Is google indexing ur ls with embedded you tube videos


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Is google indexing ur ls with embedded you tube videos

  1. 1. Is Google Indexing URLs with Embedded YouTube Videos?
  2. 2. Just a short time ago, something happened that many people thought might never happen.Google is nowindexing URLs with embedded YouTubevideos. With Google now Indexing URLs with Embedded YouTube Videos, this represents a fundamental shift from their previous practices of not indexingsuch embedded videos in any capacity.
  3. 3. This practice is a bit surprising, and after some considerable testing to see if it was real or just a fluke, the results show that YouTube videos are indeed getting indexed byGoogle. The question many people haveis what are the benefits to having these embedded videos indexed.
  4. 4. What Google Indexing URLs withEmbedded YouTube VideosMeans to You One of the biggest benefits about embedded YouTube videos beingindexed by the social media giant is that it doesn’t have to be your own personally owned video.
  5. 5. This is important because there was talk that Google was considering enabling the index function for YouTubevideos, but the only stipulation was that these videos had to be property of the website on which they resided. There was some discussion about trying toauthenticate ownership of the YouTube video in order for it to be indexed.
  6. 6. All that discussion, however, is water under the bridge now that Google ispermitting any YouTube videos, whether proprietary or not, on a website to be indexed.
  7. 7. In the past, in order for a YouTube video to be recognized by Google, developers had to be somewhat creative when it came to indexing embedded videos.One very popular method was to create sitemaps for YouTube and other video platforms.
  8. 8. This offered Google information aboutthe embedded video in order for Google to recognize it. Again, you will nolonger have to create video site maps in order to end round Google’s refusal to index embedded YouTube videos on a website. Now Google now does this automatically.
  9. 9. It is important toremember, however, that while Google is now indexing YouTube videos, thesame rule doesn’t apply to other video platforms. In these cases, such as an embedded video using the Vimeoplatform, sitemaps will still need to be developed to index those embedded videos.
  10. 10. Another excellent benefit to the recent trend in Google indexing YouTube videos is its ramifications on searchengine optimization. This is yet another appendage that qualified SEO professionals can use in a more comprehensive and effective search engine optimization strategy.
  11. 11. Since videos can now be crawled and indexed, this allows search engineoptimization strategies to take on a new and potentially effective method of driving more traffic to a site based on the recognition of its embedded YouTube videos.
  12. 12. Now, when you’re talking about Google indexing your embedded YouTube videos, one thing you need tounderstand is that this can happen in a very short amount of time. In somecases, it will depend upon your website and how often web spiders collect information from your site.
  13. 13. In some cases, a XML or a non-video site may help increase the speed at which videos are indexed. Regardless, expect the indexing of videos to be fairly quick.
  14. 14. Another interesting aspects of Google indexing embedded YouTube videos isthat when it comes to results, the samethumbnail photographs that are chosen from the YouTube video is what is displayed when the video is indexed.
  15. 15. This may seem relativelyinsignificant, but it’s a way of identifyingvideos or helping a web searcher to find the right related video.
  16. 16. Whether you’re tired of creating site maps to get videos noticed byGoogle, or you’re looking for a new way to expand your search engineoptimization strategies, having YouTubevideos finally indexed by Google makesthings a bit more convenient and opens up new possibilities.
  17. 17. You can drive more traffic to your site as well as offer people searching for aparticular website a new avenue to find what they’re looking for.