Twitter tips for business


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Twitter tips for business

  1. 1. Twitter TipsFor Business
  2. 2. If you are running a business – whether itis Internet-based or local – you certainlyneed additional promotion to reach morepeople, prospective customers.Harnessing the power of the Internet isone cost-effective way to dothat. And, with the current domination ofonline social media, it makes sense toinvest some time and effort particularly onFacebook and Twitter – the leading socialmedia giants to date. We will discussspecifically about Twitter in this resource –on how to tweet for business.
  3. 3. We should begin our core discussion withthis threshold question: what should youtweet about for your business?Tweeting for business could bechallenging especially for beginners.However, according to Anne-MarieConcepcion, a reputable social mediamarketing consultant, you can craftfollow-worthy tweets easier byconsidering topics that fall in thefollowing three (3) general categories:
  4. 4. Tweeting about Sales and Marketing What can you post under sales and marketing topic? Since you are running a business, your main goal is to increase your return-on-investments (ROI) and a tweet that has something to do with any of the following has been pr proven effective:
  5. 5. • Event sign-up – most especially ifyou are hosting a free event (whethervirtual or in person), an event is worthtweeting for business.• Time-limited sales – do you havea special offer? If so, you should informthe twitterworld about that (you mighthave 20% discount on all your productsor services that would last for only aday or two).
  6. 6. • Coupon codes – in e-commerce, itis a special set of letters or numbersgiven to customers to obtain discountswhen they purchase. Is your businessoffering discount coupons? Let yourpotential customers know about it –tweet it!
  7. 7. • Website specials – if you havepublished new resources on your site(any content that other Twitter usersmight find them useful) they are worthtweeting. • Store/service special – what’syour company’s latest special offering tocustomers? Are you giving free samples of your latest product? Again, that’s worth a tweet!
  8. 8. Tweeting General InfoTweeting general info is effectivefor you to give valuable posts toyour followers. You can tweet aboutthe following:
  9. 9. • Industry news – what’s the latest in your industry? If you are into web development niche, you can tweet about a newly-developed website platform, latest on programming languages, etc.
  10. 10. • Re-tweets – it is not always about original tweets; you can also re-tweet someone else’s post that you find useful for your own followers.
  11. 11. • Ask questions – this is another yet effective way to spark aconversation and to make account more active. It can also develop a stronger relationship with your followers, including your prospective customers.
  12. 12. • Request help/suggestions – are you organizing a special event for your business? Ask suggestions frompeople in the Twitter world and you will be surprised with the results.
  13. 13. • Personal info – once inawhile, you can tweet about personalinfo as this creates an impression that there is indeed a real person workingbehind your Twitter account (not auto generated) and it helps build online credibility.
  14. 14. • Personal info – once inawhile, you can tweet about personalinfo as this creates an impression that there is indeed a real person workingbehind your Twitter account (not auto generated) and it helps build online credibility.
  15. 15. Tweeting Company infoUnder this category, you can post topicsthat have something to do with thefollowing:
  16. 16. • Product images/videos –people might be interested about yournew products and they are worth yourtweets…even more effective when youinclude images or videos with them.• Staff – have you just hired newstaff or interns? Feature them on yourtweets!
  17. 17. • Customer support – you canuse your Twitter account to addressyour customers’ needs. Via tweets, youcan provide answers to some questionsand offer assistance pertaining to yourproduct or service.
  18. 18. • Customer/client news – if youare in web development niche you cantweet about the newly-publishedwebsite you just created for a particularcustomer.
  19. 19. • Product tips – customers arealways eager to learn about how to usea particular productefficiently, effectively, etc.• Press mentions – have you justsubmitted a press release? Was yourcompany’s name mentioned by aparticular press lately? Have you had aninterview with a press? Tweet them!
  20. 20. Attracting followersThere is no point investing your time andeffort on Twitter if you are not able tobuild and increase the number of yourfollowers. It is useless to post tweetswithout readers. You need to attract morefollowers and the these below can help:
  21. 21. • Include your Twitter account URL everywherewhether you are sending anemail, submitting a press release orcontent to article directories, includeyour Twitter URL to generate morefollowers.
  22. 22. • Write about your Twitterfeed – you can mention your Twitteraccount in your press release contentor other promotional campaign.• List your account in Twitterdirectories – Twitter directories are auseful way to find new followers. (Checkthis list of some popular Twitterdirectories)
  23. 23. • Get re-tweeted – another way ofgetting new followers is to write tweetsthat other would re-tweet. You can gainmore followers through the effort ofothers. Remember, any tweet could goviral).
  24. 24. • Adding Twitterbadges/buttons to your site –adding a Twitter badge or button to yoursite could bring more followers (yourwebsite visitors might be interested tofollow you on Twitter so provide them aneasy way to do it.)
  25. 25. • Adding Twitter feed on your blog –aside from Twitter badges or button youcan also add Twitter feed on your blog toprovide your visitors with updates onwhat’s happening on your Twitterstream, which could make them follow youraccount and interact with you.Note: If you find integrating your Twitterfeed code by yourself difficult, you can havethe option of sending the task to your webdeveloper to avoid your site gettingmessed-up.
  26. 26. Measuring Your ImpactIt is imperative that you understand howand where your Twitter campaign isgoing. Are you hitting your goal? Are yougetting there? Are you getting your returnon investments? Well, the best way toknow that is through some analytics toolsthat measure the effectiveness of yourcampaign. And you can use the following:
  27. 27. Bitly – is a free tool that allows you toshorten and customize long URL of apage you want to post on Twitter. Inaddition to that, it also provides someuseful statistics on posts you tweetsuch as the number of clicks. Thus, itcan give you some useful insightsabout your Twitter campaign.