSingle CurrencySingle number format2176. Dataimp.exe is used forInstall DatabaseImport RepositoryImporting data into EIM tables from flat filesImport Administrative data3177. What is Siebel mid market edition?, Choose 31. Designed for companies with fewer than 100 users2. Designed for companies with fewer than 1000 users3. An integrated product suite that help manage customer relationships4. Built on common architecture1,3,4178. Which is not possible with web client1. Call Center Access2. Client side scripting3. Authentication4. Server Management3179. If thread title is not set for the view then1. It will not display the Thread2. It will take the value from view title3. It will take the value from applet4. It will use the ViewBar Text2180. To make a search for all entity that start with “M” how will u do it1. Use search Repository2. Go to HelpContentsIndex then click M3. Use Flat Tab1181. Which type of applet shows only one record at a time?1. List2. Form3. Detail4. Tree2182. Function of SWSE is
  21. 21. 1. To routes the Siebel request to appropriate Siebel server component2. To Manage Siebel Servers3. To Load Balance1183. Data for Siebel application is managed by1. Object Manager2. Siebel Web Engine3. Data Manager3184. For mobile client in disconnect processing1. Local web server2. Local Gateway3. Local Siebel Server4. Local Object Manager5. Local Data Manager1,4,5185. If u want to take the back up copy of the local database what are the steps u are going to do?choose threea)copy the .dbf filesb)check in proj to serverc)check out proj to serverd)select the object in tools and click savee)archieve filesa,b,e186. In an applet what a rule set does?choose onea)creates a query in the applet to fetch a subset of recordsb)hides the appletc)hides certain dataa186. If u work on locally locked proj what are the things pozz?choose onea)u can test some changes locally which can be discarded later.b)once tested locally changes can be put on the server.A187. what variables are stored in the database for registered users?choose onea)persitent variablesb)dynamic Variablesa188. What are the following things done in regards to a BC?choose twoa)copy BCs having specialised classes.b)check the ancester upgrade property to truec)u cannot delete standard fields in the BC bcoz they have underlying code beneath.d)u edit certain changes which can be compiled laterc,d189. You have a view comprising of a list applet at the top and a form applet in the bottom?choose onea)consists of 2 business objectsb)consists of two business componentc)consists of one business componentc190. When u will register the web template?choose onea)when it is copied.b)when it is created.c)when the obj is created and need to be registered.c191. epricer,eauction are what applications?choose onea)employeeb)customerc)industryb
  22. 22. 192. Diagrams are provided and asked for visibility?In the Account BC Visiblity MVL and Visibility Visbility MVF are provided asorganization.What type of visibility is it?choose onea)single organizationb)multiple organizationc)positiond)personb193. What is the purpose of using mvg?choose twoa)displays applet on demandb)queries along with the parent appleta,b194. What does a join do in the following ?choose onea)fetches records for a BC from a 1:M table by creating a join.b)creates a 1:1 or M:1 relationship with one entity of 1 or many side of the table.b194. You have a assignment manger with scores for product as 10,sub process as 15 and skill as Which is the most impassignment?choose onea)Productb)sub processc)skillb195. A eim ifb file is given.from that it is asked as to what table the eim task populates?here under ifb file againg only base table s_prod_int was written.S_prod_int is the answer.196. What are the advantages of frequent synchronization?choose foura)Saves disk spaceb)keeps the most recent data on the server.No prob if the local database is damaged.(This is a direct question from our guide three)197. Which task keeps track of all the changes wrt mobile clients on the server?choose onea)Transaction Mergerb)Transaction Processerc)Synchronization Managerd)Transaction Processerb198. Which of the following are not pozz wrt list applets?choose onea)Cannot scroll with vertical scroll barsb)for employee applications implicit save is there.c)presents data from many tables and columnsd)sorting is pozza199. A person is having 3 positions of which sales mgr is the primary position?when he logs in he will log in with which position?ans) he will log on with primary position.200. How does a mobile web client connect to the server while synchronizing?choose onea)through web serverb)through lan server and from there through web server.c)through Gateway serverd)Database serverc201. The table s_party_per stores what?the answer is:A. userlists and usersb. employees and positionsc. access group and members202. The siebel application engine parametes are stored in what?choose onea)configuration fileb)initialization fileA203. what u are going to verify after installing gateway server?a)verify the sessetup.log file.b)check windows or unix deamon process are started.
