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Bone fracture


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A presentation based on bone fractures

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Bone fracture

  1. 1.  a damage to the bone that causes it to break it could be abbreviated as FX or Fx fracture could be caused by high force trauma or stress toward the bone
  2. 2.  simple fracture could also be called as closed fracture simple fracture is a fracture where the bone does not penetrate the skin it has little to none damage to the surrounding soft tissues
  3. 3.  the fracture that penetrates the skin is called compound fracture it could also called as open fracture
  4. 4.  greenstick fracture is a partial break one side of the bone is broken and the other side bent this fracture is commonly found in children due to their bones being soft and malleable
  5. 5.  transverse fracture is a complete fracture in which the broken bone forms a ninety degree angle to the long axis of the bone
  6. 6. Bio 120 ww9 Prof. RashidahPresentation by: Julie Ann Samano