The most effective social media secrets for event marketing


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The most effective social media secrets for event marketing

  1. 1. The Most Effective Social Media Secrets For Event Marketing
  2. 2. Bringing people to a big event used to be about distributing fliers andputting out advertisements where potential participants would see them.
  3. 3. While these can still be a part of the process, entirely new avenues formarketing an event have developed and become key to success. Any company that wants to be able to operate a truly successful event needs to pay attention to thekey Social Media Secrets for Event Marketing.
  4. 4. Social Media Secrets for EventMarketing One of the best tips that you’ll ever find in this area is the fact that people love to have the chance to be the first to know when something big is about to happen.
  5. 5. Companies often have a lot ofsuccess with something as simple as starting a mailing list that they let people sign up for in exchange for the promise that they will send a message out to the list to alert its members when something big is about to happen.
  6. 6. People join because they want to know what it going on before theirfriends do, and this helps to start themomentum behind an event building long before a company even has to finalize the details of when and where it is going to happen.
  7. 7. Another great tool to turn socialmedia marketing to your advantage is to hold a contest. There are companies that have actuallydeveloped automated tools that can be used to keep track of when someone does something like blog about your event or tweet to their friends about it.
  8. 8. You can then use this information to turn those actions into entries into some kind of drawing. For example, you could offer free tickets to arandom winner based on the entries that people earn by basically stepping up and doing a lot of the marketing work on your behalf.
  9. 9. It is also critical to remember thatyou can not just start things moving and then get out of the way. Youhave to keep adding to the buzz and making sure that excitement isbuilding. A good way to do this is tomake use of mailing list and blogs tosend out updates on the planning ofyour event and to run a countdown to the time when it is due to happen.
  10. 10. You’ll usually want to offer updatesmore frequently as the time draws closer to encourage people tobecome increasingly interested and invested in what you are trying to achieve.
  11. 11. You should also be sure not to setaside the importance of social media once the event is finally occurring. People can be encouraged to do things like post photographs ofthemselves on social networks whilethey are still at the occasion because so many of them now have smart phones that have this capability.
  12. 12. They can also be invited to send outtweets describing how much fun they are having and all of the interesting things that are occurring. This is the best way to start the buzz going for the next big event that you want to hold.
  13. 13. It can be tough for companies tofigure out how to take full advantage of Social Media Secrets for EventMarketing. Just using these few tips, however, will go a long way toward building a lot of buzz around something and convincing people that it is worth their time and attention to want to participate.
  14. 14. With the right effort and a little bit of luck, you may even reach the pointwhere people are so excited on their own that future years can almostdevelop without the need for formal event marketing at all. That is the ultimate indication that your social media strategy has succeeded.