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TypeScript 1.6 - How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love JavaScript


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The Web is all around us - and there's more of it every day. Soon we'll have a web-powered refrigerator and a web-enabled toaster. And where there's web there's JavaScript - with all its great and not so great features. Whether you like it or not, if you are a developer today, you are a JavaScript developer.
So there's a problem, because lots of people don't really like writing JavaScript, so there's a whole host of tools that will help us to avoid that.
TypeScript is a language that is not afraid of JavaScript, it embraces all the good things and adds a lot of its own goodness.
After three years of active development, it's getting to where it set out to be, and is becoming the thing we all need - a tool for high speed, high quality development of web-oriented code.

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TypeScript 1.6 - How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love JavaScript

  1. 1. Nov 21, 2015Nov 23, 2014 Sofia var title = “TypeScript 1.6”; var subtitle= “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love JavaScript”; var info = { author: “Wekoslav Stefanovski”, level: “Beginner”, about: “TypeScript”, type: [“Intro”, “What’s New”] };
  2. 2. Nov 21, 2015 var agenda: IAgenda; interface IAgenda { whatIsJavaScript: string; loveHateJavaScript: { [id:string]: boolean}; isTypeScriptNeeded: boolean; majorFeatures: IFeature[]; canHasES6: boolean; demos: Demo[] }
  3. 3. Nov 21, 2015 JavaScript The good, the bad and the ugly
  4. 4. Nov 21, 2015 • Prototype-based dynamic scripting language • Is it a functional language? • Is it object-oriented? • It can be completely instable and untestable • It can be absurdly undocumented • Still, the universal language of the web • Some people also use it server-side, even for databases What is this JavaScript thing?
  5. 5. Nov 21, 2015 • Implicit globals • Variable hoisting • Truthy and falsy values • Semicolon insertion • Absurd handling of this • Whatever it is that the ‘+’ operator is doing • Typelessness • Prototype inheritance What I hate about JavaScript?
  6. 6. Nov 21, 2015 • Functions as first-class objects • Openness to extension • Malleability (polyfill) • Prototype inheritance • Again, functions as first-class objects What I love about JavaScript?
  7. 7. Nov 21, 2015 TypeScript A Few Good Types
  8. 8. Nov 21, 2015 • JavaScript’s got 99 problems but types ain’t one • Neither are namespaces • Nor explicit references • Custom types that work as you would expect them to • Structural interfaces to keep the malleability • Fixed this references • Fixed unintended globals & hoisting • Somewhat fixed booleans (by formalizing) Where does TypeScript fit in?
  9. 9. Nov 21, 2015 • Incredibly easy to pick up • Incredibly easy to let go • Use as much of it as you need • Wonderful tooling support • Fanatical devotion to backward and forward compatibility • Compatible with most E6 concepts - now Why I love TypeScript?
  10. 10. Nov 21, 2015 • Classes • Interfaces • Generics • Lexical scoping • Enums • Modules • Ambient declarations Major TypeScript features
  11. 11. Nov 21, 2015 • Classes • Arrow functions (lambdas) • Rest parameters • let • const • Desctructuring • for..of • Template strings • Spread operator • Enums ES6 features
  12. 12. Nov 21, 2015 • Classes • Structural and formal interfaces • Generics • Private, protected, and public methods • Formal constructors • Limited method / constructor overloading • Easy ambient declarations Type System
  13. 13. Nov 21, 2015 • JavaScript is not going to go away • The JavaScript ecosystem is getting richer and richer • And the language is quite stagnant • TypeScript gives us the best of both worlds • Even better server-side experience Bottom Line TypeScript brings back the joy of client-side development (at least, it did for me)
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