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Green smoke review


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Green smoke review

  1. 1. As an e-cig enthusiast I have tried many different brands. Green Smoke was one of the first electronic cigarettes that I used and I have had nothing be pleasure from them ever since. Their vapes deliver a full of flavor every time and quality components will never let you down. These guys are not splashing out on the big celebrity endorsements that some competitors are doing, but what they offer is a very professional operation with top quality product that will keep you satisfied for a long time. As I love this brand so much, I decided to get hold of the Ultimate Kit, so I could try out some of the accessories too. I threw in a variety pack, just for the fun of it.
  2. 2. Branding and Packaging I always like to start my reviews by taking a look at the style and presentation put into the branding of the e-cigs. I get so excited by what arrives in the post and the presentation of their products. Green is the name and green is the brand. The starter kit box comes with a nice strong green hue. And the LED at the end of your e-cigarette, yet that too is green! (Although red tips are available if you are not into green). The standard e-cig comes in the traditional cigarette style of white and yellow.
  3. 3. Batteries It is very important when choosing your brand of e-cigs that you know that the batteries are reliable. This is an area where yet again GreenSmoke excel. I suppose because they have been around for half a decade, they have got through various iteration and now have the right product. Two lengths are available. The classic length is similar to a regular cigarette when the cartomizer has been attached. There is also the extended battery size. This is the one I mainly used for the trial. I definitely think that the extra battery life makes vaping more relaxing, as you know that you can get through plenty of puffs in the day without running out of steam.
  4. 4. Designer Batteries You can also choose from a nice range of eight patterned and colored batteries. They are really nice addition to the GreenSmoke product range. They are named after cites such as New Orleans, New York and El Paso, and all have the character of their cities. If you want to add a bit of style to your vaping, here is the opportunity. Unfortunately they do not come with the starter kits.
  5. 5. Flavors and cartridges GreenSmoke has integrated the atomizer and cartridges into the cartomizer, so all you need to do is twist on the cartridge to the battery and you can start enjoying the vapor. GreenSmoke market their cartomizer ‘FlavorMax’ as the industry leader. I know why they do, because it definitely punches way above most of the other products on the market, with a full-bodied flavor delivered every time.
  6. 6. At the moment GreenSmoke offer eight different flavors. This is not as many as most of the other products on the market. Naturally there are the tobacco flavored vapor liquids and there are the minty flavors. Add to this clove, mocha, vanilla and chocolate, and you have a good choice. I tried the Red Label and Absolute Tobacco. The Red label gave a bold Virginia tobacco flavor that tasted just like the real thing. The smooth taste from Absolute Tobacco was also very pleasing. The high vapor volumes of the vanilla and mocha were among my favorite fun flavors.
  7. 7. Accessories GreenSmoke also does not go over the top with accessories. But what it does offer are of good design and quality. I went through the designer batteries already and they are a great addition and worth checking out. The leather case is to die for! It’s deep brown color is very stylish and looks as good in real life as it does on the website. For the glittery type, there is a crystal studded case available! Of course, apart from looking good, they are also very useful at holding your e-cigs, cartridge and chargers!
  8. 8. Discounts and Free Stuff Green Smoke gives a lot of discounts on the price of their starter kits. But the ways to save money do not stop there. For the serious e-smoke user, they give you plenty of opportunity to save your hard earned dollars. The more packets you buy, the greater the savings. But that is not all, if you buy 12 packs you get one free battery and if you buy 16 packets you get 2 designer battery for free. I must not forget to mention the subscription service offered. If you sign up to the monthly loyalty scheme, it offers up to 25% discount on your monthly purchases.
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