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Sources of Energy


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Sources of Energy

  2. 2.  Introduction Types of Conventional Energy Geothermal Energy Energy Conservation Conclusion
  3. 3. The energy of a body is its capacity todo work. It is measured the totalamount of work that the body can do.Energy is the primary and mostuniversal measure of all kinds work byhuman beings and nature. The sources of energy which are being produced continuously in nature and are in exhaustible are called renewable sources of energy (or) non-conventional energy. Some of these sources are: (a) Wind energy (b) Tidal energy (c) Solar energy
  4. 4. Geothermal Energy
  6. 6. Not enough places to built geothermal powerstation Geothermal sites can also run out of steam for decades It costs a lot of money to build a geothermal power station Emitted noxious gases and minerals can be difficult to dispose safelyPollutants cause global warming and acid rainand land stability is also affected
  7. 7. When the water flows from the earthmake its way down close to the hot Flashrock (lava), it turns the water into Dry Streamsteam. The hot water can reach to Powerover 148ºC. This is how it works in a Stream Power Plantgeothermal power plan. Steam rotates Planta turbine and it activates a generator Binaryand produce electricity. Cycle Power Pant
  8. 8. Dry Steam Flash SteamPower Plant Power Plant Binary Cycle Power Plant
  10. 10. MW16000 Installed Capacity 136281400012000 898810000 Electricity 8000 Direct Use 5044 6000 3941 3290 4000 1124 441 418 2000 136 190 0 Africa America Asia Europe OceaniaGWh50000 Total Production 42913450004000035000 2679430000 Electricity25000 18903 17352 Direct Use20000 1211915000 574510000 1088 763 2791 2793 5000 0 Africa America Asia Europe Oceania
  11. 11. Use toaster Defrost Switch Install oven or Buy energy freezers Turn off your ceiling microwave star andthe lights energy fans in all for all appliances fridge, andwhen not kinds of get rid of use to non possible wherever in use small the old peak locations possible meals ones times
  12. 12. In the western countries, most of the powerutilities have adopted the energyconservation programs supported by theirgovernments.For Example: The provincial government ofOntario’s state observed that their summerpeak demand has increased due to increasedair conditioning. In order to handle thissituation their provincial governmentcommitted to reduce energy demand in theirprovince by 5%.
  13. 13. This study of Non Conventional Sources OfEnergy is valuable as it will meet the energyNeeds in future, as conventional sources of Energy is going toexhaust in future and these sources of energy are also harming theenvironment directly or indirectly. Energy conservation has savedthe need for many power plants and fuel imports. Regulations onefficiency work, but voluntary efforts lag far behind.
  14. 14. “The kind of thinking that has got us into this situation is not the kind of thinkingthat will get us out “ -Albert Einstein