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Lib 330 Library Tour

  1. 1. At the moment that we persuade a What a school child, any child, to cross that thinks about its threshold, that magic threshold into library is a a library, we change their lives measure of what it --President Barack Obama forever, for the better. thinks about A library is not a luxury but education. one of the necessities of --Harold Howe, former US Commissioner of Education life. Libraries --Henry Ward Beecher enable the quot;School libraries help teachers teach and children learned. Children and teachers need library resources--especially books--and the past to talk expertise of a librarian to succeed. Books, information technology and school librarians to the who are part of the schools' professional team are basic ingredients for student future. --Edward Cornish achievement.quot; Former First Lady, Laura Bush
  2. 2. A Look at School Libraries Elementary, Middle, & High School
  3. 3. Weber City Elementary School • Quick Facts – Total Enrollment: 415 – Total Staff: 47 – Staff to Student Ratio: 8.8 : 1 – Highly Qualified Teachers: 94% • Standards of Learning Data 07-08 – Reading: 93% – Writing: 97% – Mathematics: 92% – History: 89.95% – Science: 98% – Phonological Awareness K-2: 97%
  4. 4. WCE Library Circulation Desk
  5. 5. View from the Circulation Desk
  6. 6. Books
  7. 7. The Back Wall of Books
  8. 8. A little nook within the library The closet on the right is used for storage.
  9. 9. Spring Decor These were used last year and saved to use again this year. The librarian explained that she places these on top of the book shelves with little picket fences that she has made, then displays spring books.
  10. 10. Behind the Circulation Desk
  11. 11. Classroom Crates These crates are filled with books each week. The librarian prepares each teacher one crate each week with books to keep within the classroom.
  12. 12. Clifford welcomes students to the library.
  13. 13. Books on Tape/CD
  14. 14. Work Room
  15. 15. Work Desk
  16. 16. More Work Area
  17. 17. Storage Room
  18. 18. Teacher Resources
  19. 19. Doors to the Library
  20. 20. Welcome to GCMS Library
  21. 21. Computers and Tables
  22. 22. GCMS Library
  23. 23. Computers
  24. 24. Storage
  25. 25. Magazine Area
  26. 26. One of two couches located within the library
  27. 27. Far left corner of the library
  28. 28. Standing at the back of the library, looking towards the library entrance
  29. 29. Work/Meeting Space
  30. 30. GCMS Library Circulation Desk
  31. 31. To the right of library entrance
  32. 32. Work Room
  33. 33. Storage Room
  34. 34. Gate City High School Library The GCHS Library/Media Center has a collection of over 9,000 books and non-book resources, three card-catalog search stations, and five multi-media research stations. Computerized research includes these encyclopedias: Americana, Grolier, Compton's Multi-Media, and World Book. Ongoing subscriptions to electronic databases include InfoTrac (a computerized version of the Abridged Reader's Guide), and SIRS RESEARCHER. Other computerized programs include Discovering Authors, Twayne's author series, Time Almanac, Broadcast News, and a host of other programs to supplement the high school's instructional programs.
  35. 35. Can you find the librarian in this picture?  This is the first view upon entering the library.
  36. 36. Looking to your right upon entering the library
  37. 37. Upon rounding the corner, entering the library
  38. 38. Card Catalog Computers
  39. 39. Behind the Circulation Desk
  40. 40. Also Behind the Circulation Desk
  41. 41. Work Room
  42. 42. More Work Room
  43. 43. More Work Room
  44. 44. TV Storage? This is where I remember it always being…perhaps so teacher who come to use it won’t have to worry with rolling it all throughout the library??...That’s my guess.
  45. 45. *Yawn…*
  46. 46. Looking Towards the Entrance to the Library
  47. 47. A Little Nook in the Corner of the Library
  48. 48. Computers
  49. 49. Magazine Area
  50. 50. More Tables
  51. 51. A View from another angle
  52. 52. Small room within the library This room was being used for testing when I visited, but it is also used for AP classes.
  53. 53. Directly outside the small classroom
  54. 54. Above the Computers