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Accenture informatica interview question answers


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Accenture informatica interview question answers

  1. 1. Accenture Informatica Interview Question Answers Informatica FAQS Technical Interview Questions Informatica Job Interview Questions Answers Informatica ETL Interview Questions Informatica Interview FAQs And Answers Informatica Interview Questions Collection What is the use of bitmap indexes? Bitmap indexes are used to join large fact tables to smaller dimension tables. How can we delete duplicate rows from flat files? We can make use of sorter transformation and select distinct option. If a session fails after loading 10000 records into the target how can we start loading into the target from the 10001th record? We can run the session with the recovery strategy mode. What is the limit of joiner transformations? We cannot use sequence generator or update strategy transformations before or after joiner transformations. How does server recognize the source and target databases? By using ODBC if they are relational, FTP if they are flat files. What is rank index in a group? Power Center Designer automatically creates a RANK INDEX port while using Rank transformation. The purpose of this RANK INDEX port is to store the ranking for the column(s) we are interested in. What are the constants or flags for each database operation and their numeric equivalent in Update Strategy? Insert DD_INSERT 0 Update DD_UPDATE 1 Delete DD_DELETE 2 Reject DD_REJECT 3 Can you generate reports using Informatica? No, we cannot generate reports using Informatica, it is just an ETL tool but we can generate metadata reports. (SCD-2 by RamaSurReddy) Yes, Using Informatica Data Analyzer Tool we can generate reports.
  2. 2. Can you start batches within a batch? No, you can’t What are the types of groups in Router Transformation? There are three types of groups in Router Transformation namely Input group Otput group Default group What are batches? What are the types of batches? Batches provide a way to group sessions for either sequential or parallel execution by Informatica server. Concurrent batches – which run at the same time Sequential batches – which run one after the other What is Power Center Repository? Power Center Repository allows you to share metadata among different repositories and to create a datamart domain. What r the types of metadata that stores in repository? Source definition Target definition Mappings Mapplet Transformations Differences between dynamic cache and static cache In case of dynamic cache, if we want to insert a new row, then it will first looks in the lookup cache and if the row is not present in the cache, it inserts the row into the cache as well as target but in case of static cache, its stores only into target table and not in cache. What is the use of source qualifier? Source qualifier is used to convert different data types to Informatica compatible data types. What is page code compatibility? It is nothing but compatibility of code for maintaining data accuracy. It comes into picture when data is in different languages. What are Synonyms? Synonyms are alternative names for database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures etc. Syntax Create [replace] synonym for [schema.]object_name
  3. 3. Types of Lookup Cache? Static cache Dynamic cache Persistent cache Recache from database Shared cache Informatica Interview Questions Collection 2 Informatica Interview Questions Collection 1 Informatica ETL Interview Questions IBM Informatica Technical Questions Informatica Interview Questions Collection Informatica Technical Questions Collection