National diabetes control programme


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National diabetes control programme

  1. 1. NATIONAL DIABETES CONTROL PROGRAMME Ms. Sabeena Sasidharan Asst. Lecturer Lourde College Of Nursing , Taliparamba
  2. 2. Introduction Government of India started National Diabetes Control Programme on pilot basis during 7th Five year plan in 1987 in some districts of Tamil Nadu, J & K and Karnataka, but due to paucity of funds in subsequent years this programme could not be expanded further in remaining years. Ms. Sabeena Sasidharan
  3. 3. Objectives 1. Prevention of diabetes through identification of high risk subjects and early intervention in the form of health education 2. Early diagnosis of disease and appropriate treatment morbidity and mortality with reference to high risk group;
  4. 4. 3. Prevention of acute and chronic metabolic, cardiovascular, renal and ocular complication of the disease 4. Provision of equal opportunity for physical attainment and scholastic achievement for the diabetic patients 5. Rehabilitation of those partially or totally handicapped diabetes people.
  6. 6.  Taken up as a pilot project in 14 district in 1990  Since 1992 implemented as a part of CSSM and later with RCH
  7. 7. Aims  To reduce mortality rate in children due to ARI 20% BY 1995 AND 40% BY 2000
  8. 8. Strategies  To ensure standard case management of pneumonia in children under 5 years by training medical and health personnel  To train peripheral health staff to recognise and treat cases of pneumonia
  9. 9.  To promote timely referral of severe pneumonia by the peripheral health staff & community  To improve maternal knowledge about home management of coughs and cold & recognise early danger signs of seeking appropriate care  To promote immuization, exclusive breast feeding in first 4-6 months, propr weaning & vit A administration
  10. 10. National biomass cook stove was launched in 2009 Distribution of low emission stoves to rural houses