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a nice ppt by ritika and sallonie ..... :)

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  1. 1. • Introduction• Types of Quadrilaterals - Square - Rectangle - Rhombus - Parallelogram - Trapezium - Kite
  2. 2. Quadrilateral justmeans "four sides"(quad meansfour, lateral meansside). Any four-sidedshape is aQuadrilateral. But thesides have tobe straight, and it hasto be 2-dimensional.
  3. 3. A quadrilateral with allcongruent sides & eachangle a right angle iscalled a Square.
  4. 4. Square has Diagonals areequal sides. congruent. Every angle is right angle.Opposite Diagonalssides are bisect eachparallel. other. Each diagonal is perpendicu- lar bisector of the other.
  5. 5. A quadrilateral with eachangle a right angle andopposite side congruent iscalled a .
  6. 6. • Every angle is right angle.• Opposite sides are congruent.• Opposites sides are parallel.• Diagonals are congruent .• Diagonals bisect each other.
  7. 7. A quadrilateralwhich has opposite sides parallel is called a parallelogram.
  8. 8. Diagonals bisect each other Opposite angles are congruent OppositeOpposite sides aresides are congruent parallel
  9. 9. Only one pair ofopposite side is parallel.
  10. 10. KITEA quadrilateral in which there are twopairs of sides & each pair is made up ofadjacent sides that are equal in length is called kite.