  23. 23. B204. For extension columns what is true?choose onea)start with x_205. when do compile the srf wrt the following things done during localization.a)localization of appletsb)import of translated stringsc)export of untranslated stringsd)multilingual list of values.A206. You have an opportunity and u want to associate a list of activities to it?how u will carry out this?a)have a form applet for opportunity and a list applet for activities.b)form applet for activities and list for opportunity.c)both list appletd)both form appletA207. Which of the following entities u will associate with one person?a)contactsb)accountsc)opportunitiesd)service requeste)activityD208. you have server machines and laptops what all needs to be set up on the mobile client side,server side and database side.This is a direct question from study guide.209. A person has 4 responsibilities?what he will see?choose onea)union of all the views.210. the data related to user is stored in which table?choose onea)s_userb)s_contact.c)one intersection tableB211. You are running a workflow process and u want to assign something through the assignment manager in between.How u willdo this in workflow?choose onea)siebel operation stepb)sub processc) Business ServiceC212. What is the use of process properties in workflow?choose one.a)to set object id.213. How u will assign and register a view?choose onea)add view by goto ebusiness application----->application admin--->viewsb)goto view--->view web template--->web template items.A214. A list applet displays data from what?choose onea)many tables and columnsb)single table and columnsA215. In tools if u want to search for the parent child relation in which tab is it possible?choose onea)typesb)relationsc)flat
  24. 24. A216. If u want to view the hierarchy without viewing the parent then through which tab u are going to achieve this?choose onea)typesb)relationsc)flatC217. Which of the following is not a child of business component?choose onea)linKb)mvlc)fieldA218. eMarketing is what application?a)customerb)employeeA219. If an employee is not going to work for extended period of time what are the things u are not going to do?a)set end dateb)stop transaction merger processer ,mergerc)delete docking dird)delete the user.D220. What are the entities present under business object definitions?a)business objb)business componentsc)fieldd)linkB221. Which component u will check to ensure that the remote client will properly function?choose onea)synchronization managerb)routerc)mergerA222. What are the following ways u will navigate to a screen?choose twoa)page tabb)sitemap223. A person wants to drill down from contact list applet to employee readonly list applet byclicking on the owner by field?how he will be able to achieve that?choose twoa)under source field give employee.b)give id under destination fieldc)give the hyperlink field as owner by and destination view.AC224. You have a 1:M table where does the foregin key reside on this?choose onea)on the many side225. The data related with competitor,potential client is stored in which table?choose onea)s_org_extb)s_contactc)s_optyA226. If u want to change the application name while the application is opening up on ur screen where exactly u will change it inconfiguration file?choose onea)application splash textb)application nameA227. How u will locate a foreign key for a particular table in tools?choose onea)query for foreign key table and find column228. A sales representative wants to take a weekly report on the activites for that week.How that is achieved?choose onea)use predefined queryb)change standard queryc)change standard report
  25. 25. d)customize a siebel reportA229. What are the steps u will folow to install the webserver extension?choose twoa)start windows service.b)use the eappweb programc)install web serverBC230. Customer Centric Approach caters with:a) Managing and Synchronizing customer interactions across all channelsb) Managing and Synchronizing customer interactions within a single channelc) Managing and Synchronizing employee interactions across all channelsd) Managing and Synchronizing customer interactions within a single channelsA231. Part of industry applications, Choose 3a. eHealthCareb. eMediac. eConsumerd. eLearningABC232. Which does NOT belong to the 3 key technologies that enable organization to fully align their channels, partners and employeesa. Enterprise relationship Managementb. Customer relationship Managementc. Partner relationship Managementd. Employee relationship ManagementA233. Following are designed for Mid-Market Editions, Choose 3a. eCustomerb. eMarketingc. eFiananced. Siebel