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Safe city surat project urban 151014


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‘Suraksha Setu’ Surat Safe City Project An Initiative That Fosters Security.

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Safe city surat project urban 151014

  1. 1. ‘Suraksha Setu’ Surat Safe City Project An Initiative That Fosters Security COMMISSIONER OF POLICE MR. RAKESH ASTHANA A PROJECT BY: - SURAT POLICE AND TRAFFIC EDUCATION TRUST
  2. 2. Surat City •Population Surat (around 5.5 million Area 326 Sq KM) •4th Fastest Growing City in the world and 2nd in India •Business and Industries : Diamond, Textile and Petrochemical Industries in and around Surat
  3. 3. Challenges faced by City & The Thought Process •High Volume of Vehicular Traffic: 2.3 million registered motor vehicles – Consisting of 1.8 million Two Wheelers, 3 Lacs four wheelers, 1 Lac three wheelers and Buses and Trucks •Population around 50 Lacs implying one vehicle per 2 persons. One of the Highest ratio in the country •Lack of Public Transport –few routes covered by City Bus and only one BRTS route •There are 44 Traffic Junctions but only 14 have traffic signals •To control this there are 300 Policemen and 485 Traffic Brigade personnel •Terrorism threat and need for surveillance for Traffic Monitoring •Police-People Ratio : Police-People Ratio is 73 per 1-lac population which is very less •Hence a need to use Technology as a Force Multiplier for Police •Unsuccessful attempt to execute serial bomb blasts in Surat in July, 2008 (29-bombs planted at 15- locations) Bomb Blast in Mumbai on 13thJuly, 2011 (Zaveri Bazar and other places) •Idea of CCTV based surveillance system: It took shape during the post blast interaction with the captains of diamond industry.
  4. 4. Beginning and Project Genesis Public Response - Funding SMC Stakeholders & Corporates Businessmen & Industrialists •Following the Vision, Series of meeting with various leaders of business & industries a decision to formulate PPP model and use a Trust as SPV - Traffic Education Trust •Contributions started to pour in through “Traffic Education Trust” •Surat Police – Project Facilitator. Return on Investment – Public Security & Traffic Control •Formation of Technical Committee of local experts. The Project specifications got finalized. The products for the tender selected were the best in Safe City concepts and were from world leaders in those technologies. •The final Tender draft was prepared after considering all the aspects. •11 National and MNCs participated in the tender •Evaluation of Tenders was based on practice followed by World Bank – 70% weightage to Technical and 30% weightage to Commercial bid •Project got awarded to Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Surat •Products delivered on 25th September and Project completed in a record time of 3 months. Went live on 6th December, 2012 and subsequently inaugurated by Shri Narendrabhai Modi on 18th January, 2013
  5. 5. Technology Brandscape 280 Sq Ft- 9*2 DLP Cubes Video Wall NEXTIVA PSIM – Physical Security Incidence Management System NEXTIVA VMS – Video and Analytics Management System Cameras – High Resolution Fixed Length and PTZ Cameras IBM Blade Center H – Blade Server Chasis IBM Blade Servers - IBM Storage V 7000 – Fiber Optic Storage Box World Leaders for Video Intelligence & Analytics World Leaders for System Server & Storage World Leaders for Video Wall Technology
  6. 6. Cameras & Network
  7. 7. Command & Control Centre (CCC)
  8. 8. Video Wall for City Surveillance (280 sq. ft.)
  9. 9. DataCenter – Hi-Tech & Scalable •World Class Technology •Backbone of the IT Infrastructure of the project •Integrated for 24 X 7 operations •Open Architecture, Industrial-Standard Network design and connectivity •Fully Scalable for any and every surveillance requirements.
  10. 10. Command & Control Centre (CCC) •State-of-the-art Design •Strategy Room & Dial 100 •Traffic Enforcement Centre •Uninterrupted Power Supply •Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, VESDA, FM 200, Rodent Repellent, Water Leakage Detection system
