Google’s guidelines on mobile seo


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Google’s guidelines on mobile seo

  1. 1. Google’sGuidelines OnMobile SEO?
  2. 2. We are all aware that in the next few years spending for mobile marketing, including SEO, will double.
  3. 3. We are moving to a world where everything will be mobile. That’s right, mobile. SEO also needs to adjust to this trend if it wants to survive. This is not just a note tothe SEO practitioners and experts but also to the search engine companies.
  4. 4. Google & mobile SEO According to an article in, Google has already taken a clear stanceon mobile SEO. Finally they spoke of the guidelines and other details on what should be the ideal approach in doing it the mobile way.
  5. 5. These are the ones that are ontop of Google’s list when it comes to what an ideal site should be:
  6. 6. • sites should use responsive webdesign•sites that dynamically serve all ofdevices in the same set of URLs,however each URL should havedifferent HTML (and CSS)depending on the type to whetherit is a desktop or a mobile device•sites that have separate mobileand standard desktop designs
  7. 7. Let’s explore these!
  8. 8. What is responsive design? In this approach, CSS3 media queries are used, which altershow the pages appear on mobiledevices. So Google recommends this because it makes it moreeasy – one content, one URL, and one HTML (that uses CSS media queries).
  9. 9. How about the device-specific HTML approach? When you want to use this, it is better to use the Vary HTTP header in order to tell the search engine that there is a change in the CSS and content based on the useragent.
  10. 10. This command is used to guide the GoogleBot in order for it toidentify that there is a change inthe useragent. Thus, the bot canidentify which one is mobile and which one is the standard desktop site.
  11. 11. There are actually two sub –approaches when using differentHTMLs: using the same URL – HTTP Vary Header for GoogleBot Smartphone to crawl the site using a different URL - rel=alternate on the desktop version & use a canonical on the mobile version
  12. 12. To guide mobile sites developers and SEOs, there is a developersite allotted to discuss the issues regarding this.
  13. 13. Why go mobile? We also need to go back again from the start and ask why develop our mobile-site- capabilities? Just imagine the number of devices being sold every year. Most of these are mobile.
  14. 14. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Search MarketingBenchmark Report – SEO Edition, in 2011, spending for mobileadvertising has surpassed that of email and social media.
  15. 15. Furthermore by 2016, the totalamount being spent for mobile marketing will reach $8.2 B.Purchasing online is much more easier and 47% bought stuff online.It looks like we are heading there(or….already there).
  16. 16. One new report released by the Interactive Advertising Bureaustates that ad revenue already hit$8.4 B in the first three months of 2012. This is higher by 15 % compared to the data from the first quarter of 2011 – $7.3 B.
  17. 17. Practically-speaking, there is also a proliferation of mobile devices- the main reason why mobile SEOis becoming more of a reality. Thephones and other mobile devices make it possible.
  18. 18. One article in techcrunch.commentions that the total numberof mobile devices will exceed theworld’s population this year. It’sbased on the report released, which also points out to the drastic increase in data usage.
  19. 19. It can help? Not all agree with the potential and current use of mobile devices in marketing. According to a study by Strongmail entitled 2012 Marketing Trends, business leaders can’t really agree on the benefits of mobile marketing.
  20. 20. Most believe that it can help their business by expanding their customer base & build loyalty(35%), expand their reach (29%), and build customer awareness (28%).
  21. 21. But 7% of the respondentsbelieve that mobile marketinghas no value in their campaign.
  22. 22. Closing thoughts A few years from now, SEO for mobile devices will be a trend. To get ahead of the competition, it is better to make the changes now and optimize your mobile sites.
  23. 23. No wonder why more and morecompanies are working their wayinto the mobile marketing world, other than advertising through the standard channels and the standard desktop sites.
  24. 24. Google has really something tosay in any of the changes in theweb. With regard to mobile web sites, what ever the giant says need to be taken into account, seriously.