ServiceACD234. Following are NOT industry specific solutions, choose 1a. eRetailb. eMedicalc. eAutomotived. eTelecomD235. Siebel Field Service Manages operations with, choose 3a. Pagersb. Handheld Devicesc. Personal Computersd. Wireless PhonesABD236. A Business entity is something in the real world in which we have,a. Business Responsibilitiesb. Business Strategiesc. Business Interestd. Business PlanningC237. Business entity external to your company, choose 2a. Accountb. Opportunityc. Contactd. ActivityAC238. Opportunity has the following characteristics, choose 2a. Possible association with a service requestb. End datec. Close Dated. RevenueCD239. Characteristics for a service request, choose 3a. Status
  26. 26. b. Qualityc. Priorityd. SeverityACD240. ___________ Is an instance of a purchased producta. Product lineb. Product Itemc. Assetd. Product CatalogC241. Partner application is an external application used bya. Customer and Partnersb. Partners Onlyc. Employee and Partnersd. Employees and CustomersC242. High Interactive requires, which version of IEa. 3 or aboveb. 4 or abovec. 5 or aboved. 6 or aboveC243. Which interactivity mode does NOT require frequent refreshes,a. Low interactivityb. Medium Interactivityc. High Interactivityd. Standard ActivityC244. Following features are supported only by high interactivity mode, choose 3a. Client-side scriptingb. Interactive Controlsc. Personalizationd. Keyboard shortcutsABD245. Data presented in the UI is stored in,a. Business Objectb. Databasec. Business Componentd. RecordB246. Screen tabs indicatesa. All the screens availableb. Few user selected screensc. Most commonly used screensd. Site-mapC247. Business entities and related data are shown by,a. Business componentsb. Business Objectsc. Screens & Fieldsd. Screens & ViewsD248. For navigating through List and Forms use, Choose 3a. Use menu button, First Recordb. Use menu button, Last Recordc. Use menu button, Select Recordd. Use next or Previous buttons,ABD249. Thread bar shows you, choose 2a. Location among recordsb. Location among screens and viewsc. Path as you drill down on a recordd. History drop downBC250. Menu button is available only in
  27. 27. a. Low interactivityb. Medium interactivityc. High interactivityd. Standard interactivityC251. Presence of the save button negate the implicit record-level commita. Trueb. FalseB252. What is a Query? (Choose that apply)a. Locate one or more records that meet specific criteriab. Create a subset of data for viewing & reportingc. Refresh the view to download informationd. Refresh the view to upload informationABC253. Running a query with NULL criteriaa. Will retrieve zero recordsb. Will ask for at least one criteriac. Will return all recordsC254. Additional criteria can be added in refine query?a. Falseb. Truec. Does not supportB255. Favorite are available criteria, choose 2a. Queries created and saved by the userb. Pre-defined queries provided by your administratorc. Most frequently used Viewsd. Sort CriteriaAB256. Keyboard shortcut’s basic mode requires an Active-X control in the browsera. Trueb. FalseB257. In a list or form a business data item is represented bya. Recordb. Columnc. Fieldd. AppletC258. List or Form references_________ business componenta. One and only oneb. One and morec. Manyd. NoneA259. What is a View? Choose 2a. A collection representing a functional business areab. A collection of Appletsc. A collection of Screensd. A collection of PagesAB260. A business object contains, choose 2a. One and only one business componentb. One or more business componentc. Relationship between componentd. Mapping between Applet & componentsBC261. Following information can be seen via Help->About View, Choose 2a. Record Informationb. Child Business Component
  28. 28. c. Business Objectd. Business object LinkBC262. Siebel application is characterized by 3 distinct layersa. Data Presentationb. Business Logicc. Data Hidingd. Data StorageABD263. Siebel architecture consists of, Choose 3a. RDBMSb. Web Clientc. Application Serversd. Siebel ServiceABC264. One enterprise server can have only one,a. Siebel Clientb. Siebel Serverc. Database serverd. Component server tasksC265. Function of Web Server, Choose 2a. Routes requests to the appropriate Siebel Serverb. Identifies and passes Siebel request to the Siebel server (SWSE)c. Passes completed HTML application pages back to browserBC266. Image cache consists of,a. Images published to web serverb. Allows parallel downloadc. All of aboveC267. Functionality of Gateway server, Choose 2a. Logically grouping Siebel serversb. Name Serverc. Connection BrokeringBC268. Gateway server is NOT used by _______ clients, Chose that applya. Mobileb. Dedicatedc. Handheldd. Web269. Runs as Windows Servicesa. Siebel Serverb. Gateway Serverc. Enterprise Serverd. Database ServerAB270. Some of the server components, Choose that applya. Synchronization Managerb. Communications Serverc. File System Managerd. Workflow ManagerAC271. Gateway server configured and installed as part of the first Siebel server installa. Trueb. FalseB272. Object Manager process data at what levels (Choose 3)a. Business Object layerb. SWSEc. UI Layer (SWE)d. Data ManagerACD273. Database server is accessed by