  11. 11. Video Management System, Nextiva SMC and 2D Mapping with Live Map •Actionable Intelligence technology for mechanized source planning •Incident Management of the city during natural & Man-made calamities with Disaster Management Capabilities •2D Mapping and report generation •Capturing, analysing, and distilling vast amounts of information to provide security environment •Effective management of video from multiple cameras for live monitoring and recording. •Automated System health monitoring and event responses •Investigation management •Software-based virtual matrix, interactive facility maps •A powerful and intuitive video viewing interface, •An ultra-thin client for remote users
  12. 12. Traffic Enforcement System •Optimum level of Traffic management in Surat City- First City to introduce eChallan System in India •An automated Traffic Enforcement Centre is created within the Command & Control Centre •Supports Ideal non-interventional Traffic Management by means of issuing eChallans •Payment facility at the Public Sector
  13. 13. Crime Captured On Camera Surat Safe City Project
  14. 14. •13/02/2013 •Reporting and Tracing Fatal Accident •Police Got a Call about a Brown Tempo that had done a Fatal Accident. •In Camera 1, it was traced at Makkai Pool •Subsequently all entry and exit points were alerted and Video was monitored. •The Tempo was traced at Nivol and it was captured Fatal Accident Causing Tempo Traced
  15. 15. KIDNAPPER TRACKED IN CAMERA •Complaint of lost child was lodged in Pandesara Police Station, Surat on 16-07-2014. •After the intimation of the incident, video feeds of the incident date were monitored. •Kidnapper along with the child was first tracked with the help of camera near Surat Railway station on 16-07- 2014. •Kidnapper was detected and investigation was done. •The culprit was caught along with the child in Bihar on 24-08-2014.
  16. 16. Future Integration - Facial Recognition System •Facial Recognition System •While the camera detected the black-listed people entering into the system, a quick alert is generated in Command & Control Room with the location details. •In the event of unforeseen incident, the system shall track the presence of the black- listed suspects from the recorded videos.
  17. 17. Future Integration - ANPR & RLVD System •ANPR – Automated Number Plate Recognition System •RLVD – Red Light Violation Detection System •The vehicles violating Traffic Rules will be detected by the system and automatically eChallan issued. •While the camera detected the black-listed vehicles or suspicious vehicles entering the city, a quick alert is generated in Command & Control Room with the location details. •In the event of unforeseen incident, the system shall track the presence of the black- listed vehicles or suspicious vehicles from the recorded videos. ANPR CameraEvidence Camera
  18. 18. Future Integration - Traffic Monitoring Solutions •Traffic Flow Detection •Intelligent Traffic Management System •Intelligent Traffic Control System •VMS – Variable Messaging System – Sign Boards integrated with Traffic Monitoring System •Benefits – smooth flow of traffic, saves time and fuel, less accidents implying safe driving and safety to citizens
  19. 19. Ancillary Benefits – eChallan Stastics •For the First time in Gujarat, Photograph and Incident of Traffic Crime was sent through Post
  20. 20. Future Road Map •Increase the number of cameras gradually in phases to total of 5000 cameras •Coastal Security Enhancement by addition of cameras covering more coastal area •Have command centres at different zones •Have a DR site to ensure data safety •Integration of various sensors – pollution, water level etc for a Safer City experience
  21. 21. Overall Benefits •Traffic awareness increased in general public •Less people driving without helmet, safety belt leading to a better and safer driving experience •Criminals afraid of getting caught leading in reduction of crime cases •People feel more safe than before •Force multiplier for Police department •More documentary evidences available to people •“Third Eye” – a boon to the City •Future expansion and usage of newer technologies will make Surat a Safe and Smart City to live in
  22. 22. Thank You Surat Safe City Project Surat Safe City Project is a quintessential for proceeding towards the aim of protecting People and Property… A model of India’s first ever consolidated project, Surat is a synonymous with a Modern Smart City concept…