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Ibm informatica interview question answers


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Ibm informatica interview question answers

  1. 1. IBM Informatica Interview Question Answers  Informatica FAQS Technical Interview Questions  Informatica Job Interview Questions Answers  Informatica ETL Interview Questions  Informatica Interview FAQs And Answers  Informatica Interview Questions Collection Describe two levels in which update strategy transformation sets? Ans: Within a session. When you configure a session, you can instruct the Informatica Server to either treat all records in the same way (for example, treat all records as inserts), or use instructions coded into the session mapping to flag records for different database operations. Within a mapping. Within a mapping, you use the Update Strategy transformation to flag records for insert, delete, update, or reject. What are the various types of transformation? Ans: Various types of transformation are: Aggregator Transformation, Expression Transformation, Filter Transformation, Joiner Transformation, Lookup Transformation, Normalizer Transformation, Rank Transformation, Router Transformation, Sequence Generator Transformation, Stored Procedure Transformation, Sorter Transformation, Update Strategy Transformation, XML Source Qualifier Transformation, Advanced External Procedure Transformation, External Transformation. What is the difference between active transformation and passive transformation? Ans: An active transformation can change the number of rows that pass through it, but a passive transformation can not change the number of rows that pass through it. What is the use of control break statements? Ans: They execute a set of codes within the loop and endloop. - See more at:  Informatica Interview Questions Collection 2  Informatica Interview Questions Collection 1  Informatica ETL Interview Questions  IBM Informatica Technical Questions  Informatica Interview Questions Collection  Informatica Technical Questions Collection