  29. 29. a. Business Objectb. Database File Systemc. Data ManagerC274. Siebel File system contains, Choose 3a. Product literatureb. Opportunitiesc. Activitiesd. Sales Toolse. PresentationsADE275. Different types of servers used, Choose 3a. Siebel Serverb. Application serverc. DB serverd. Web ServerACD276. Recommended LAN for Siebel Server should be,a. Low Speed LANb. Medium Speed LANc. High Speed LANd. Very High Speed LANC277. All clients connect through SWSEa. Trueb. FalseB278. Dedicated client is NOT directly connected to database servera. Trueb. FalseB279. For web and wireless client connection state is stored ona. Enterprise Serverb. Gateway Serverc. Siebel Serverd. Database ServerC280. Object manager is an engine for Siebel, Choose 3a. Builds a Siebel application at runtimeb. Executable filec. Supports multiple usersd. Single and ReusableACD281. Initialization settings for the object Manager can be througha. .cfgb. .srfc. Component Parameterd. Gateway servere. Enterprise serverAC282. Following clients obtain initialization settings exclusively from Configuration file, choose 3a. Mobile web clientb. Dedicated Clientc. Handheld Clientd. Wireless ClientABC283. _________ file extension invokes SWSEa. .swseb. .cfgc. .swed. .ifbe. AllC284. Following Clients have Local database
  30. 30. a. Mobileb. Handheldc. Dedicatedd. WirelessAB285. Which are valid Type property for an applet? (Choose 3)a. Pick Listb. Genericc. Detaild. Association ListACD286. Which two types of Severity come under Validation Options?a. Errorb. Normalc. Warningd. HighAC287. Which is extension of Archive File?a. .srfb. .datc. .dxd. .sifD288. Which are two ways to add a project into archive?a. Right click on project and select Add to Archiveb. Select project and go to View – Options – Add to Archivec. Select project and go to Tools – Add to ArchiveAC289. Which are 3 ways to compare Object definition and another one?a. In current local repositoryb. In archive filec. In current local archive filed. In repository on serverABD290. How can developers can back up local work (choose 3)a. Copying repository datab. Using archive file to back up repository datac. Checking in projects into the serverd. Copying the server database (.dbf)e. Copying the local database (.dbf)BCE291. Which one of the following can’t be changed in .cfg for customizing an applicationa. RepositoryFileb. ApplicationTitlec. ApplicationNamed. ApplicationSplashTextC292. In which directory Style sheets are stored in client application?a. BINenuFILESb. PUBLICenuCSSc. PUBLICCSSd. PUBLICenuFILESD293. How can Web Template Explorer be invoked in Siebel Toolsa. Tools – Web Template Explorerb. View – Options – Web Explorerc. View – Toolbars – Web Template Explorerd. View – Windows – Web Templates WindowD294. Which 3 steps are required for Template Files?a. Registeringb. Compilingc. Bindingd. AssociatingACD295. Which one is not a valid type of Template?a. Web Page Templateb. Screen Templatec. View Templated. Applet TemplateB296. Which one in followings is not an example of Web page Template?a. Content Pages
  31. 31. b. Login Pagesc. Error Pagesd. Container PagesA297. Which one in followings is not a valid Type property for Applet Web Template?a. Baseb. Editc. Formd. QueryC298. Item Identifier in Web Page Items is the id attribute value in the _______.a. swe:item tagb. swe:page tagc. swe:pageid tagd. swe:pageitem tagD299. Which frame is not a part of Container Page: Employee Applicationa. Banner Frameb. Content Framec. Screenbar Framed. View FrameD300. Which one is not a part of application-level menus?a. Viewb. Filec. Windowd. HelpC301. Which two are not parts of Siebel Application Toolbar?a. History Menub. Show drop-down list boxc. Dashboardd. FavoritesBDNote: Siebel Application Toolbar appears in Employee Application only.302. Where does Dashboard Toolbar appear in Siebel Tool?a. Application – Toolbarb. Project - Toolbarc. Application – Application Find - Toolbard. ToolbarD303. How does a particular screen come under view – Sitemap in application? By Setting value ina. Screen – Screen