How to Optimize For Mobile SEO (Infographic)


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How to Optimize For Mobile SEO (Infographic)

  1. 1. How to OptimizeFor Mobile SEO (Infographic)
  2. 2. Getting found online through mobile devices is extremely important forsmall businesses. According to a 2012 Local Search Usage Study by comScore, 61 percent of respondents searching for information about local businesses say local search results are the most relevant, and 58 percent say local search results are the most trustworthy.
  3. 3. People are always on their smart phones searching for businesses. Therefore, learning how to optimize for mobile search engine optimization is of paramountimportance for small businesses. Here are some helpful tips on how you canoptimize for mobile SEO for your small business.
  4. 4. How to Optimize for MobileSEO | Tips• Keywords are Still The Same We’ll start off with the obvious. If youwant to get found online with customers using mobile, you’d use the same keywords that customers using a desktop would use.
  5. 5. You don’t want to overoptimize or over SEO your site for mobile. Follow the same tips.
  6. 6. • Beauty is in the eye of thephone holder Where Mobile SEO comes into play is how your site should look to those using mobile devices. Create a mobile specific style sheet for your site. If you use a WordPress site, then I recommend using the plugin WP Touch.
  7. 7. • Keep is shortcode & simple Don’t get fancy with the graphics;avoid overdesigning your site with tonsof Flash and graphics. Simplicity is theguiding principle for any good website, whether mobile or not.
  8. 8. • One final question is ‘Should I Usea Separate Mobile Domain’ formobile SEO? Here’s what Mashablehas to say: Until recently, there was open debate and speculation about having a separate mobile URL — how it couldlook like duplicate content and penalize your site in search results
  9. 9. Most experts now seem to agree that there isn’t a penalty. SEO expertBryson Meunier did an analysis that shows sites with a different mobile URL actually receive more traffic.
  10. 10. Currently, there isn’t a penalty. AndGoogle would never change the rules on webmasters, would they? I’dprobably advice using a separate site unless you absolutely have to.
  11. 11. How to Optimize for Mobile SEO |Infographic