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Indian sweets online


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Now Online Indian sweets are available at Send Gujarati, North Indian and also sugar free sweets to USA on any occasion.

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Indian sweets online

  1. 1. Online Provider of Delicious Sweets
  2. 2. We Indians are a passionate breed. We are passionate about our culture, customs, movies, and most definitively, our food. And when it comes to food, sweets have a special place of their own. Folk wisdom has it that one should never step out of the house after eating dessert, or risk getting attacked by evil spirits. Because evil spirits love sweets too. Maybe only in India. Making sweet delicacies is our mothers’ way of showing how much they love us. Sweet treats are what we return with for our friends and colleagues when we visit our hometowns. The happier we are, the bigger and juicier are the laddoos we give out in the neighbourhood. The sadder we feel, the more the amount of mithai we promise to offer to our deities for granting our wishes. Neither festivities nor hospitality in India is complete without sweets. Indian diversity is perfectly reflected in the countless shapes, colours and flavours of confectionery we have. We are here, your gateway to the sweet realm. Go on, explore to see how we promise to sweeten your life! About Sweets Inbox
  3. 3. Why US? • Unique recipe • Stress on health & hygiene • Rich experience • Variety of sweets • Superior quality standards • Advanced packaging • Contemporary manufacturing unit
  4. 4. OUR PRODUCTS • Online Sweets • Traditional Sweets • Bakery Products • Fast Food Products • Festival Special • Sugar Free sweets • Nankeens • Pune Special Sweets • Rajsthan Special Sweets
  5. 5. Regional Specialty Sweets Online Pune- Bhavanagari Sweets Pune- Mithas Sweet Pune- Bikaner sev Bhander Pune - Chitale Bandhu Sweets Pune - Karachi Sweet Mart Pune - Kaka Halwai Agra - Pethawala Mumbai - Ghasitaram Sweets Ahemdabad - Gwalia Sweets Hyderabad - Karachi Bakery Bilaspur - Maosaji Sweets
  6. 6. Sugar Free Products Sugarless Bomb-Bikaner Sev Bhandar Sugar Free Aanjeer Barfi- Mithas Sweets Sugarless Kalakand- Bikaner Sev Bhandar
  7. 7. Laddus - Khajur Laddu, Methi Laddu.
  8. 8. Seasonal Sweets Online Lonawala Chikki- Groundnut Crushed Chikki - Maganlal Chikki Dryfruit Mixed Chikki - Maganlal ChikkiGud Gajak - Indori Gajak
  9. 9. For Details Contact US.. Email : Contact - +91 8390 609 609, 8390 362 362, Registered Address – Khandelwal Niketan, 427 Shastri Nagar, Dadabari, Kota. (Rajasthan) - 324009.