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  1. 1. Module 2 Appreciation of Movie Group 1: WangMin
  2. 2.  Structure of A film Criticism  Structure of Titanic review  para1~2 :The opening shots and the trill they brought to the Introduction audience Giving background information  para3~4 :The place and clues  of the movie Presenting film maker and title  para5: computer animation and Analysis of the movie  Visual effects Cinematic technique  para6~9: The main plot of Titanic Special effects Content /narrative  para10~11: Approve of the movie Conclusion Evaluation or recommendation
  3. 3. Characters introduction Rose DeWitt Bukater; The leading actress of the movie; She is engaged to Cal, but she doesn’t love him, and she loves Jack; She find Brock and reveal the story.
  4. 4. Characters introduction  Jack Dawson;  The leading actor of the movie;  He is a stray painter;  He loves Rose, and Rose loves him.
  5. 5. Characters introduction  Cal Hockley;  He is the fiance of Rose;  The son of steel King;  He loves Rose, but Rose doesn’t love him.
  6. 6. Characters introduction  Brock Lovett;  He is a explorer;  He find the treasure in the heart of the ocean.
  7. 7. The relation map of Titanic Lovers Rose DeWitt Bukater Jack Dawson engaged Heart of the rivals Ocean Cal Hockley find the treasure servant Lovejoy Brock Lovett find him and reveal the story
  8. 8. Reference Glossary Close-up: 特写镜头  Deep Focus: 深焦 Reaction shot : 脸部特写镜头  Shallow focus: 近焦 Aerial shot : 高空镜头  Soft Focus: 软焦点 Low Angle shot: 低角度镜头  Fade in: 淡入 Worms shot: 移动镜头  Fade out: 淡出 Swish pan: 快速摇镜头  Dissolve: 渐隐 Tilting shot: 俯仰拍摄  Wipe: 擦 Forward Tracking shot: 向前跟  Cross-cutting: 交叉剪接 踪拍摄  Slow Motion: 慢动作 Reverse Tracking shot: 相反跟  Freeze Frame: 画面镜头定格 踪拍摄  Voice Over: 旁白 Hand-held camera: 手持摄像 机