View – Viewbar Text Propertyb. Screen - Screen View – Menu Text Propertyc. Application - Page Tab – Text Propertyd. Application – Screen Menu Item – Text PropertyD304. Select two, which don’t come under setting up a developer steps?a. Install appropriate server and client softwareb. Create the developerc. Initialize server database schemad. Generate the local database templatee. Extract the server databaseCE305. Select two, which don’t come under setting up a developer steps?a. Install appropriate server and client softwareb. Create the developerc. Initialize server database schemad. Generate the local database templatee. Extract the server databaseCE306. Which is not a way to verify tools client after its installation?a. Inspect directoryb. Verify SSEsetup.log filec. Verify application launch and database connectiond. Verify SSDsetup.log fileB307. How does a developer can be registered as a mobile client? By navigatinga. Application Administration - Mobile Clientb. User Administration – Mobile Clientc. Siebel Remote Administration – Mobile Clientd. Siebel Anywhere Administration – Mobile ClientC
  32. 32. Siebel Interview Questions Answers Bible308. Which one in the followings is a valid way to verify after generating Local DB Template?a. Look in <Siebel Server dir>DOCKING<USERNAME dir>b. Look in <Siebel Server dir>*****.ldf filec. Look in <Siebel Server dir>DBTEMPL<USERNAME dir>***.dbf filed. Look in <Siebel Server dir>DBTEMPL****.mdf and ****.dbf filesD309. Which two are not valid uses of “Get”?a. To populate newly initialized local database.b. For locking project on server repositoryc. To refresh a read only project in a local repositoryd. For locking project on local repositoryBD310. Which are valid uses of “Check In”? (Select 3)a. Copies project definition from server to local repositoryb. Release lock on server and local copies of projectsc. Replaces versions of checked out object definitions with new versions and unlock projectsd. Copies object definitions form local to server repositoryBCD311. Which two are outcome of “Undo Check Out” process?a. Release lock on serverb. Release lock on localc. Retains lock on serverd. Retains lock on localAD312. Which of the following change the System Management ParametersA Workflow MangerB. Assignmnet Mangerc. Action Setsd. Rule Sets313. Following is correct about Siebel Web Templatesa. Choose Siebel Web Object and use Applet web template editor.b. A view template can only be associated with two teplatesc. Applet and web templates have one to one relationship314. Related list applets and form applets which represent a functional business area are represented bya. Screenb. Viewc. Businsess objectd. Business componentB315. Global deployment of Siebel Web Archtecture should have (Choose three)a. Multiple Siebel web server extensionsb. Multiple Siebel Serversc. Multiple Gateway serversd. Multiple Domain Severse. Siebel File SystemBDE316.How do you change the sequence of screen tabs .They will give you the picture and then suggest to you options as to how is done in the tools.316. When do you create a business component not using the existing standard business component.A.When you create a Custom extension table and there is no Siebel Object def.b. When you want to use 1:1 extension table.c. When you want to represent the same data of the business Component as master child.d. When two applets represent the same, business componentA317. eService is a customer application.318. BusComp View mode implies access control is applicable to business component (Statement gives answer as well)319. Which contains place holder for the Applet View template.320. Which is True for Context ViewsA.Nothing is called as context viewsb.The views is defined in show drop down and view tabs is differentiated by context view.c.This is defined in Business component component properties.
  33. 33. B321. When comparing the parent and child objects what are the things can be performed.322. Setting the time is localization.323.Accessing the Help contents starting with M is application is HELP  Contents324.How the Mobile client .cfg updates automatically when it is deleted from one siebel server.325.Which field in the .cfg identifies the secret code between the eapps .cfg and the application .cfg file.326.Which delete operation deletes the Foreign key reference from of the child records. Cascade  Clear327.What is the Multivalue index fields for the 1:M Extension Tablesa. Type,Nameb. Type, Namec. Type,Name, PAR_ROW_IDC328.How do we set the difference between My contacts View and My Personnal Contacts view.`:Siebel Interview Questions Answers BibleSiebel Certifications