Software for creating and displaying multimedia


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Click on 'get file' for the quality presentation. This is a continuation from 'HARDWARE FOR CREATING AND DISPLAYING MULTIMEDIA'. This powerpoint will draw into Presentation software, Application software, Authoring software, Animation software, Web browsers and HTML editors. Once again, this is for a school assignment and any comment is appreciated.

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Software for creating and displaying multimedia

  1. 1. Dot point 8 – By Jessica Matikainen
  2. 2. CONTENTS  Presentation software  Application software  Authoring software  Animation software  Web browsers  HTML editors  Sum-it-up
  4. 4. CONTINUE – PRESENTATION SOFTWARE Presentation consists of a series of slides. Popular ones include: Microsoft PowerPoint Lotus Freelance Aldus Persuasion
  5. 5. CONTINUE – PRESENTATION SOFTWARE Presentation software creates several documents such as: On-screen presentations (left) Audience handouts Overhead transparencies Speaker’s notes
  6. 6. APPLICATION SOFTWARE Microsoft Word: An example of application software
  7. 7. CONTINUE - APPLICATION SOFTWARE Application software is used for a specific task. These include: Word processors (left) Spreadsheets Graphic software
  8. 8. AUTHORING SOFTWARE Macromedia Flash: An example of authoring software
  9. 9. CONTINUE – AUTHORING SOFTWARE It is used to combine separate media types, that is text, graphics, animation, audio and video. It allows for interactivity. An example is Macromedia Flash (left).
  11. 11. CONTINUE - ANIMATION SOFTWARE This software takes individual images and creates an illusion of movement. Different types include: 2D 3D Warping and morphing
  12. 12. WEB BROWSERS Mozilla Firefox: an example of web browsers
  13. 13. CONTINUE – WEB BROWSERS These are software programs stored on a computer that allows access to the web. It will receive multimedia files embedded in a web page. An example may be Mozilla Firefox. The browser – that is, Mozilla Firefox
  14. 14. HTML EDITORS
  15. 15. CONTINUE – HTML Editors Web pages are created using HTML. HTML editor is a software program that specialises in writing HTML code. <title> </title> start finish
  16. 16. SUM-IT-UP Software is therefore significantly used in making and displaying multimedia. It aids in various areas such as presentation and organising tasks (for example, using a word processor for text).
  17. 17. BIBLIOGRAPHY Images were obtained from: •s ftw relo o o a g http w .za hu.c m ://w w p o /v1/w -c ntep o nt/up a s 0 7/12 ic s ft-o e g .p lo d /2 0 /m ro o ffic -lo o ng •P w rP int lo o o e o g http w .tig rd c w .c m p o nt/up a s 0 7/0 ic s ft-p w rp int-2 0 g ://w w e ire tne s o /w -c nte lo d /2 0 1/m ro o o e o 0 •fla h s re n s c e http w .p tric ns o p ne /im g s c e ho j6 0 8 .jp ://w w a kja e t/c m o nts a e /s re ns tp 4 -4 0 g •fla h s b l s ym o http://im g s o g .c m u/im re ? a e .g o le o .a g s im url=http w .a s .o .uk/P rta /0 g ://w w q a rg o ls /Multim d /fla hIc n.p &im re e ia s o ng g furl=http w .a s ://w w q a rg .o .uk/MULTIMEDIA/P to lle ho Ga ry/ta id 5 ng g /e b /8 /la ua e n- GB/De ult.a p fa s x&us =__VZQg M5 w jb g 4 b Fa IIrnye Ka v4 jXDo =&h=3 0 =3 0 z=2 &hl=e 0 &w 0 &s 4 n &s rt=2 ta &um =1&tb =uZrc q 16 a M:&tb nid 2 le w s nh=116 nw &tb =116 re&p v=/im g s Fq a e %3 %3 a ro e ia Bfla h%2 hl%3 n%2 c nt%3 Dm c m d %2 s 6 De 6 lie Dfire x-a 6 ha l%3 %2 rls fo %2 c nne Ds 6 %3 rg o :e Do .m zilla n-GB:o ia 6 a DX%2 um D1 ffic l%2 s %3 6 %3 •a a n nim tio http w .s g p rg ub a ns e - ://w w ig ra h.o /p lic tio /vid o re w ig 0 5 vie /s 2 0 /SVRAT15 Im g s ng kAnim tio 2 a e /p /Tic a n1.p ng •Mic s ft C a ro o lip rt
  18. 18. CONTINUE – BIBLIOGRAPHY  Warp image  Mozilla firefox  Html image  Microsoft word symbol  operating software Music was obtained from:  Sonic mystery ( )with the track ‘lioness’ in the web site – - permission to use was verified. Information was obtained from:  Powers, GK. Information Processes and Technology. (2003). Heinemann: 22 Salmon street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207.